İzmir – Trabzon Flight Ticket

İzmir – Trabzon

İzmir – Trabzon

By purchasing an Izmir – Trabzon flight ticket, you can travel from Izmir, the 3rd most populous city in Turkey, to Trabzon, one of the most visited cities in the Black Sea region. Both cities attract attention with their natural beauty and manage to attract the attention of foreign tourists as well as local tourists. Thanks to the plane ticket purchased, it is possible to travel between two important cities of Turkey.

Information about Izmir – Trabzon, Places to Visit

People who buy an Izmir – Trabzon flight ticket start their journey from Izmir. Izmir draws attention with being the 3rd most populous city in Turkey. This city, which fascinates those who see it with its natural beauties, also manages to attract attention with its unique dishes. People who want to travel between Izmir and Trabzon should first visit the touristic areas in Izmir and then complete their journey by tasting the flavors unique to Izmir.

Important places that Izmir - Trabzon travelers should visit in Izmir are Çeşme and Alaçatı districts. This district, whose population exceeds millions in the summer months, fascinates those who see it with its natural beauties. Since they are located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, these two districts can be shown among the regions most visited by local and foreign tourists. Especially people who want a colorful nightlife should start their journey from Çeşme.

During your trip to Izmir, Kordon, which is identified with the city, should definitely be visited. This street, built on the seaside, is a must-visit place for people who want to watch the view from the most beautiful place. You can taste the unique flavors of Izmir by visiting cafes or restaurants along Kordon, which can be described as a long street. In the summer months, Kordon can be preferred to get fresh air, take a nice walk or chat with large groups.

One of the indispensable routes of the Izmir trip is the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar. Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar is a bazaar that started to serve in the 17th century and was among the important trade centers of the period. This bazaar, built on a large area, has more than ten thousand shops and workplaces. The bazaar, which has managed to preserve its historical texture, also has inns, baths and fountains that have survived from the past to the present. In this way, people visiting Izmir can have the chance to shop in the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar and see many historical buildings together.

After completing the "Buy Izmir - Trabzon flight ticket" process, people who arrive in Trabzon will encounter many places to visit and see in the city, which attracts attention with its natural beauties. Trabzon is one of the largest cities in the Black Sea Region and has made a name for itself especially with plateau tourism. When plateau time comes, the population of the city increases several times and you can have a pleasant time at fun events organized in these plateaus. There are important monasteries that people who visit Trabzon should see. Sumela Monastery is one of the most well-known and one of the first points visited by people visiting the city. This monastery, built on the edge of the mountain, is quite remarkable. Following Sumela Monastery, Kızlar Monastery and Peristera Monastery are among the unique structures that should be seen during your trip to Trabzon.

Trabzon travelers are also recommended to visit Uzungöl, which is located in Çaykara district and is among the most visited tourist spots in Turkey. Uzungöl is a lake visited by millions of people every year and attracts attention with its impressive view. It is possible to encounter hundreds of different bird species around this protected lake. People who have the chance to take impressive nature photographs can walk by the lake or canoe on the lake. In addition, visiting Uzungöl can be made more enjoyable with bicycle tours, ATV tours and walks by the lake.

Balıklıgöl should definitely be visited during your trip to Trabzon. Balıklıgöl is located in Akçaabat district and has a view that amazes those who see it with its natural beauty. It is possible for people who have the chance to visit the city, especially during the winter months, to visit Balıklıgöl and take postcard photos. People who visit Balıklıgöl can go hiking, participate in cycling tours, have the chance to fish and taste Trabzon delicacies in the local shops around the lake.

Trabzon travelers are also recommended to visit regions such as Sürmene Akçaabat Tonya Çaykara Ortahisar. People visiting the city, if they are in the city during the plateau period, can go to the plateaus and enjoy the entertainment at the events held there.

How to Get to Izmir-Trabzon Airport?

Departure and arrival airports to reach Trabzon by purchasing an Izmir – Trabzon flight ticket. It is very important. People who will depart from Izmir should purchase a flight ticket from Izmir Adnan Menderes. They land at Trabzon International Airport, which is Izmir – Trabzon Airport. Thanks to the journey between Izmir and Trabzon Airport, transportation from Izmir to Trabzon can be achieved in a short time.

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is one of the airports with the most flights in Turkey. For this reason, people who want to access the airport can choose suburban lines, public buses, Havaş shuttles, taxis or rental cars.

People who land at Trabzon International Airport can use public transportation such as minibuses and buses if they want to travel within the city. In addition to minibuses and buses, you can also travel from the airport to the city center with Havaş shuttles, transfer vehicles, taxis, rental cars and private vehicles.

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Izmir – Trabzon Transportation

People who have the chance to travel between Izmir and Trabzon must overcome the distance of 1115 kilometers between the two cities. People who have the chance to travel from Izmir to Trabzon have the chance to land in Trabzon after a 1 hour and 20 minute journey and see the natural beauties here.

Airlines with Izmir-Trabzon Flights

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• SunExpress

Which Companies Operate Flights Between Izmir and Trabzon?

Flights between Izmir and Trabzon are operated by Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and SunExpress.

What Local Delicacies Can Izmir – Trabzon Passengers Taste?

People who have the chance to reach Trabzon by traveling between Izmir and Trabzon should definitely taste the local delicacies. When Trabzon is mentioned, local delicacies such as kuymak, Akçaabat meatballs, anchovy pan, corn bread and laz pastry come to mind. Your trip to Trabzon can be made more delicious by tasting these local delicacies.

What Gift to Buy from Izmir – Trabzon Visit?

If Izmir – Trabzon passengers reach the city, they can buy objects such as coffee pots designed using copper workmanship. You can also buy delicacies such as hazelnuts, cream and honey as gifts when you go to Trabzon.

How Many Days Should the Izmir – Trabzon Trip Be Planned?

Izmir – Trabzon trip should be planned for a minimum of 4-5 days. Trabzon is a city that attracts attention with its natural beauties as well as its entertaining festivals. For this reason, people who have the chance to visit the city should spare 2 days to explore the natural beauties and also spare a day or two to participate in the festivities.

Which Activities Can Izmir – Trabzon Passengers Attend?

Izmir – Trabzon passengers have the chance to participate in many entertaining events. During your visit to Trabzon, it is possible to participate in fun festivals such as the international Akçaabat music and folk dance festival, traditional crane plateau festivals, Soğuksu festivals and Hıdırellez Spring Festival.

When Should Izmir – Trabzon Trip Be Planned?

Cities in the Black Sea Region receive rainfall almost at all times of the year. Since it is rainy most of the year in Trabzon, people who want to visit the city may wonder about the driest season. The best time to visit Trabzon is the summer months and the beginning of autumn.

When should Izmir – Trabzon Tickets be purchased?

People who want to travel between Izmir and Trabzon and want to make this journey at lower prices can buy their tickets one month in advance. Especially people who want to participate in festivals held in the city can pay lower prices by purchasing their tickets long in advance.

How to Get from the Airport to the City Center While Visiting Izmir - Trabzon?

People traveling from Izmir to Trabzon wonder how they can get to the city center after landing at Trabzon International Airport. People who want to travel from the airport to the city center can choose from options such as minibuses, buses, rental cars and taxis.

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What are the places to visit during the Izmir – Trabzon trip?

If Izmir – Trabzon passengers reach Trabzon, they can plan their trip to Trabzon by visiting different areas such as Sumela Monastery, Plateaus, Ataturk Mansion, Bedesten Bazaar, Uzungöl.

Where are the departure and arrival airports for the Izmir – Trabzon trip?

The departure airport for the Izmir – Trabzon journey is Izmir Adnan Menderes airport. The arrival airport is Trabzon International Airport.

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