Must-See Bays in Bodrum

Dec. 31, 2023
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Bodrum is one of the most popular districts of Muğla province, located in the Aegean Region of our country. Bodrum, one of the first stops that come to mind when it comes to holiday in the Aegean, is among the frequent destinations of both foreign and domestic tourists. The district, which is considered the pearl of our Muğla city, is one of the places preferred by many famous people for their holidays. The district, which is quite crowded especially in the summer season, also attracts attention with its historical and natural beauty areas. In addition to its deep blue sea, stunning beaches, it also has bays that stand out with their unique views. For those planning a Bodrum holiday, the issue of transportation is very important. Especially in Istanbul; There is easy transportation to this district from many regions such as Ankara and Izmir.

Among the transportation options to Bodrum, the first place is undoubtedly transportation by private vehicle. If you have a personal car and plan to come by car, you can reach the district comfortably via navigation. For those who do not want to come with their own car or do not have a car, there is an intercity bus option. For this, you can research the bus companies that organize services from your location to Bodrum Bus Terminal. You can then buy a bus ticket by choosing among these companies. After reaching the bus terminal, you can choose city buses or take a taxi to go to the center. Holidaymakers planning to come from Datça can use sea transportation if they wish. There are regular ferry services between Datça and Bodrum.

You may encounter these trips more frequently, especially during the summer. The last option for transportation to the district is by air. This option is especially ideal for those who want to shorten their travel time. You can buy a flight ticket by choosing among the companies that organize flights to Bodrum Milas Airport from your region and reach the district in a short time. Travel time and ticket prices vary depending on the departure point. When you come to Bodrum, there are many bays that you should not leave without seeing. Among the bays worth seeing in Bodrum are Kargıcak Bay, Göltürkbükü Cennet Bay, Akyarlar Karaincir Bay, Bağla Bay, Lasos Bay, Aspat Bay and Güvercinlik Bay. If you wish, let's start listing the features of the most popular bays of the district without further ado;

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Kargicak Bay

Among the must-see bays in Bodrum, Kargıcak Bay, located between Kara Burun and Pabuç Burnu and standing out with its unique view, comes first.

The bay is especially preferred by those who want to get away from the city noise and spend a quiet day. This bay, covered with lush green areas, also stands out with its deep blue sea. You can rest your mind, enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio and have pleasant hours in this bay, which stands out with its calm nature and peaceful atmosphere.

Göltürkbükü Paradise Bay

When you come to Bodrum, we recommend that your next stop is Göltürkbükü Cennet Bay, which stands out with its calm structure like the previous bay.

As it is known, Bodrum is a district that is so crowded that even if a needle were thrown in the summer, it would not fall to the ground. If you want to get away from the crowd and have a secluded summer holiday, you can choose this bay. You can spend peaceful times in this bay, which stands out with its crystal clear sea and fine sand beach. In addition, if you are hungry, there are cafes around the bay where you can go to eat and drink.

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Akyarlar Karaincir Bay

Another bay you should visit during your Bodrum holiday is Akyarlar Karaincir Bay. Located in the southern part of the district, this bay has a calm atmosphere like the previous bays.

The sea of this bay is very clear and the coastline is completely covered with fine sand. It is also ideal for families with children since the sea is shallow. In addition, one of the most important features of this bay is that it also has a public beach. If you wish, you can swim at the public beach and use the umbrellas at no charge. In addition, there are also paid beaches in this bay.

Bagla Bay

Another bay among the must-see bays in Bodrum is Bağla Bay. Located approximately 15 kilometers from the town center, this bay stands out with its calm structure and lush nature.

You can spend extremely peaceful hours in this bay, which is among the frequent destinations of both local and foreign tourists. Additionally, if you are interested in diving or are a die-hard diving enthusiast, we can easily say that this bay is just for you.

Lasos Bay

Lasos Bay is a region that stands out with its natural beauties and historical buildings. Located at the extreme end of Güllük Bay, this bay is also known as Kıyıkışlacık.

The area around the bay is completely covered with pine trees. The sea is very clean and clear. Eat when you come here You can swim in the sea, sunbathe a lot and have a wonderful holiday in the company of green nature. You can also visit the ancient city nearby while you are at the bay and have a pleasant time in terms of history.

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Aspat Bay

Aspat Bay, located in the Karaincir region of Bodrum, is one of the bays that attracts attention with both its natural beauties and cultural riches.

In this bay there is a Venetian Castle dating from the fifteenth century. You can discover historical beauties while enjoying the sea and the sun in the bay, which stands out with its deep blue sea, white sandy beach and cultural structure.

Guvercinlik Bay

The last place on our list of must-see bays in Bodrum is Güvercinlik Bay. We strongly recommend that you visit this bay, which you come across as you come to the town via the Milas-Bodrum Highway.

This bay, which has a clean and clear sea, is completely surrounded by trees. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun to your heart's content in this bay, which is among the frequent destinations of nature lovers. It is also possible to see many fish restaurants along the beach. If you get hungry after enjoying the sea, you can taste fresh fish at one of these fishmongers.

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