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By purchasing a Tunceli bus ticket, it becomes possible to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Anatolia. Located in the Upper Euphrates section, the city is among the least populated provinces of Turkey. It is the smallest province of Turkey in terms of surface area. When its past history is examined, it goes back to the Chalcolithic Age. It has hosted many different civilizations over time. Although we are a small city in terms of area, it has many historical and touristic places. A trip to Tunceli can be planned between two and three days. May is quite ideal for visiting the region with green vegetation. You should definitely try various local delicacies while traveling.


The rocks in the upper parts of Tahar Stream Valley in the Çemişgezek district of Tunceli were carved in history for the purpose of accommodation. There are about 20 rooms on the rocks. It is not known exactly who built the accommodation area. Rows of rooms are arranged in three levels, with long corridors and large windows. The rooms carved into the rock have a width of about 2.5 meters and a depth of 1.7 meters. Stairs and galleries were built from the rocks to carry the water leaking through the rocks to the rooms, and the need for water was met. There are stairs in one part of the In Holes, which consists of two parts, and narrow passages in the other part. Rooms are connected by corridors and stairs. At the top of the rooms, which are arranged in three floors, there is a room that is larger than the other rooms. Although the room at the top is more difficult to reach, this room is called the Bey's Room.

Munzur Valley National Park

Munzur Valley, located between Tunceli and Ovacık, is a very important region for the city. Covering an area of 42,000 hectares in the Munzur Valley, the region was declared a national park in 1971. Gözeler, endemic plant species, river sources, rich natural data and richness of local animal species were effective in declaring the region as a national park. It is easy to access the park, which is located very close to the city center. Since it is among the largest national parks of Turkey, tourists coming to the city show great interest in this region. The park starts from the city center and extends to the Munzur Mountains. During the visit, a total of 1518 different plant species are seen. Erzincan Cherry, Munzur Thyme, Bellflower, Munzur Buttercup, Munzur Mountain Oltu Grass and various endemic plant species are found in the region. It is also possible to come across a birch stand, which is one of the characteristic trees of the region. Munzur Valley, which is in the first place among the natural beauties of the city, is among the places to visit in Tunceli.

Kepir Plateau

Kepir Plateau, located in Ovacık district, is at an altitude of 3377 meters. While the streams flowing in the plateau are impressive with their clean waters, it is quite enjoyable to walk in the green meadows. The glacial lakes on the plateau offer a fascinating view in winter. Kepir Plateau is in an ideal location to cool off and spend time alone with nature during the summer months. It is possible to visit the plateau in four seasons. Although it is possible to have difficulties at some points while hiking, the difficulties will be forgotten when faced with a unique view. It is a place to be evaluated in order to get away from the crowded city and spend peaceful time, camping and swimming in the lake. It is a must-visit location to be in touch with nature and to spend time in peace. It is possible to pass to Ovacık district via Tunceli Bus Terminal.

Munzur Eyes

The name Munzur is heard very often during a visit to Tunceli. Munzur Caves, located on the way to Ovacık, is a sacred place for Alevis. There are forty eyes where the water rises to the surface and waterfalls of different sizes. The area has a total volume of 200 to 300 meters. The waters coming out of the wells form the Munzur Stream. It is frequently preferred as a picnic area by the local people as a picnic area. There are wooden tables around the bays. There is an environment where you can walk through the waters. Those who visit Tunceli during the summer months can visit Munzur Gözeleri to cool off and have a picnic.

Munzur Stream

The stream, which starts from the foothills of the Visit Hill on the Munzur Mountains, joins with the Pulumur Stream and pours into the Keban Dam, is fed by many different streams. Munzur Stream offers a very impressive view as it passes through deep gorges quickly. The vegetation around the creek and the presence of many living creatures attract the attention of visitors. While the water temperature is between 0 and 4 degrees in winter, it is between 18 and 20 degrees in summer. The vegetation in the parts where the tea bed and the valley widen is quite diverse. The views to be witnessed from the valley are quite fascinating. There is the possibility of rafting in the region, it is an important area as Turkey's longest rafting river. People who enjoy exciting activities Amanda can have an unforgettable experience on the zipline line, which is 12 meters high and progresses for 330 meters. Canoeing on the creek and cycling among the greenery are very enjoyable activities. To witness the unique nature of Tunceli and to enjoy the fresh air, Tunceli should be added to the list of places to see after buying a bus ticket.

Black Lake

It is one of the rare places hidden in the Munzur Mountains. Karagöl is located at an altitude of 2500 meters and is the largest glacial lake in the region. Although it is necessary to go through difficult and tiring roads to reach the region, the resulting landscape is quite impressive. People who enjoy spending time in nature can have a very pleasant time in the Karagöl region. Walking on the pier on the lake and witnessing the view is a fascinating experience. It is possible to take unique photos during a visit to Karagöl.

Munzur Mountains

Munzur Mountains, an extension of the Taurus Mountains, are a mountain chain made up of volcanic rocks. The mountains have ten peaks and some of the peaks have regions exceeding 3000 meters. The Munzur Mountains are the highest mountain chain in the western parts of the Eastern Anatolia region. The high rocky nature of the mountains allows it to stay away from human influence. There are rock habitats in the higher parts of the mountains, and oak forests in the lower parts. It is among the richest regions of Turkey in terms of plant diversity. There are seven different plant species and 11 butterfly species that grow only here worldwide. It is among the impressive natural formations of the city, which is on the list of places to visit in Tunceli.

Ovacik Ski Center

People who plan to come to Tunceli during the winter months should definitely stop by the Ovacık Ski Center. Located in Öveçler Village, the ski center is at the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. The ski center has an altitude of 1500. The ski track is approximately 1200 meters long. There are also teleski, snowmobile, snow crusher, babylift track and accommodation facilities in the ski center. Ovacik Ski Center, which has a beautiful track for ski lovers, has a very nice location. It is one of the must-visit places to witness unique views while skiing in winter.


Pertek is one of the locations that should be added to the route to be created after Tunceli Bus Station. Pertek, which is a district where you can go to Elazig by ferry over the Keban Dam, is among the must-see places in Tunceli. Due to its quite old history, there are many historical monuments in the district. Pertek Castle, Sağman Castle, Çelebi Ali Mosque, Çelebi Ağa Mosque, Mahsume Hatun Tomb and Baysungur Mosque are located in the region.

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