Which Provinces Does Lake Van Express Pass Through?

Dec. 14, 2023
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Van Lake Express is one of the main line trains serving in Ankara, located in the Central Anatolia Region of our country. The mention of our city Van in the name of this train may cause confusion for many people. Because it may be thought that this express line is located in the province of Van. However, although Lake Van is mentioned in the name of this train line, it is not located in our city of Van. This train line, located in our Ankara city, was built after the Eastern Express train line, which continues its operations in the same region, and is becoming popular day by day. Traveling by train is not like traveling by private car or bus. Train travel gives a completely different feeling and pleasure. Eastern Express train line is among the main line trains like the Van Lake Express. To reach the area where this train is located, you must first come to Ankara.

The transportation options that can be preferred to come to Ankara include road, air and railway options. Since there is a train station in Ankara, there are regular train lines from other cities. If you want to come with your private vehicle, you can easily arrive from any point in our country by using the navigation application. Your journey may take shorter or longer depending on the starting point. Those who do not have a private vehicle or want to come with a private vehicle can consider buses, which are the second transportation alternative. Again, there are many companies that organize bus services to this city from many points of our country. After choosing the company that suits you best, simply buy a bus ticket. The last transportation alternative is air travel. To reach the airport, which serves within the borders of Ankara's Çubuk and Akyurt districts, it is sufficient to choose one of the airline companies that fly here.

Afterwards, you can buy a flight ticket and have a pleasant flight. After arriving at the airport, which is located approximately 28 kilometers from the city center, you can use shuttle vehicles or take advantage of taxi services to go anywhere you want. Visitors who reach Ankara and want to go to other places from here may want to choose the Van Lake Express train line. For this reason, we would first like to talk about how you can reach the area where this train line is located. Then, we will talk in detail about which cities and stops this train line passes through. So, without further ado, let's start informing you about the location of Lake Van Express!

Where is Van Lake Express?

Van Lake Express is a train line that departs from Hacı Bayram District of Altındağ district of Ankara and is one of the main line trains. This express, which is one of the longest train lines, has sixty stops in total. There are many facilities in this train, which consists of eight wagons, to ensure that passengers have a comfortable time. You can sleep if you wish during long train journeys. For this purpose, there are sleeping wagons in the system. These beds are in the form of bunk beds, and there are amenities you may need in the wagon, such as a mini refrigerator, table, and socket. Additionally, if you buy your ticket from one of these wagons, you can travel with a wonderful view. Apart from this, there are also beds along with seats in the four-person wagons section.

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How to Get to Van Lake Express?

There are multiple options to reach Van Lake Express, located at Ankara train station. One of these is to take minibuses or EGO buses coming from Keçiören and İncirli. Another transportation option is to pass through the underpass in the area where Tandoğan Ankaray station is located and then go to the train station on foot. You can also reach Sıhhiye Bridge by taking the Hüseyin Gazi, Doğantepe, Siteler minibuses or buses heading towards Ulus. Additionally, those coming from Ankara Metro Ulus station can easily reach the train station, where the Van Lake Express is located, on foot.

Which Cities Does Lake Van Express Go to?

The total journey time of the Lake Van Express, which is one of the main line trains and departs from Ankara, is one day, that is, 24 hours. You can travel by train in all four seasons, regardless of summer or winter. While your journey will be accompanied by unique natural landscapes in the spring, in the winter you can be accompanied by images of filled waterfalls and a postcard-like view of the Muş Plain, which is also covered with snow. Van Lake Express departing from Ankara Train Station, especially in Kayseri province; It goes to Sivas, Malatya, Elazığ and Bitlis provinces. The last stop of your train journey is Tatvan district of Bitlis. When you take this train line, you will see both the natural beauty areas and cultural venues of many regions. It is possible for you to see. 

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