Malatya Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Malatya Bus Terminal

You can visit the beautiful city of Malatya by purchasing Malatya Bus Terminal Bus Ticket. The other name of this bus terminal is also known as Maşti Şehit Fendoğlu Bus Terminal. It can be said that the bus terminal, which has a total of 4 floors, covers an extremely large area. Every year, thousands of passengers choose this bus station for travel.

About Malatya Bus Terminal

Malatya Bus Terminal covers a total closed area of 7 thousand square meters. The total square meter value is known as 178 thousand. In the open area, there are platforms and bus waiting areas. After following the platform in these areas, you can follow your bus by positioning yourself appropriately. Malatya Bus Terminal works in coordination with approximately 50 bus companies.

Passengers who complete the Malatya Bus Terminal Bus Ticket purchase process can choose any bus company they wish during the purchasing stages. When choosing a bus company, you can take into account the suitability of ticket hours for you. Malatya Bus Terminal works safely with all bus companies. Those who choose this bus terminal can travel directly to many cities of the country.

The bus station has a very eye-catching quality with its large and modern structure. There is also a car park with a capacity of 100 cars within the bus terminal. If you have a car, you can easily benefit from this parking service. Since the bus station has a large area of 4 floors, it also includes many services that you can benefit from. All passengers who purchase Malatya Bus Terminal Bus Ticket can use these services unlimitedly.

As you can see at the Malatya Bus Terminal Buy Bus Ticket stage, Malatya Bus Terminal works with local bus companies as well as national bus companies. This versatile and functional bus station continues to garner passenger satisfaction. All bus terminal staff work only for the comfort of their passengers.

By completing the Malatya Bus Terminal Buy Bus Ticket stage, passengers coming to this bus terminal can ask for help from the bus station staff on anything they need. Friendly and polite bus station staff do their best to solve your problems in a short time.

Malatya Bus Terminal Transportation

Malatya Bus Terminal provides great convenience to its passengers in terms of transportation. Since the bus station is only 7 km away from the city center, passengers do not have major difficulties in transportation. You can choose buses or minibuses to go to Malatya Bus Terminal. Those who are fond of comfort and convenience can also go to the bus station by taking a taxi. Depending on the bus company you choose, you can also choose private service options. While completing your purchase of Malatya Bus Terminal Bus Ticket, you can also research transportation routes if you wish. This way, you can better control what to do when you arrive in the city.

What Services Does Malatya Bus Terminal Offer to Its Passengers?

Malatya Bus Terminal does not hesitate to offer its advanced services to its passengers. There are a total of 50 offices within the bus terminal where you can receive service. At the same time, buffets and restaurants provide food and beverage services for passengers.

Where is Malatya Bus Terminal located?

Malatya Bus Terminal is located in the Yesilyurt district of the city and Cevatpaşa District. You can reach the bus terminal via Ankara Street.

When was Malatya Bus Terminal Opened?

This bus terminal, under its old name, was opened in 1999 and has been operating uninterruptedly since then.

How Many Hours Between Istanbul and Malatya Bus Terminal?

You can complete your journey, which you started in Istanbul, at Malatya Bus Terminal in approximately 16 hours.

How Much Are Malatya Bus Terminal Bus Ticket Prices?

Malatya Bus Terminal bus ticket prices vary depending on the bus company you choose.

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