Where is Mogan Lake Picnic Area?

Sept. 20, 2023
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Mogan Lake Picnic Area is located in the Gölbaşı district of Ankara, which is called the third largest city of our country. The district is approximately 25 kilometers away from the center of Ankara. Mogan Lake Picnic Area is among the places you must see when you come to the city. As it is known, there is no sea in Ankara. That's why this lake area is visited very frequently, especially by the local people.

The area where the lake is located is surrounded by a park known as Mogan Park. There is a picnic area with a lake right in the middle of the park. Apart from having a picnic in this picnic area, you can also take a walk, participate in sporting events or dine at restaurants located by the lake. There are also many different entertainment areas for families with children. There are playgrounds and parks where children can have a great time.

There are also tennis courts, basketball and football fields in the park where Mogan Lake is located, where visitors can spend pleasant hours while doing sports. Since the water of Lake Mogan is salty, many different types of fish survive in it, from carp to tench, from pike to catfish. It is also possible to see various species of birds in the lake. There are birdhouses built for the shelter of birds in an area of approximately 200 thousand square meters of the area where the lake is located.

How to Get to Mogan Lake Picnic Area?

There are many different options for transportation to Mogan Lake Picnic Area. One of these options and the most comfortable is undoubtedly your own vehicle. The most suitable route for visitors who want to come with their own vehicles is the Ankara-Konya Road. By following this road, you must first come to Gölbaşı Junction. The area where the intersection is located is also known as Gölbaşı-Haymana Road. When you reach this intersection, you also reach a crossroads. After just passing the intersection, you need to turn right towards Haymana road. If you continue on this road a little further, you can easily reach the area where the lake is located.

It is possible to reach the picnic area by using public transportation other than private vehicles. You can quickly access the picnic area from various points in Ankara by public transportation. To do this, you need to come from your current location to Ulus district in Ankara's Altındağ district or Sıhhiye or Kızılay districts in Çankaya district. There are buses going to the picnic area from these three points. By taking one of these buses, you can arrive at Mogan Lake Picnic Area in a short time. You can also benefit from taxi or minibus services.

Mogan Lake Picnic Area Entrance Fees?

Mogan Lake Picnic Area entrance fees are a very important issue for those planning to visit the region. You do not have to pay any fee to enter the picnic area. However, if you enter by vehicle, a certain fee is charged. This fee is also referred to as parking fee. The amount that those who plan to come to the picnic area by car must pay is 20 lira. You can have a picnic and have a great time with your loved ones in the region, which hosts lush nature and a magnificent lake view.

Is Barbecue Allowed at Mogan Lake Picnic Area?

There are various activities you can do at Mogan Lake Picnic Area. One of these is to have a picnic, as the name of the region suggests. The lake surroundings are especially preferred for picnics. Apart from this, there are many areas where you can barbecue. However, these areas are not located in the area where the picnic area is located. There are areas where you can barbecue in the park on the west side of Mogan Lake. Especially on weekends, local people come to these areas and have barbecues to have a pleasant time and to be alone with nature.

Mogan Lake is home to the lighthouse building that stands out with its magnificent view. This building is not far from the location of the lake. When you walk from the level of this building, you come across areas where you can barbecue. There are also tables specially placed for barbecue in the barbecue areas. These areas are quite crowded, especially during the summer. If you are coming in the summer and on the weekend, it is recommended that you take the necessary materials for the barbecue with you. Because when you cannot find a free place, you have the chance to light your own barbecue under the trees.

Is it possible to camp in Mogan Lake Picnic Area?

There is no area where you can camp in Mogan Lake Picnic Area. Camping is prohibited in the area. However, there are different camping areas for guests who want to camp. These areas are camping areas located very close to the lake shore. It is possible to go caravan camping daily, weekly or weekly at these camping sites. These places are the same Amanda also offers accommodation services to its guests.

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