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Yaman Turizm

It is possible to travel to many points in Turkey by purchasing a Yaman Turizm bus ticket. The company is one of the youngest companies in the transportation industry. Since Yaman Turizm is new in the transportation industry, it provides services with its technological tools and experienced personnel.

About Yaman Turizm

Yaman Turizm is a road transportation company based in Kütahya. The company was founded by İsmail Yaman in 2014 and has been organizing trips to different routes within Turkey since then. Founded in 2014, the company carried out its first flights between Afyonkarahisar and Kütahya. The company later added Izmir to the routes it carries passengers to, thanks to the buses it acquired.

Yaman Turizm does not only organize flights to the city centers of Izmir and Afyonkarahisar. By purchasing a bus ticket from the company, it will be possible to travel pleasantly in many districts of Izmir and Afyonkarahisar. In order to improve itself, Yaman Turizm company has stepped into many areas, from car rental service to driver rental service. Thanks to the bus tickets purchased from the company, it is possible to access other services offered by the company in a short time.

Yaman Tourism Company Imprint

·         Title: Yaman Turizm

·         Address: Balıklı, Osmanlı Cd. no 50, 43030 Kütahya Merkez/Kütahya

·         Phone: 0274 311 33 75

Yaman Turizm Vehicle Features

By purchasing a Yaman Turizm bus ticket, it will be possible to travel with a company that brings a new breath to road transportation. The company adds new provinces and districts to its route every day. Thanks to the bus tickets purchased from Yaman Turizm, you can travel to the districts of these provinces, especially Izmir and Afyonkarahisar. Yaman Tourism company, which was established in 2014 and brought a new breath to road transportation, provides service with 7 buses. The company has chosen its buses among the young ones and thus serves its customers with its technologically equipped buses. The company has managed to get full marks from its customers thanks to the in-car services it offers.

Among the in-car services offered to passengers by Yaman Turizm company, the first place is general television and general radio broadcasts. These publications are intended to enable passengers to travel without getting bored. Passengers who do not want to follow public television or general radio broadcasts have also been considered by the company. The company has added headphones to each seat for these passengers. Thanks to these headphones, you can listen to music or watch movies on your smart devices. Another service for vehicles offered by Yaman Turizm company is the reading lamps placed on the seats. Thanks to the reading lamps, it has become possible for customers traveling at night to read books or newspapers.

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Year of foundation:2014
Bus Count:7
Head Office:Kutahya
Founder:İsmail Yaman
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