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March 12, 2024
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Afşin is a district of the city of Kahramanmaraş, located in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Afşin district is a region that attracts attention especially with its cultural richness. It is possible to go on a pleasant historical journey in this district, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history. The most frequently preferred transportation option to reach Afşin is the road. While you can easily arrive by private vehicle, you can also travel by intercity buses by purchasing a bus ticket. Travelers who want to come from further afield can buy a flight ticket and choose air transportation. The district is located approximately 143 kilometers from Kahramanmaraş city center. If we need to give information about places to visit in Afşin, the most important points of this district are the historical places. When you come to the district, you will be greeted by many different historical buildings, from castles to mosques, from tombs to rocks. In addition to historical buildings, there is also a natural beauty area that stands out with its lush green nature.

Transportation information is an extremely important issue for travelers planning a trip to Afşin district. While you can choose to reach Afşin by road, you can also consider the alternative of transportation by air. However, we would like to point out that when traveling by air, you must first arrive at the city. To do this, it is enough to choose one of the companies that organize flights from your location to Kahramanmaraş Airport, which is approximately 9 kilometers away from the city center, and buy a flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can easily move to the district by taking other means of transportation. Travelers who plan to come with their own vehicle can use the navigation system to reach the district through the directions provided by the system. Another transportation alternative is the intercity bus line. By the way, you may also wonder about ticket prices. Since ticket prices may vary from season to season, it would be better to contact the airline or bus company you choose and get price information.

Travelers who plan to come by bus can travel by purchasing a cheap bus ticket. There is already a bus terminal in Afşin district. However, there are no direct services to this bus terminal. Therefore, if you wish, you can first come to the bus terminal serving in Kahramanmaraş, and from there you can reach the district by public transportation. You can also benefit from private car rental services or consider the taxi option. There are many places you can visit in Afşin district, formerly known as Efsus. These places include Dedebaba Tomb, Eshabi Keyf Complex, Ulu Mosque, Hurman Castle, Afşin Rabia Park and Kız Oğlan Rock. If you do not know where to start your trip when you come to the district, you can benefit from this article. So, without further ado, let's start taking a look at the important points on our list of places to visit in Afşin, one by one.

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Tomb of Dedebaba

When you come to Afşin, one of the historically important districts of Kahramanmaraş, Dedebaba Tomb is one of the first places you should visit.

This tomb, which reveals the features of Seljuk architecture, is also among the most important structures of the district in terms of religious tourism. Located on Atatürk Street, this shrine is visited throughout the year by both locals and tourists with the intention of healing. You can visit this building built in the name of Dedebaba and pray a lot.

Eshabi Keyf Social Complex

Another important structure of the district is the Eshabi Keyf Social Complex, which is also seen as sacred and is located approximately 8 kilometers from the district center.

Located on a high hill, this structure consists of ribat, mosque and caravanserai sections. Apart from these sections, you can also come across other small buildings. When you visit this social complex built by the Seljuks in the 13th century, you will also see the Eshabi Keyf Cave.

If you plan to visit such important tourist spots, we recommend that you purchase bus tickets in advance.

Grand Mosque

The next destination on our list of places to visit in Afşin is the Ulu Mosque, located in the town center and used as a place of worship since the day it was built.

We recommend that you take a close look at this historical building, which was built by Pir Ali's son Muhammed Khan in 1571. Additionally, those coming from distant provinces can consider the option of transportation by air by purchasing a flight ticket. Various campaigns are held on ticket prices from time to time. We would like to remind you of this important information.

Hurman Castle

Hurman Castle is one of the important historical buildings located in Morabız Village of the district and attracts attention with its appearance.

When the architectural structure of the castle is examined, it is estimated that it dates from Roman times. There is no information about who and when the building was built. is not subordinated. When you enter the castle, you will be greeted by a church, military shelters, food and water tanks. When you visit the area where the castle is located, you can also see the Hurman Stream, which is right next to it and has the same name as the castle.

Afşin Rabia Park

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Afşin district has a historically important place. We would like to say that you will have a more cultural trip when you come here.

On the other hand, we recommend that you do not worry that there is no place where you can stay in touch with nature. Because there is a place here known as Afşin Rabia Park, which stands out with its lush green areas. There are also areas where you can sit. There are also playgrounds for families with children where children can enjoy them. You can have as much fun as the children in the park and relax under the shade of the trees.

Girl Boy Rock

The last sightseeing point on our list of places to visit in Afşin is Kız Boylan Kayası, also known as the Rock Relief.

Located on a steep rock, the point where this rock is located is approximately 35 kilometers away from the town center. This rock, located close to the Kaşanlı Village of the district, is among the important examples of Byzantine art. The most striking part of the rock is the reliefs of Mary, Jesus and St. Johannes on it.

While concluding our list of places to visit in Afşin here, we would like to point out again that you can buy a plane ticket or bus ticket to reach the region.

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