Where to Eat the Best Manisa Kebab in Manisa?

Dec. 27, 2023
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Manisa is one of the important touristic regions in the Aegean Region of our country. Manisa also has great historical importance as it is known as the land of princes. It is a city that attracts attention with its lush nature as well as its historical buildings. The city, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, hosts millions of local and foreign tourists every year. In addition, Manisa is very important for our country thanks to its developments in the field of agriculture. The city's seedless grapes, which stand out with their amber color, are known worldwide. In addition, it stands out with its important local delicacies. It is especially famous for Manisa Kebab.

For travelers planning to come to Manisa, it is important to know in advance what transportation options are available. One of the transportation options to the city is by road, one by air and the other by rail. Those who come with their private vehicles can easily reach there by choosing the road. Of course, road length and possible traffic should also be included. Travelers who prefer to come by intercity buses can reach the region directly. Since the bus terminal is located in the city center, transportation is very convenient. Bus services are organized to Manisa from every point of our country. You can easily reach this region by choosing one of the companies that organize trips to this region from your location and purchasing a bus ticket. Travel time and ticket prices may vary depending on the departure region.

Apart from private car or bus, you can also come to Manisa by train. There are regular train services from regions such as Konya, Izmir and Alaşehir. The last transportation alternative is undoubtedly air travel. Air travel is an ideal choice, especially for those who plan to come from cities further away. However, unfortunately, there is no airport in Manisa. For this reason, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, which is closest to the region, is preferred. You can arrive at this airport, which is located approximately 50 kilometers from the city center, and then go to the region by taking a transfer car or using taxi services. All you have to do is choose among the companies that organize flights from your current location to this airport and buy a flight ticket.

There are many natural beauty areas and historical places that you can visit when you come to Manisa. While visiting these important touristic places, you may get hungry and wonder what you can eat. The city has prominent local dishes with different flavors. Especially Manisa Kebab is very popular in this region. There may be people wondering how this kebab is made, how it is cooked and where it should be eaten. Without further ado, let's first take a short journey into the history of this delicious kebab, and then start giving details about the kebab;

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History of Manisa Kebab

It is possible to taste many delicacies such as Mesir paste, Akhisar meatballs and mesir tea in Manisa. However, the most important dish you should try is the famous Manisa Kebab. Once you eat this kebab, which is among the most popular flavors of Manisa, there is a high probability that you will want another portion. In fact, this type of kebab is also known as meatballs with pita. Like many types of food, this kebab has a rich historical background. This kebab, which has a history of almost 300 years, became famous when a master named Halil İbrahim, who came to the city from Arabia, opened a shop in the region and made kebabs.

What's in Manisa Kebab?

Both lamb and beef are used in making kebab. After being shaped into minced meat and carefully strung on skewers, it is cooked over charcoal fire. In addition to kebab, pita is also prepared very carefully. Pitas are prepared with tomato sauce and cooked kebabs are placed on the pita. This delicacy, served with yoghurt, tomato, green pepper and butter, is likened to Iskender kebab, especially in terms of appearance. The cooking time of Manisa Kebab may vary depending on the chef making it. The key point here is the cooking technique. Since each master's cooking technique may be different, the cooking time may also vary.

Where to Eat Manisa Kebab in Manisa?

When you come to Manisa, you can taste the famous Manisa Kebab in many restaurants. However, Şehzadeler Manisa Kebap Salonu is one of the restaurants that stands out both with its production style and service. You can also find many different flavors other than kebab in this restaurant. Since this kebab restaurant is located in the city center, you can easily reach it. After eating a wonderful kebab with your family or loved ones, you can have tea and have a pleasant conversation. You can continue your day accompanied by We especially recommend that travelers who come to this city for the first time do not finish their trip without eating this kebab. 

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