Adnan Menderes Airport Flight Ticket

Adnan Menderes Airport

By purchasing an Adnan Menderes Airport flight ticket, you can fly to dozens of destinations both domestically and abroad. Adnan Menderes Airport, serving in Izmir, is located in Gaziemir and Menderes districts. The airport, named after former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, is owned by a State Airports Authority. However, TAV Airports is responsible for the operation of the airport. The airport, which hosts more than 9 million passengers in 2022, also has the distinction of being the fourth most crowded airport in Turkey. Adnan Menderes Airport is also the 3rd airport with the most crowded cargo traffic in Turkey.

About Adnan Menderes Airport

The former name of Adnan Menderes Airport is Cumaovası Airport. Before Adnan Menderes Airport came into service, civilian flights were operated via Çiğli Military Airport. However, when Çiğli Military Airport was under repair, some problems occurred. For this reason, Izmir needed a large airport. With the opening of Adnan Menderes Airport in 1987, Izmir's flight problem was aimed to be solved. Adnan Menderes Airport was operated by the State Airports Authority until 2005. However, in 2006, TAV Airports was appointed as the operator of the airport.

Adnan Menderes Airport serves domestic and international flights. Providing service on a total area of 136,199 square kilometers, the airport has the distinction of being an airport with a capacity of 10 million. There are 3 aprons at Adnan Menderes Airport. These 3 aprons are large enough to park 61 aircraft. There is also a parking lot at the airport where more than 3 thousand vehicles can park. There are flights from Izmir to many foreign cities such as Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Nicosia.

 Adnan Menderes Airport Transportation

Adnan Menderes Airport is located close to the city. Therefore, it has a very diverse transportation network. You can choose public buses and minibuses to go to the airport. In addition, the metro line is among the preferred means of transportation since it passes close to the airport. The best way to reach the airport faster is to take a taxi. In addition to taxi, you can also reach the airport in a short time by renting a car.

Which Vehicles Can Be Preferred for Transportation to Adnan Menderes Airport?

It is possible to reach Adnan Menderes Airport by private Izban, public buses and minibuses.

Is There Parking at Adnan Menderes Airport?

There is a parking lot for 3 thousand vehicles for passengers who want to come to Adnan Menderes Airport with their private vehicles.

Is there a left-luggage office at the airport?

There is a left-luggage office at the airport where passengers can leave their belongings.

Is There a Visa Office at Adnan Menderes Airport?

There is a visa office at Adnan Menderes Airport.

Is there a Lost and Found Office at Adnan Menderes Airport?

There is a lost property office at Adnan Menderes Airport.

Are There Places to Stay Near Adnan Menderes Airport?

Since Adnan Menderes Airport is located close to the city center, it offers many hotels and rental houses for accommodation.

Is There a Hairdresser at Adnan Menderes Airport?

There is no hair salon within Adnan Menderes Airport.

Are there companies to rent a car near Adnan Menderes Airport?

You can find multiple companies to rent a car around Adnan Menderes Airport and rent a car in a short time.

Are there cafes and restaurants at Adnan Menderes Airport?

There are cafes and restaurants within Adnan Menderes Airport. In addition, there is a center that provides health services and points where you can withdraw money.

What Should You Do to Travel at Adnan Menderes Airport?

To buy a flight ticket to Adnan Menderes Airport, you can buy a flight ticket from the travel offices. You can also buy tickets from ticket sales points and online sales sites.

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