How Do Teachers Get a Green Passport?

Dec. 15, 2023
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People who like to travel must have some documents to go abroad. One of these documents is undoubtedly passports that serve as identity cards. Today, there are different types of passports that stand out with many different features. Green passport is also among these passport types. With this type of passport, also called a special passport, it is possible to travel to countries where a visa is required without a visa. Since the outer surface of this passport is green, it is called green passport. The most frequently used transportation option for trips abroad is by air. Anyone with a passport can easily travel to the country they are going to and explore different places by purchasing a flight ticket in advance.

With a green passport, you can easily fly to countries that require a visa without a visa. In order to have a green passport, certain conditions must be met and fulfilled. Because in order to get this passport, you must meet some basic criteria. This passport can be issued to first, second and third degree civil servants serving on behalf of the state, mayors, people working in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, businessmen who have completed a certain export amount, and lawyers who have met certain conditions. Apart from this, teachers in the first, second and third degree positions may also have the right to receive a green passport.

When Do Teachers Get a Green Passport?

Green, in other words, special passport, is a privileged type of passport given by the state to people who are Turkish citizens and meet certain conditions. There are many people who love to see and explore different places. Passport has a special importance for these people. The same applies to our valuable teachers. Teachers also have the right to obtain a special passport. Of course, in order to fully obtain this right, they must meet certain conditions. Teachers serving within the scope of the state can obtain a green passport when they reach a certain level in their duties. For this, the first requirement is that they have worked in their current position for at least three years. In fact, this stage and degree calculation is made depending on the following criteria;

• Each degree for teachers is equal to 3 years.

• Each level of teachers is calculated based on one year of duty.

In this context, teachers who provide first, second and third degree service have the right to obtain a special passport. So, to give an example, people who have worked as teachers for an average of 15 years and have these degrees can get this passport by applying.

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Where Do Teachers Apply for a Green Passport?

Passport is known as an identity document that is very important for international travel. Each passport has some unique features and advantages. Green passport is also known as one of these important passports. Passports are required not only for international air travel but also for international bus travel. Therefore, if you have plans to travel outside the country and will carry out this plan by bus, we recommend that you thoroughly learn what is required when purchasing an international bus ticket. While some countries require only a passport, some countries may require both a visa and a passport. Those who have a green passport have the right to travel to visa-free regions without a visa. Teachers can also obtain this passport since they are classified as civil servants. The place where teachers must apply to obtain a green passport is the provincial civil registry offices. You can apply in person or online.

What are the Green Passport Application Documents for Teachers?

In order to have a green passport, it is sufficient to meet certain conditions. After these conditions are met, an application must be made to the relevant institutions. The documents required for this are as follows:

• T.R. original ID card

• Special passport request letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

• Passport request form approved by the District National Education Directorate (in 2 copies)

• Service schedule approved by the District National Education Directorate or School Directorate

• Four biometric photographs

Can a Retired Teacher Get a Green Passport?

It is very important that some conditions are met in order to obtain a green passport. If the conditions are met, a passport application can be made. Teachers also have the right to receive a green, or special, passport when they meet certain conditions. Likewise, retired teachers also have the right to receive a green passport. To do this, they must have completed a certain term of office and have a pension proving that they are retired. If the conditions are deemed appropriate, retired teachers can also be contacted by the relevant institution. You can obtain this advantageous passport type by applying to. 

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