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Yalova city, where you can easily reach in a short time with Yalova bus ticket opportunities, is a popular city with its many hot springs and healing thermal water resources. The city of Yalova, located in the Marmara Region, is located between the cities of Bursa and Kocaeli. It is also the smallest city in Turkey in terms of surface area. The city, which has a total of 6 districts, is also evaluated in terms of summer tourism with its 105 kilometers of sea coast. The population of the city increases especially in the summer months.

The history of the city of Yalova dates back to ancient times and the first civilization that lived in these lands was the Hittites. Later, both Phrygians lived in these lands and the lands joined the Bithynia kingdom. In 74 BC, the Romans dominated the region. In 1326, the Ottoman Empire began to rule the region.

Both the effects of the Mediterranean climate and the effects of the Black Sea climate are seen in this city, and therefore the city has a microclimate feature. In the city, which is known as 723 mm of precipitation throughout the year, the average temperature rises to 22 degrees in summer. When the winter months such as January and February come, the temperatures hover around 6 and 7 degrees. The city, which offers many historical beauties to be visited with its historical past, is also very interesting for its natural beauties. Many festivals are held in the city every year, and many people from both the surrounding provinces and the city center flock to the festival grounds for these festivals. Within the framework of these festivals, it is possible to mingle with the local people and try many flavors. You should definitely choose to spare at least 2 days to fully explore the city of Yalova and enjoy spending time in this city to the fullest. Moreover, it is very easy to reach the city with Yalova bus ticket opportunities.

Walking Mansion

When it comes to places to visit in Yalova, it is necessary to talk about the Walking Mansion first. It is known that this mansion, where the tree story has passed, was built in 1929 for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Atatürk, who visited this mansion in the summer months of 1930, witnessed that the plane tree is based on this tree, and he found it more logical to move the mansion than to cut the branches, and then the mansion was moved by tram. The kiosk, which was completely scraped from the foundation, was moved to the side by 4,80 m without any damage by means of the rails placed under it. Thus, even a single branch of the tree was not damaged, and the event was talked about from people to people until today. Today, the mansion, which continues its activities as a museum open to public visits, is one of the important historical points of the city. You can also consider including the Walking Mansion in your plans so that you can see this mansion closely.

Yalova Thermal Spas

The hot springs, which continue to host visitors from every corner of Turkey and from different countries, both in summer and winter months, also ensure that the city has an important touristic value. It is possible to both enjoy the lush nature and find healing for many diseases with the healing waters in this district, which is famous for its old baths that have reached the time of a monument. With the thermal water coming from the depths of the ground, many diseases and ailments, from skin diseases to chronic diseases, are alleviated. There are also numerous pools and Amenities to make ideal use of these waters. You can stay as long as you want in the hot springs, which also have various accommodation options, and you can both enjoy the healing water and witness the natural landscapes.

Pistachio Thermal Springs

Fistikli Hot Springs, which is frequently mentioned among the places to visit in Yalova, is only 8 km away from the town of Armutlu. The healing spa waters, which are good for stomach ailments, rheumatism, skin problems and many other ailments, welcome many visitors, even from the surrounding provinces. Since there are many hotel and hostel options here, people can benefit from the healing waters as they wish. To reach the hot springs, it will be sufficient to take the Fistikli minibuses from the center of Yalova and then reach the area where the hot springs are located. Moreover, this journey will take a very short time.


As one of the prominent summer resorts of Yalova city, this place welcomes many visitors during the summer months. In the town of Cinarcik, nightlife is very active and there are many beaches. Enjoying the sea, sand and sun trio on the coastline, which has the quality to fascinate everyone who sees it, watching the sunset and sunbathing abundantly is extremely enjoyable. Moreover, the wide accommodation and transportation options of the town can also be used to spend time in this town as desired. allows it to work. Although the region is very crowded in the summer months, only the locals continue to stay here during the winter months. There are also public beaches for those who do not want to spend time in paid facilities.


Thermal, one of the prominent places of Yalova, continues to be visited by visitors in summer and winter with its magnificent nature and rich thermal springs. There are many thermal hotels and hostels in this place, which has important contributions to Turkey's health tourism. Visitors who make choices suitable for their own budgets from among a wide range of alternatives can make the most of the healing thermal waters here. In addition, there are many walking areas in the region and the outdoor facilities for the summer months help to have a pleasant time.


Armutlu district, which is one of the smallest districts of Yalova, is located between the city center and Bursa. There are many beaches and pensions in the town, which accepts visitors from both Istanbul and Bursa throughout the year. In this town, which is one of the jazz spots in the summer months, many natural beauties can also be visited to spend quiet and peaceful times. You can easily reach here via Yalova bus station.

Yalova Beach

A whole coastline starts on the left side of Yalova city and various places from shops to many cafes and restaurants cover this coastline. It is possible to walk in a pleasant way and to meet the needs of all shops and cafes. In addition, the fact that there is a bridge over the city where the beach is located offers the opportunity to fish. On this walking path, which is closed to both the bicycle path and the vehicle, you can take pleasant walks in the spring or months. Your children can have fun at the amusement park on the beach, and you can consume many delicious drinks at the cafes on the coastline.

Yalova Open Air Museum

Yalova Open Air Museum is one of the most important museums of the city and it is very easy to reach the city via the Yalova bus station. A large number of grave steles, honor stones and sarcophagi are exhibited in the open-air museum. Historical artifacts obtained as a result of various excavations carried out for long periods are also exhibited here. You can visit the museum, which has been serving since 2003, and examine many buildings closely.

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