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June 17, 2024
Air Baltic

It is possible to fly to many cities in Europe by purchasing an Air Baltic flight ticket. This airline, which has been in service since 1995, has taken its place among the world-renowned airline companies thanks to the partnerships it has established. This airline, based in Latvia, is among the airline companies that carry the most passengers in both the country and the region where it is located.

About Air Baltic

Thanks to the Air Baltic flight ticket purchase process, it is possible to fly with experienced pilots and staff. Founded in Latvia in 1995, the company has located its headquarters near the capital of Latvia. Thanks to the flight tickets purchased from the company, you can fly to European countries safely and comfortably. Air Baltic only flies short distances within the framework of its mission. People who want to travel to cities outside Europe can have information about connecting flights offered by Air Baltic.

Which Countries Can You Fly to with Flight Tickets Purchased from the Company?

Before purchasing an Air Baltic flight ticket, it is useful to know which countries the company flies to. This airline, which has been in service since 1995, only operates short-haul flights. For this reason, it would be beneficial for people who want to buy flight tickets from the company to travel to cities in Europe and surrounding areas. Many European countries such as Italy and France are among the destinations where you can travel with flight tickets purchased from the company. It is also possible to buy a connecting flight ticket from the company to travel to cities in European countries. Thanks to the flight ticket you have purchased, you can enjoy flying with an airline company that is experienced in its field. All you need to do to buy a flight ticket from the company is to visit the company's website and review the flights on the reservations page.

How can purchased flight tickets be inquired?

You can visit the company's website to inquire about the flight tickets you purchased from Air Baltic and to get more information about the flight. You can get more detailed information about the flight tickets you have purchased so far by clicking on the My Reservations page on the website. You can also make the ticket inquiry you need within minutes by using the mobile application that the company has chosen to increase customer satisfaction.

Do I Need to Pay Extra Fee for Seat Selection?

There is no charge for seat selection for flight tickets purchased from the company. The company also gives its customers time to choose their seat after online check-in. Air Baltic does not charge any extra fee for seat selection. Therefore, passengers have the opportunity to choose the seats they want.

Does the company have a loyalty program?

Air Baltic company has a loyalty program that can be used by its passengers who regularly purchase flight tickets from it. Thanks to this loyalty program, called Air Baltic Club, you earn miles depending on the routes you fly. You can benefit from many rights free of charge with the points you earn thanks to the miles you earn and the flight tickets you purchase. Air Baltic Club members have the opportunity to buy free flight tickets or enjoy free refreshments in the waiting areas within the framework of the points they have accumulated.

Are Food and Beverages Included on Long-Distance Flights?

People who buy Air Baltic flight tickets want to take full advantage of the advantages offered by the company. This company, which has been providing air transportation for many years, does not offer free refreshments to any of its passengers, regardless of ticket class, during their travels. Therefore, everyone who wants to benefit from food and beverages, regardless of short-distance or long-distance journeys, must pay a fee. 

About Air Baltic
Head Office:Mārupe
Year of foundation:1995
Airplane Count:25
Flying Point Count:80
Flying Country Count:-
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