How to Get a Passport for Ages 0-6? 2024 Fees

April 4, 2024
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There are many travelers who love to go abroad and see new places. Foreign trips are usually accompanied by a pleasant flight by purchasing a flight ticket. Some travelers prefer land transportation by purchasing a bus ticket instead of floating through the clouds. In order to travel abroad, you must first have a document called a passport. Since the passport is a kind of identity document, you have no chance of passing through the border gate without this document. On the other hand, the passport issue is of particular importance for families with children. At this point, we may encounter the issue of how to obtain a passport for 0-6 year olds. Because passports are required for babies as well as adults. Even though they are described as babies, they are individuals, so it is important for them to have a passport when going abroad. In this article, we will talk about how you can get a passport for babies and children between the ages of 0-6.

Since it is not possible to enter any country without having a passport, you must apply for a passport beforehand. Even if you already have a passport and it is about to expire, it is important to renew it. This passport issue, which is valid for you, is also valid for your children. Regardless of whether it is a baby or a child, it is mandatory for every individual to have a passport, which replaces an identity document, when going abroad. You may have plans to go abroad with your baby for a trip or holiday. To do this, you must first obtain a passport for your baby and prepare all the documents required for the application. One of the biggest mistakes made when planning a trip abroad is to buy a flight ticket, decide on the day, and then apply for a passport. However, in some cases, some undesirable disruptions may occur in passport procedures. Therefore, we recommend that you complete the passport procedures for your baby before making your holiday plan.

What is a Baby Passport?

In order for babies and children between the ages of 0-6 to go abroad, they must have a passport type called a baby passport. With this passport, also called a child passport, all babies and children can travel out of the country with their parents. Don't be fooled by the name of this passport being a baby passport. Because the application procedures and processes continue in the same way for this type of passport as for adults. The official travel document that contains and proves the citizenship information of a child or a baby is defined as a baby passport. In other words, with this passport, the identity of the baby or child is officially confirmed.

How to Get a 0-6 Age Passport?

0-6 age passport is also known as both baby and child passport. It is not possible to go on trips abroad without a passport. In order to obtain this passport, an application must be made beforehand. At this point, the baby's legal guardians or parents come into play. In other words, the baby's passport application is made by their families. At this point, families need to go to the civil registry offices serving the region where they live. Of course, you can make an appointment online before going directly. After you create your appointment, there is one more step you need to take. This step is to pay the fee for the passport. You can deposit this fee online to the Revenue Administration without going to an institution. The important point here is that you complete your passport procedures before purchasing your flight ticket. In order to avoid any negative situations later, we recommend that you complete the passport procedures for both yourself and your baby. Additionally, if you want to travel by bus, you can also buy a cheap bus ticket.

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What are the documents required for a passport for 0-6 year olds?

The most important document needed when traveling abroad is undoubtedly a passport. That's why you should not skip some critical points before buying a bus ticket or plane ticket. These critical points include applying for a passport before adjusting your travel plan. This issue is also important for babies and children between the ages of 0-6. For babies within this age range, their legal guardians or families must apply for a passport before traveling abroad. At this point, it is of great importance which documents are required for the application. The documents required for a passport for ages 0-6 are generally as follows:

• Two biometric photographs of the baby

• Mother's identity card or temporary ID card

• Father's identity card or temporary ID card

• Baby's birth certificate or temporary ID card

• Receipt showing that the book and fees paid for the passport have been paid before the passport application.

• If your baby already has an old passport, this document  It is important that you bring it with you when applying.

2024 Fees for 0-6 Years Passport

Those in the 0-6 age group fall into the baby and child category. Therefore, families of people in this age group must apply to obtain a passport. There may be differences in the bookkeeping and fees paid for the passport every year. At this point, parents may be curious about 2024 fees. The fee to be paid for a six-month passport document is 1,639.30 lira, and the fee to be paid for a 1-year passport document is 2,396 lira and 60 kuruş. While the fee to be paid for a 2-year passport document is 3,912 lira and 60 kuruş, the fee to be paid for a 3-year passport document is 5,558 lira and 30 kuruş. The amount to be paid for passport documents valid for more than 3 years is 7,833 lira. Book fees are determined as 790 TL, regardless of adult and baby. As we end our article here, if you have any travel plans, you can make your bus ticket transactions in advance and benefit from affordable ticket prices.

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