Which Countries Can Be Visited with a Maroon Passport?

Dec. 14, 2023
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Nowadays, many people prefer to go abroad for sightseeing purposes. However, some important documents must be provided to go abroad. One of these important documents is passports, which are also called identity cards. It is important to have a passport in order to enter countries and carry out visa procedures. There are four different passport types in our country. One of these is the burgundy passport type, also known as the general passport type. Since the color of this passport type is burgundy, it is also called burgundy. All passports, including the maroon passport, are considered international and serve as a form of identity. In order to have a maroon passport, you must meet certain criteria.

It is very important to obtain some documents for each passport. Since there is more than one type of passport, whichever one you want to get, you must meet the conditions determined according to that passport type. However, if you wish, you can apply online or go directly to the institutions. We would also like to underline that a certain fee is charged for passport applications. We would like to point out that the easiest passport type to obtain among the four passport types is the burgundy passport. If you are wondering what exactly the maroon passport is, how to get it and which countries you can go to with these passports, you can read the rest of our article.

What is a Maroon Passport?

There are four different types of passports that travel lovers who want to go abroad can obtain. One of these is the type of passport that has a burgundy color and hence its name: burgundy passport. This type of passport is also known as general passport or ordinary passport. It is a little easier to get this passport compared to other passport types. However, you still need to meet some conditions, just like the others. If there are no obstacles for you to go abroad and you meet the conditions, you can get this passport more easily. For this, it is sufficient for the passport application to be successful. Let's not forget this important information about the maroon passport. This passport type has the most travel restrictions among all passport types.

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How to Get a Maroon Passport?

People who want to go abroad for a holiday or a trip must first have a passport. Therefore, if you want to go abroad, you must first apply for a passport and prepare all the necessary documents. As the name suggests, the burgundy passport is a type of passport with a burgundy color. As with every passport type, it is important that you meet some conditions for this passport. First of all, if you want to get this passport, you need to go to the district civil registration offices. If you do not prefer to apply in person, you can also apply online. The main documents required to obtain a maroon passport are:

• Republic of Turkey Identity Document (If you do not have one, you must bring a temporary identity document.)

• A certain fee must be paid for passport applications. After making this payment, do not forget to keep the fee and wallet fee receipt with you to prove that you have made the payment.

• Two biometric photographs taken

• If you have received a passport before, keep your old passport with you.

• If students apply for this passport, a student document not exceeding sixty days

• If you are not yet 18 years old, you must obtain a certificate of consent.

Who is given a Maroon Passport?

Maroon passport is a type of passport that anyone who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey can obtain. For this, it is sufficient that the necessary conditions are met and the necessary documents are prepared. All Turkish citizens who have no obstacle to going abroad can easily obtain this passport. The only thing that needs to be done is to apply to the relevant organizations. If your application is evaluated and approved, you can receive your passport in one to four days. The most important point here is that you make the application yourself. No one else can apply for a passport on your behalf. If you want to get a maroon passport while abroad, you can obtain your passport by applying to the consulates where you are registered.

Which Countries to Visit?

The maroon passport has only one disadvantage compared to other passport types, and that is the small number of countries you can visit. If you are wondering which countries you can visit without a visa with a maroon passport, let us clarify this issue immediately. With a maroon passport, you can enter a total of 114 countries without a visa or by obtaining a visa at the door. Among these countries, especially Thailand; There are countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Republic of Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

What is the Maroon Passport Fee?

Passports generally require a certain fee. Maroon passport fees vary depending on the validity period. For example, the fee for a maroon passport valid for six months is 689.70 TL, while the fee for a passport valid for a year may be 1,008.30 TL. We would also like to remind you that the book price is also added to these fees. Book fees are 501 TL for all periods. 

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