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With a Corum bus ticket, anyone who wants to make travel plans to the city of Çorum can reach the city in a convenient way. Located on the border of the Black Sea region, Çorum is known for its roasted chickpeas. According to the latest census statistics, 527,000 people live in this city and this city covers an area of approximately 12,820 square kilometers. 375,000 people live in cities and 152,000 people live in rural areas. Archaeological research has revealed that the first signs of life in this city date back to 4000 BC. The lands occupied by the Hittites, Galatians, Phrygians and Pontus were captured by the Roman and Byzantine Empires after the division of Rome into two. After the Battle of Manzikert, the Danishmends conquered the region in 1074. In 1175, the city of Çorum joined the Anatolian Seljuk State. Germiyanoğulları also ruled Çorum for a short time, but in the ongoing process, the Ottomans finally established hegemony over the region in 1391. Located at the transition point of Black Sea climate features and Central Anatolian climate features, Çorum receives an average of 433 mm of precipitation throughout the year. Temperatures fluctuate around 20°C in July and August, and drop to an average of 0°C in January. The oldest and most important traces of human history can be found in Çorum.

Alacahöyük is just one of these ancient and valuable traces. Excavations in the area have uncovered 13 Early Bronze Age royal tombs and gates with sphinxes. At the same time, many remains were unearthed during the excavations in Alacahöyük. Another place that must be seen and explored closely in Çorum is Muradi Rabi Ul Mosque. Although there is no clear information about when it was built, it has become certain that it was built by Hayrettin Hazi, the slave of the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat. The mosque, which has a very important historical place, is famous for its woodwork. Throughout the year, the city also hosts six festivals. While the International Hittite Fairs and Festivals, Hattusa Culture, Gastronomy Festival and Kargı Fair are the focus of attention, Osmancık Rice Culture and Art Festival and Hıdırellez Festival attract the attention of the local people. Intercity bus connections are organized to this city from almost all provinces of Turkey. Buses and minibuses are widely used for transportation in the city, but taxis are also an ideal option. You can easily reach Çorum by taking a look at the bus ticket opportunities, you can explore many places and enjoy the festivals.

Places to Visit in Corum

There are many places to visit in Çorum. You can also attend the festivals and festivities held in summer in Çorum, which has hosted many cultures and civilizations and is famous for its roasted chickpeas. In this city, where you can have a good time, it would be more ideal to stay for at least two days in order to fully explore every place. Moreover, thanks to the availability of many accommodation options suitable for every budget, you can realize your accommodation as you wish. You can make your travel plans in this city both in summer and winter months.

Hattussas Ancient City

The ancient city of Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite Empire, has long been an important center of Anatolian history. The city, which is 4 km away from the Bogazkale district of Çorum, has hosted many civilizations and cultures throughout its history, therefore it has spread over a wide area. This unique place actually enjoyed its heyday as a capital from the 17th to the 13th centuries. The first excavations in the city in 1834 resulted in the discovery of the world's first written treaty tablet. The city, which is open to local and foreign tourists today, is divided into several parts due to its wide coverage. There are temples and many other structures in the upper part, where the Lion's Gate and the King's Gate are of great importance in the city. It is also known that the oldest settlement in the city is Ojo and its surroundings. According to the written records preserved in the city, it is known that the Hittite king was Anitta. This important city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. This place, which has been the capital of the Hittite Empire for nearly 400 years, attracts many local and foreign tourists.

Corum Castle

Çorum Castle, which is the subject of Evliya Çelebi's travel book, is located in Kale Mahallesi in the city center. There is no information about when it was built, and the castle shows typical Seljuk architectural features. As a result of various researches of the castle, M.S. It is known to have been built in 1577 and the castle probably belongs to the Byzantine period. Evliya Çelebi states that this unique castle was built by Sultan Kürci Arslan. By closely examining this castle, you can see that cut stones and rubble stones from the Roman-Byzantine period were used. The castle, which also houses a mosque, has survived to the present day. Çorum Castle, one of the oldest buildings in the city, It is one of the most beautiful places. For this reason, it is recommended to include this castle in your list of places to visit in Çorum.

Leather Bath

It is not known exactly when the Deri Bath on the outskirts of Iskilip Castle was built, but it is thought that the original building dates back to the Roman period and took its present form in the 15th century. The structure sandwiched between the buildings is slightly lower than the current state and compared to other bath structures. From this point of view, it can be said that the bath was lost for unknown reasons and it was forgotten over time. It was discovered by chance in the last century. The dressing section of the Deri bath, which was built in a square planned structure, is completely covered with a wooden roof. The bath, which has a square plan, is covered with two domes with panandif passages in the west, a barrel vault in the east and finally various stones. In addition, Deri Bath has a magnificent appearance with a hanging passage in the middle and domes on both sides. From Çorum Bus Terminal, you can easily reach this bath to see and explore it closely.

Frequency Nature Park

Siklik Nature Park is one of the lesser-known but unique landscapes of Çorum. It is also recommended to go to Kartal Hill to see the magnificent nature view while visiting this place. There is a viewing terrace with a view, a watchtower, a cute tea garden with a wooden structure, an animal promotion area and a large botanical garden in the Siklik Nature Park. Country restaurants, kiosks, fountains and gardens are also located in this park. You can take beautiful photos in the nature park, which hosts many plant species.

Çatak Nature Park

Çatak Nature Park, which is 22 kilometers away from Çorum, is a recreation area of unique beauty, which is the most frequented place of the local people. Thanks to its convenient transportation, this park has an extremely important location. A total of 387.5 hectares were isolated in 1984, the main tree species in the area are larch and rarely Scots pine. Various animals such as fox, rabbit, bird and partridge are best kept here. It has a calm atmosphere and is one of the best places for walking.

Karaca Plateau

Karaçay Plateau, whose infrastructure works are about to be completed, is quite ideal for camping. You can also choose to stay in the city center or district center. The plateau hiking trail starts at Karaca Plateau and passes through many hills before ending in the recreation section. In addition, the 15-kilometer track is interesting as it consists of forested areas. You can easily reach here via Çorum Bus Terminal.

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