Where to Go with a Student Passport?

July 18, 2023
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The student passport is a type of passport obtained by students who wish to study abroad. To be eligible for this passport, students must be under 25 years of age. Students below the age of 25 acquire the regular burgundy passport for educational purposes. The student passport is designed specifically for students to use more comfortably. Therefore, all the countries that can be visited visa-free with the burgundy passport can also be visited with the student passport.


To obtain a student passport, it is sufficient to gather the documents specified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the necessary examination of the documents, the student passport can be issued to individuals under the age of 25. With the student passport, it is possible to enter many countries without a visa. Japan is at the top of the list of countries that can be visited with a student passport. Japan is an island country located in Asia, surrounded by China, South Korea, and Russia. It attracts millions of tourists every year with its beauty. Japan's mountainous regions and volcanoes captivate the attention of visitors. Particularly, Mount Fuji in the country is among the most popular destinations for tourists. Individuals who have obtained a student passport have the opportunity to enter Japan without a visa thanks to their passport.

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The places you can visit with a student passport are similar to those you can visit with a regular burgundy passport. Individuals holding a burgundy passport can stay in Iran visa-free for up to 90 days. Similarly, individuals with a student passport can also enter Iran. Iran is one of the countries visited by Turkish students due to its proximity to Turkey. With its historical sites, Iran is among the countries that can be visited visa-free with a student passport.


Obtaining a student passport is a process for individuals who want to study abroad. It is possible to be in the Philippines visa-free by using only a student passport. The Philippines is located west of the Pacific Ocean and comprises more than 7,000 islands and islets. The islands and islets of the Philippines attract tourists to visit the country. With a population of 113 million, the Philippines is a popular destination for millions of tourists to explore and stay. Visiting the Philippines allows travelers to discover its islands, engage in diving or boat tours. Individuals with a student passport have the opportunity to enter the Philippines without a visa.


Moldova is a country located in Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine, known for its natural beauty. Moldova can be visited to explore the National Museum of Moldovan History, the Moldovan Ethnography and Natural History Museum, Chisinau Water Tower, and Bender Fortress. Some travelers visiting the country to explore these historical and natural attractions may require a visa. Turkish citizens planning to visit Moldova wonder whether they need a visa to enter the country. With a student passport, individuals can enter Moldova visa-free and explore the country's historical and natural beauties.


North Macedonia

North Macedonia is a landlocked country located in the Balkans. After gaining independence in 1991, it has become known for its natural beauty and impressive architectural structures. Visitors to North Macedonia can explore attractions such as the Turkish Bazaar in Skopje, St. John the Baptist Church, Stone Bridge, St. Naum Church, and Matka Canyon. These tourist spots in the country attract millions of tourists every year. People who wish to visit North Macedonia often wonder if they can enter the country without a visa. Individuals with a student passport have the privilege of entering North Macedonia visa-free. With the student passport, it is possible to travel and vacation in North Macedonia.

Bosnia and Herzegoniva

Another country that can be visited visa-free with a student passport is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country located in the Balkans with an area of 51,000 square kilometers. It is surrounded by countries such as Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro and also has a coastline on the Adriatic Sea. The country's Adriatic coastline and natural beauty attract both local and foreign tourists. During a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can explore many historical and natural beauties such as the Baščaršija (Old Bazaar), Mostar, and Jahorina Mountain. People who want to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina can do so with a student passport. Using the student passport allows you to explore the country.


Andorra is also included in the list of places that can be visited with a student passport. Andorra, also known as the Principality of Andorra, is one of the smallest countries in the world. Situated between France and Spain, this small country captivates visitors with its natural beauty. Despite its small size, Andorra manages to attract millions of tourists every year with its natural beauty. Individuals with a student passport can explore Andorra without needing a visa.

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