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Air Serbia

It is possible to fly to many destinations in the world with an Air Serbia flight ticket. Founded by Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, this airline continues to operate today. Thanks to the plane tickets bought from the company, it is possible to travel domestically as well as fly internationally. Thanks to this company, which has been carrying out air transportation for many years, it is possible to make your flights safer and more comfortable.

About Air Serbia

With the purchase of Air Serbia flight tickets, you can fly to the points where the company has flights in a pleasant way. Belgrade is the city where the airline's headquarters are located. There is a head office of the company within the Nikola Tesla airport in this city. It is possible to fly to 39 different destinations with the plane tickets purchased within the company. This company, which has 16 passenger planes in its fleet, flies to many continents such as Africa and Europe. The company, which has been serving under the name Jat Airways for many years, changed its name in 2013 and took the name of today's Air Serbia.

What should I do to buy a flight ticket from the company?

People who want to buy Air Serbia flight tickets can visit the company's website. By clicking on the reservations page on the website, you can make a ticket inquiry in a short time depending on the destination and the date range of the flight. After completing the ticket inquiry process, you can fly to many destinations in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way by purchasing the most suitable airline tickets for you. Thanks to the plane tickets you have bought from the company, you can enjoy flights to many destinations such as Amsterdam Chicago Las Vegas Lisbon Madrid New York Paris.

How Much is the Baggage Allowance Granted to Passengers by the Company?

The company offers its passengers baggage allowance depending on the ticket class they have purchased. Passengers flying in economy class have a baggage allowance of 23 kilograms. Passengers above the economy class have a baggage allowance of 32 kilograms. Hand luggage is determined as 8 kilograms for economy class and 16 kilograms for passengers above economy class. Especially the passengers flying in economy class request extra baggage if the baggage rights provided by the company are not sufficient. In order to buy additional baggage from the company, it is possible to purchase additional baggage by visiting the company's website or the counters at the airports. Additional baggage charges are subject to different charges depending on the kilogram desired.

How is the seat selection made for the plane tickets bought from the company?

The website of the company can be visited in order to make the seat selection of the plane tickets purchased from the company. The company offers passengers the right to choose their seats free of charge on its website. However, an extra fee will be charged for the selection of seats with a special phrase among the points to be considered when choosing a ticket. In addition, it is not possible to select the seats next to the emergency exit doors during seat selection.

Does the company charge a ticketing fee for the plane tickets bought?

An extra ticketing fee is required for airline tickets purchased from the company. Ticketing fee is charged separately for each seat, and depending on the distance to be flown, there may be an increase in ticket prices. Passengers have to pay the ticketing fee when buying tickets on the company's website. It is not possible to choose a ticket at Aksel.

Is Food and Beverage Provided Freely by the Company during the Journey?

Those who buy Air Serbia flight tickets can benefit from free food and beverage opportunities offered by the company during their journey. The company offers free refreshments to all passengers, regardless of ticket class, during the journey. In cases where the flight time increases, the number of food and beverage offerings offered by the company increases. The company offers free sandwiches and beverages to its passengers on domestic flights that take place in a short time.

About Air Serbia
Head Office:Belgrade
Year of foundation:1927
Airplane Count:22
Flying Point Count:80
Flying Country Count:-
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