Distance Sales Contract



Commercial Title      : MY SEYAHAT Tourism Incorporated Company

Agency Title : MY SEYAHAT Tourism Incorporated Company

Address                 : İnönü Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:59 Floor:1 SISLI / ISTANBUL


Telephone                : 0850 308 8888



Hereinafter referred to as the "Seller".


The person who purchases the passenger transportation ticket through the www.lomio.com and www.lomio.com websites, mobile site or mobile applications, named in the ticket in line with the information entered, and to whom the passenger transportation service will be provided.

Hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer".

In case the credit card / debit card holder and the person who will receive the ticket service are separate persons; Both the owner of the credit card for which the ticket price is paid and the person who will receive the service are the buyers of this contract. According to this contract, both persons declare and undertake that they will fulfill the rights and obligations arising from this contract by gaining the title of buyer.

The Buyer declares and undertakes that the information he has given is correct, that he will comply with all the rules specified in this contract during the service provided and that he will fulfill all the obligations of this contract.


The address of the website where the seller sells the "passenger transport ticket" under the provisions of this contract is www.lomio.com website, mobile site or mobile applications.

Except for this website, mobile site and mobile applications, all tickets that are reported to be sold on digital platforms by the seller are invalid.

The www.lomio.com website, mobile site or mobile applications will hereinafter be referred to as "website" in this agreement.


The subject of this contract is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the sale of passenger transport tickets and the passenger transport service provided to the buyer by the seller in electronic environment through the website. In this regard, the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers (“Law”) and the Regulation on Distance Contracts dated 27.11.2014 (“Regulation”) are taken as reference.


The services subject to this contract are the sale of electronic tickets on the website on passenger transportation by plane and the provision of ticket sales services to the buyer for whom an electronic ticket is issued. Ticket; Seller's name, title, full address, telephone, internet access information, MERSIS number, basic features of the service subject to the contract, sales price, payment method, boarding place, destination, travel date, departure time, information on the seller's website when the order is finalized. The ticket is also sent to the recipient's e-mail address. As soon as the buyer terminates the ticket order specified in this contract through the website, the ticket subject to the contract is deemed to have been received. Upon delivery, it is deemed to have accepted and committed that it will comply with the rules in the contract and fulfill its obligations.


The Buyer gives the necessary confirmation in electronic environment that he has read all the information about the basic characteristics, passenger transportation rules, sales price and payment method and delivery of the passenger transportation ticket that is the subject of this contract. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he/she has read this contract and passenger transport rules, will comply with all the rules in the contract, and will fulfill all his obligations at the moment of purchasing the ticket.

In the event that the buyer does not comply with the rules specified in this contract and does not fulfill his obligations in accordance with the rules specified in the contract, the seller accepts and undertakes that he may terminate this contract immediately without any notice, with all his rights reserved.

All damages caused by the buyer's failure to comply with this contract belong to the buyer himself.

Tickets purchased in line with this contract are only at the disposal of the person named on the ticket and can be used personally. The buyer accepts and undertakes that the information entered on the website is correct and that he has purchased a ticket to be used by the person named on the ticket. If it is determined that the person named in the ticket and the person who wants to receive the service are different, the buyer accepts and undertakes that the seller has no responsibility arising from this contract and can terminate this contract without any notice.


Due to the fact that the articles written under the title of "Section Three", which regulates the "Use of the Right of Withdrawal and the Obligations of the Parties", are not applied to the "Passenger Transport Services"; The buyer has no right of withdrawal.


Transactions such as cancellation, refund and change in flight tickets may vary according to the contracts of the airline companies.

There are three different classes for tickets sold on our website, mobile site or mobile applications. You can buy tickets in three different categories: Promotion, Economy and Business Class. Economy and Business C