Bursa Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Bursa Bus Terminal

Bursa Bus Terminal, which is operated by BURULAŞ and where you will have the chance to travel thanks to the Bursa Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase opportunities, meets the intercity and international bus terminal needs of Bursa, known as one of the most metropolitan cities in Turkey. Many bus companies that provide national and local services operate within the bus terminal.

Bursa Bus Terminal aims to successfully meet the transportation needs of the city by operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is known that flights increase during certain periods of the year. There are an average of 800 trips a day at Bursa Bus Terminal.

Bursa Bus Terminal, which started operating in 1997 but underwent a major expansion and renewal in the terminal area in 2009 in order to meet changing demands, manages to be the choice of many passengers who want to reach Bursa.

About Bursa Bus Terminal

By purchasing a Bursa Bus Terminal bus ticket, you can travel directly from Bursa to many cities. Within Bursa Bus Terminal, which has many opportunities to offer a comfortable travel opportunity to its visitors;

• Masjid,

• Toilet,

• Bus departure points,

• Mosque,

• Safeguard point,

• Lost property unit,

• Health room,

• Taxi station,

• Police security point,

• ATMs,

• Dining areas,

• Ticket sales booths,

• There are areas such as baby care rooms.

Many bus companies operate within the bus terminal, where you can benefit from Bursa Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase options. It is known that more than 100 bus companies operate at Bursa Bus Terminal. In this way, it becomes possible to provide direct transportation to different cities and many districts of Turkey. Bursa Bus Terminal has a long list of cities and districts you can visit if you take advantage of bus ticket opportunities, which ensures that the bus terminal is visited by thousands of passengers every day.

Bursa Bus Terminal Transportation

When you take advantage of the Bursa Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase opportunities, you need to get to Bursa Bus Terminal. You can reach the bus terminal from every point in Bursa. The buses you can choose to reach the bus terminal include 401, F-1, 38, 43/H, 91/G, 92, 93E, 97/G, 18B and 43H. Since most of the buses continue to operate at night, you can choose to take the bus if you need to reach the bus station at night.

Thanks to the recently implemented T2 tram line, you can easily reach the terminal from the City Square. In addition, you can reach Bursa Bus Terminal with the help of minibuses, taxis and your personal vehicle. A 15-minute journey is enough to reach the bus station from the city center.

Where is Bursa Bus Terminal Located?

Bursa Bus Terminal, located in the Osmangazi district of Bursa, is located close to the center. In addition to buses and minibuses departing from the center, you can also reach the bus station by tram line or taxis.

Is There a Minibus to Bursa Bus Terminal?

You can reach Bursa Bus Terminal from anywhere in Bursa. Minibuses are among the options you can choose for transportation.

Which cities can be reached directly from Bursa Bus Terminal?

You can reach almost all cities in Turkey from Bursa Bus Terminal, which operates not only domestically but also internationally.

How Many Passenger Capacity Does Bursa Bus Terminal Have?

Bursa Bus Terminal, with more than 800 bus services per day, hosts more than 30 thousand passengers every day. It is known that passenger capacity increases especially in the summer months.

Which Bus Companies Provide Service at Bursa Bus Terminal?

There are many bus companies operating at Bursa Bus Terminal, which allows millions of passengers to travel to different cities every year. Bus companies that you can choose with Bursa Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase options help you reach different regions of Turkey with affordable ticket prices by prioritizing passenger satisfaction.

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