Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Izmit Bus Terminal

You can travel to Kocaeli by purchasing an Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Ticket. Kocaeli is a city where many people travel, especially due to its location. It can easily be said that passengers often prefer to travel by bus and go to Izmit Bus Terminal.

About Izmit Bus Terminal

Izmit Bus Terminal, built in 1999, covers a quite large area. This bus terminal consists of two parts: indoor and outdoor. While the closed area is 6,528 square meters in size, the open area is 22,987 square meters in size. There are many platforms and bus waiting areas in the open area section.

After choosing the Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Ticket option, when your journey is over, you get off the bus and land in this open area. 1000 buses come to this bus station a day. Izmit Bus Terminal also stands out with its number of buses and variety of trips. To go to this bus station, each passenger must have a special ticket in his/her name. All ticket checks are carried out with great care by the relevant people.

If you purchase an Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Ticket, all your suitcases and suitcases up to 30 kilos are transported free of charge. Izmit Bus Terminal also offers the service of writing seat numbers on their luggage so that their passengers do not lose their belongings. By choosing this bus terminal, you can go to many points of the country directly. A total of 10 bus companies operate within the bus terminal.

People who complete the Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Ticket purchase steps can also choose any bus company they wish. When choosing your ticket, you can choose the bus company that offers the times and prices that suit you with peace of mind. During the day, many trips of many companies are organized through this bus terminal.

It is possible to say that passengers who choose the Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Ticket option experience great comfort. The bus station showcases its services with the aim of satisfying all its passengers.

Izmit Bus Terminal Transportation

Izmit Bus Terminal provides great convenience to its passengers in terms of transportation. You can choose buses or trams to go to the bus station. Passengers who prefer the tram can finish their journey right in front of Izmit Bus Terminal. If you want to travel comfortably, you can also use the taxi option to reach the bus station. Public transportation journeys to Izmit Bus Terminal take approximately 40 minutes.

People who complete the Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Ticket purchase process can also research how to get there if they wish. In this way, you do not need to waste any time going to the bus station.

What Services Does Izmit Bus Terminal Offer to Its Passengers?

There are a total of 26 office offices and 26 buffets or restaurants within the bus terminal. At the same time, Izmit Bus Terminal includes 58 workplaces. Free internet, child care room and luggage transportation services are also available at the bus terminal. You can also benefit from the parking service free of charge for the first 25 minutes.

Where is Izmit Bus Terminal located?

The bus station is located on Yahya Kaptan District and Seymen Street.

In what year was Izmit Bus Terminal Built?

Izmit Bus Terminal is a building whose construction phases were completed in 1999. Since May 15, 2017, the transfer of this bus terminal has been carried out by UlasimPark company.

How Long is the Distance Between Istanbul and Izmit Bus Terminal?

You can complete your journey, which starts from Istanbul, safely at Izmit Bus Terminal in approximately 1 hour.

How much are Izmit Bus Terminal Bus Prices?

The ticket prices you buy from this bus station vary depending on the company you choose.

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