Afşin Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Afşin Bus Terminal

People who buy their tickets with the Afşin Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase process can reach the district of Kahramanmaraş. Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, the district took its name from a Turkish commander named Afşin Bey. The bus terminal of the district, which has hosted various civilizations over the years and is the intersection point of Ancient Mesopotamia, is one of the places where more than 1000 people pass through daily. Afşin Bus Terminal served as the entrance gate of the historical journey. By purchasing an Afşin Bus Terminal bus ticket, you can have the opportunity to travel to Afşin's beautiful nature and cultural heritage.

About Afşin Bus Terminal

By following the steps to buy an Afşin Bus Terminal bus ticket, you can be one of its guests, which is increasing day by day. In addition to the transportation services it provides locally, the bus terminal also includes companies operating nationally. It is among the bus terminals that develop day by day with its ever-increasing service quality to meet the needs of its guests. There are food and beverage areas, indoor and outdoor rest areas, bus waiting areas and shops selling souvenirs at the bus terminal.

People who complete the Afşin Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase process land at the bus station in Pınarbaşı District. With its central location, there are many shops and food courts around the bus station. The peaceful and quiet district bus terminal, which is 2 hours away from Kahramanmaraş, also provides transportation to many cities such as Izmir, Sivas, Istanbul, Ankara and Kayseri.

Afşin Bus Terminal Transportation

Those who buy Afşin Bus Terminal bus tickets should have information in advance about how to get to the bus station. People in Afşin Center can easily reach the bus station as it is a 20-30 minute walk away. With its central location, it will be enough to follow the main street passing through the city center. Transportation takes approximately 10-15 minutes with the minibuses provided by the municipality. Timings may vary depending on location.

People who purchase Afşin Bus Terminal bus tickets enter the bus station, which reflects the harmony of yellow and claret. The bus station is 5-10 minutes away from the city center by private vehicle. You can also reach the center within this period by using one of the taxis at the bus station.

What Can Be Done While Waiting at Afşin Bus Terminal?

There are restaurants and cafes at Afşin Bus Terminal and its surroundings that make the expected time pass quickly. Those who wish can also make use of this time by shopping.

Is There Parking Facility at Afşin Bus Terminal?

Yes, Afşin Bus Terminal offers free parking in its open area.

What Hours is Afşin Bus Terminal Open?

Afşin Bus Terminal remains open 24 hours a day to serve its guests. Working hours of shops and businesses inside the bus terminal may vary.

What Services Are Available at Afşin Bus Terminal?

At Afşin Bus Terminal, there are restaurants where those who are hungry during the journey can fill their bellies with delicious meals, markets where they can buy what they need, and shops selling gifts that those who want to leave memories of the district can buy for themselves or their loved ones. Apart from this, there are clean toilets where you can meet your basic needs and a masjid where you can perform your prayers within the bus terminal.

What to Find Near Afşin Bus Terminal?

Near the bus terminal, there are accommodation options, shops where you can shop, and restaurants where you can taste the unique dishes of the district. There is even a Public Education Center and a State Hospital near the centrally located bus terminal.

To which cities are flights organized most frequently from Afşin Bus Terminal?

Among the cities most frequently used by those who want to reach Afşin bus terminal and those who want to reach other cities from Afşin bus terminal are Ankara, İzmir, Konya, Istanbul, Antalya, Malatya, Kırşehir, Adana, Sivas and Kahramanmaraş. Apart from these cities, it is also possible to reach different districts from the bus station at certain time intervals.

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