Cancellation and Refund

1.1 All reservations, ticket sales, cancellations and changes regarding the tickets purchased through are made by, which is registered and licensed by TÜRSAB with document number A-6807. Payments for ticket sales are also taken by the relevant companies. is authorized for transactions to be carried out on within the scope of the Travel Agencies and Travel Agencies Association Law No. 1618.

1.2 for all ticket purchases and reservations made on; National and International General Flight Rules, together with Flight Safety Rules; All rules applied by the said airline company regarding the cancellation information of the ticket, including the ticket fees and transportation rules, the fees to be deducted in case of cancellation, the refund of the ticket, the change of reservation shall apply. Users can access in cases where the flight is not made on time, canceled, postponed to a future date, the flight company does not accept the passenger and / or their belongings, the ticket buyer is not suitable for the flight, the validity period of his passport is insufficient, and there is no valid identity document. They accept that they are not responsible. Information such as seat distance, aircraft model, video, wifi, number of aisles, food given in the flight details are provided instantly by the airline or gds, and does not control the accuracy of this information. Airlines reserves the right to change this information about the flight without prior notice. The USERS declare that they have read these terms and accepted the terms, together with the approval of the terms of use, in each ticket sale and reservation.

1.3 Payment: Online ticket purchases made over the Internet can only be made with Visa, Master Card and American Express Credit cards and debit cards (debit card) as follows:

-For security reasons, you will be asked to enter your card's three-digit security code (CVC Number) at the time of purchase. The security code is the three digits after the credit card number in the signature box on the back of the card. When you confirm a purchase, the relevant amount (including taxes and other charges) is charged to the card used for payment.

- 3D Secure security system is mandatory for purchases made on the SITE. You can get the necessary information about the use of 3D Secure from your bank. may take additional security measures for the credit card in ticketing transactions with suspected fraud, and may request additional confirmation from the User / Member. In cases where additional security confirmation cannot be provided, may cancel the ticketing. In such a case, the User / Member is informed via the contact information provided during ticketing. The User / Member is responsible for the accuracy of the information given during ticketing, does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

1.4 Cancellation / Refund: Cancellation, refund and change rules of the airline companies you make transactions apply to the tickets you have purchased from These rules may vary depending on airline companies and class differences. You can get information about cancellation / refund rules from the airline company. In any case, the ticketing service fee you have purchased is non-refundable. In addition, according to the airline's rules, there may be a penalty refund or non-return of the ticket. Generally, no cancellation, refund or change can be made on the tickets included in the promotion class. Cancellation, refund and change conditions in the Economy category may vary depending on the airline's rules. Cancellation, refund and change conditions for tickets belonging to Business (or similar) categories may vary according to the rules of the airline you have chosen.

1.5 The refund of the ticket, which is possible or decided to be refunded by the relevant airline, is made in accordance with the payment method used when purchasing the ticket. The time for the refunds to be reflected on the relevant bank or credit card may differ according to the banks and card programs. Information on this subject can be obtained from banks.

1.6 In case of No-Show (No-Show (Non-Use of the Right to Fly / No Flight), some airline companies may only refund the collected airport taxes to the User / Member himself or on behalf of the User / Member to in cancellation and refund transactions. . Ticketing service fee / fuel fee is not within the scope of refund and these refund procedures may vary depending on the airline companies. In case of No-Show, if the airport tax refund is made to on behalf of the User / Member, the User / Member can use this amount for the ticket price to be paid for their next flight from the member account on can request at

1.8 The transactions you will make over the internet, as shown on the internet pages,