Yenişehir Airport Flight Ticket

Yenişehir Airport

It is possible to reach Bursa by purchasing a Yenişehir Airport flight ticket. Bursa is among the spots visited by millions of people every year with its historical and natural beauties. People who want to visit the city can land at the airport with the flight tickets they purchase. After landing at the airport, it is also possible to reach many historical and natural beauties of the city.

About Yenişehir Airport

People who buy Yenişehir Airport flight tickets can reach Bursa from different points of Turkey. It is possible to explore the historical and natural beauties of Bursa after landing at Yenişehir Airport. Thanks to the information obtained about the airport, you can also have detailed information about how to reach tourist attractions. There is an apron inside the airport that is large enough for 6 aircraft. It is known that thanks to this airport, which was built on an area of over 12,000 square meters, many services that passengers need are offered at the airport.

Yenişehir Airport started to serve in the 1940s. The company served as a military airport in its first years of service. After serving as a military airport for many years, it gained civilian status in 2000. After the airport gained civil status, it became possible to buy plane tickets to reach Bursa from different points of Turkey.

Thanks to the terminals located within Yenişehir Airport, flights are organized to both domestic and international lines. Additionally, a section is reserved for the transportation of cargo within the airport. This airport, called the green airport, is located in the Yusufeli district of Bursa. It is known that the airport, located close to the city center of Bursa, serves more than 100 thousand passengers every year. Bursa can be reached more comfortably thanks to direct flights from different points of Turkey.

People landing at Yenişehir Airport wonder how they can reach the city center. Since the airport is located close to the city center, it can be reached by many vehicles such as buses, taxis and minibuses. People landing at the airport can use bus number 80 allocated by the municipality to reach the city center. This bus departs from the city center and allows you to reach the airport in a short time. The point that people who will prefer the bus should know is that there are no buses in the evening.

By Which Public Transportation Vehicles Can You Reach Yenişehir Airport?

After landing at the airport with the Yenişehir Airport flight ticket option, buses are the most used public transportation. In addition to buses, taxis and minibuses are also frequently preferred for journeys between the city center and the airport. The rail public transportation vehicle called Bursaray, which is offered in Bursa, is also among the vehicles that can be preferred by people who want to reach the airport. You can easily reach the city center from the airport with the nostalgic tram called Burtram.

Can Yenişehir Airport be Reached by Seaplane?

You can use a seaplane to reach Istanbul after landing at the airport with the Yenişehir Airport flight ticket option. The seaplane takes off from Gemlik district and lands on the Golden Horn in Istanbul. By choosing a seaplane, transportation between Istanbul and Bursa can be achieved faster.

How Many Passengers Does Yenişehir Airport Serve Each Year?

Yenişehir Airport hosts more than 100 thousand passengers annually. Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir can be listed among the cities to which the airport operates the most flights. It is also known that there are direct flights to cities such as Diyarbakır, Trabzon Erzurum from this airport.

Is it possible to fly abroad with Yenişehir Airport?

There is also an international terminal serving abroad within Yenişehir Airport.

From which cities in Turkey can Yenişehir Airport be reached?

Yenişehir Airport can be reached from different points in Turkey. Among the cities with direct flights to this airport, Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir can be listed first.

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