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To witness the unique culture of Thrace, it may be the right decision to buy a bus ticket to Edirne. Edirne was restructured by the order of Hadrian during the Roman Empire and was called Hadrianapolis. During the Ottoman Empire, it was declared the capital between 1363-1453. Due to its location in Europe, it has maintained its importance geographically until today. There are many cultural heritages in the lands dominated by different civilizations.

Due to its location close to Greece and Bulgaria, it is a city that is fused with people from different cultures. Although there are experiences that reflect close cultures, Edirne is a city located in Turkey. The beaches in Edirne have become a favorite of both local and foreign tourists in the summer months due to their beauty and affordable price.

Selimiye Mosque

Selimiye Mosque, one of the symbols of Edirne, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, is one of the works of Mimar Sinan. Mimar Sinan created a work that reflects the sense of power and dominance of the Ottoman Empire at that time. It can be said that it is one of the peak works among the Ottoman architectural works. It is a very important work not only for the Ottoman Empire, but also for the history of architecture throughout the world. Selimiye Mosque and Complex are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The magnificent view of this mosque, which took 7 years to build and 15 thousand people worked, fascinates everyone. This structure, which can be seen even from distant locations, is as impressive from the outside as it is from the inside. The dome in the Selimiye Mosque is the most extreme point that Mimar Sinan has reached in his profession. For the dome, which has a very wide structure, the supporting legs are not allowed to make any partitions in the interior. In the past, there is information that 6 thousand people prayed in this mosque, where the Ottoman army went on a campaign and stopped to pray in Edirne. Selimiye Mosque, which is among the places to visit in Edirne, is one of the first places to see.

Mecidiye Bridge

Also known as the Meriç Bridge, this bridge was built on the Meriç River. It was started to be built during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecit and took its final form in 1847. Mecidiye Bridge is a structure with a width of 7 meters and a length of 263 meters. It is a stone bridge that stands on 13 pillars and has 12 pointed arches. Considering its structure, it is slightly inclined towards the sides. There are discharging eyes between the feet of the bridge. The inscribed pavilion in the middle is made of marble. The building, located on the Meriç River, offers a very beautiful visual in the evening hours.

Meriç and Tunca Rivers

Edirne, which is called the City of Waters, has the valuable Meriç and Tunca Rivers. You can have pleasant picnics in the green areas around the rivers and spend time in nature. The Meriç River, which originates in Bulgaria, reaches into the borders of Turkey on Edirne. It is a river that marks the border between Greece and Turkey. You can reach the recreation areas over the Mecidiye Bridge. Edirne Bus Terminal is the first point reached by visitors, you can learn about the most beautiful places of the river by contacting the local alk here.

Justice Pavilion

It is the only building that remains intact from the Edirne Palace. The Justice Pavilion is one of the structures that Sultan Süleyman had the Architect Sinan built. The building, which has a pool on the upper floor, has four floors, including the ground floor. It is a building that was used as the Court of Cassation and Divan-ı Hümayun when it was built. According to the rumors spoken; Suleiman the Magnificent wrote the laws for the empire here. The Justice Pavilion, where transportation is very easy, is one of the historical buildings that should be seen in Edirne.

Enez Castle

It was built in ancient times to prevent attacks from the Balkans. Although the exact dates of its construction are not known, it is thought to have been built before the Byzantine Period, since smashed materials were used on the walls of the castle. Two walls protecting the harbor extend from the castle towards the sea. The wall on the west is positioned to see the Meriç River, so it provides protection against any attack from the river.

Inside the castle structure, there is the Enes Hagia Sophia, which is the symbol of Enez, a chapel and a small church with mosaic floors. The relief depicting Pan and the nymphs dancing in Greek Mythology on the cave wall is preserved in the Edirne Museum. If you are monumental, the Thracian cavalry is depicted on the white marble at the entrance gate. The Ottoman arch structures in the castle indicate that the castle was used by the Turks. After planning the places to visit, you can buy a bus ticket to Edirne.

Şükrü Pasha Monument and Balkan War Museum

It is a monument built in memory of the Balkan War that took place in 1913 and the soldiers who were martyred in the war. Şükrü Pasha, who fought for Edirne during the war with poverty, which was the return of the period. His tomb was brought to the Kıyık Bastion region. A monument was also built in memory of the grave. It is a museum that tells about the wars and exhibits the items used by the public. It is one of the museums to go for a historical journey.

Edirne Great Synagogue

In the great fire that broke out in Edirne in 1905, 14 synagogues were completely destroyed. The Great Synagogue, which was allowed to be built by the edict, was built in France Depre architecture. It was opened to public worship in 1907. The budget required for the construction of the synagogue was brought together by different countries. It is the largest synagogue in the Balkan region and the 3rd largest among those found in Europe. It was used until the 1960s when the congregations were busy. You can put this place, which is free of charge and very careful with its architecture, among the places to visit in Edirne.

Edirne Castle Macedonian Clock Tower

They are the towers located at the corners of the walls around the city, which was founded by the order of Hadrianus, the Roman Emperor. Hacı İzzet Pasha added a wooden floor and clock dial to the four towers. After this restoration, the towers began to be called the Clock Tower. After the works carried out in and around the Macedonia Tower, which is the only structure that has survived until today, it serves as an Urban Archeology Park. Everyone who goes to Edirne should see these structures, which are very important for Hadrianopolis.

Karaagac Train Station

The building, which was built as Edirne Train Station, is used as the Faculty of Fine Arts of Trakya University today. While the train station was being built, Istanbul Sirkeci Train Station was taken as a model. The neo-classical station was built by Kemalettin Bey. This three-storey building is an important station for the railway connecting Istanbul with Europe. It is quite impressive with its architectural structure. It is observed that it still maintains its soundness due to the active training. Karaağaç Train Station, which is a historical architectural structure, is one of the valuable structures in Edirne.

The city of Edirne, located in Thrace, is one of the places that everyone should come and see. It is possible to see various structures and artifacts in these regions where many different civilizations lived. It is a situation that pleases everyone who wants to visit because of the preservation of many of them from the past to the present and the cultural heritage. You can have a very enjoyable trip in this city where you will feel the Balkan breezes. You can visit the villages in the city according to your time and opportunity. You can find many different cultural things that have been preserved from the past to the present. Fascinating with its natural beauties, Edirne is an indispensable holiday stop for its visitors in summer. The beauty of its beaches is well known to the locals living in the area. Thanks to Edirne Bus Terminal, you can easily reach the surrounding districts.

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