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Nov. 10, 2023
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Altınözü is one of the touristic districts of Hatay province, which is located in the Mediterranean part of our country and is located between Syria and the Mediterranean. The district attracts attention with both historical places and natural beauty areas. Many local and foreign tourists come to the district for sightseeing throughout the year. There are many options for transportation to the district, which is approximately 23 kilometres away from Hatay city centre. One of these options is transportation by private car, while another is intercity buses. It is also possible to come to the region by travelling by plane.

The only alternative for transportation by air is Hatay Airport. After arriving here, you can use public transport or taxi services, or you can rent a private car to reach the district. It takes an average of one hour between the airport and the district. If you are coming from the cities located around and near Hatay, you can also choose sea transportation. Since the district has no seaside, the best option is Iskenderun Port. After arriving at the port, you can easily go to the district by choosing one of the other transport alternatives.

Altınözü district is especially famous for its olive variety called Halhal. In addition, fruits such as pomegranate and figs are also appreciated by many visitors. Altınözü is a region that stands out especially with its historical places in terms of places to visit.  Koz Castle, Tokaçlı Olive Museum, Brides Mountain, Zikir Lake, Maria Ana Greek Church and Altınözü Glass Terrace are among the most popular places to visit in the district. If you have no idea where to visit before coming to the region, you can benefit from this article. If you wish, let's start to examine the prominent tourist attractions of this district, which is one of the places that can be visited in four seasons.

Koz Castle

When you come to Altınözü, one of the favourite districts of Hatay, the first place you should see is Koz Castle. This important historical building in Koz Castle Village, which bears the same name as the castle, is located on a high hill.  

You can come to this castle, which has a long history, with your private car or if you do not have a private car, you can come by public transport. Unfortunately, a large part of this castle, which is estimated to have been built during the Principality of Antakya, is ruined. However, it is still worth seeing as it is one of the most important historical buildings of the district. This historical building, also known as Kürşat Castle, was built to ensure security. We recommend you to see this castle, which is visited by many tourists, up close. 

Tokachli Olive Museum

Our next route in our list of places to visit in Altınözü is Tokaçlı Olive Museum. As the name suggests, the museum sheds light on the deep-rooted history of olives. You can easily reach the museum located in Tokaçlı Neighbourhood of the district by car or public transport.

In this important structure, which is frequently visited by those who like to visit historical museums, the historical adventure of the olive tree is told using visuals. It is possible to access many important historical information not only about olives but also about olive oil. We strongly recommend you to visit this valuable place, which is the first olive museum in the region.

Brides Mountain

Gelinler Mountain, which has an important touristic place in the region, is located between Koz Castle, Kamberli, Akamber and Yunushan villages. 

In the region where this mountain is located, you can come across both historical buildings and natural beauties and take plenty of photos. Rock tombs welcome you at your first entrance to the region. There are also caves and fairy chimneys with various views. It was also used as a settlement in Byzantine and Roman times. You can visit this mountain, which is a blessing for history lovers, at any time of the day and have a pleasant historical journey. 

Lake Zikir

Although the district stands out with its historical buildings, it also contains natural beauties worth seeing. One of these natural beauties is Lake Zikir, located only 5 kilometres from the district centre.

This lake, which is among the frequent destinations of millions of local and foreign tourists, was formed as a result of spring water coming out from under a mill in the region. Although spring and summer are often preferred to visit the lake, it can also be visited in winter or autumn. It is also free to swim in the water of the lake. 

When you visit this lake, which has an enormous beauty, you can take plenty of nature view photos and spend peaceful hours with your loved ones and collect beautiful memories. 

Greek Church of Maria Ana

Our next route in our list of places to visit in Altınözü is Maria Ana Greek Church. This church is located in Tokaçlı Village, which is the only Orthodox village in our country.

On the entrance door of this important historical building built in ancient times, the ten commandments mentioned in the Old Testament were written. However, as a result of the earthquake in February, which caused many of our lives to be lost, only the bell tower remains from this church. When you come to the district, you can visit the area where this church is located, examine the historical ruins of the church and see the bell tower closely. 

Altinozu Glass Terrace

Altınözü Glass Terrace is a must-see place before ending your trip to the district. Located in the district centre, this terrace is also known as the only glass terrace in Hatay.

Located on the 15 July National Will Park White Stream Valley in the district centre, this glass terrace is approximately 16 meters in length. When you go up to this terrace, which is approximately 75 metres high, a magnificent view of nature awaits you. It should also be noted that you have to pay a certain fee at the entrance to get on the terrace. 

During your visit to the glass terrace, you can go to the cafes located just below the terrace and have something to eat and drink. It is also a very suitable place for families with children. There are many pleasant activity options for children in the region, from playgrounds to swings. You can have a pleasant time with your family and loved ones, sip your tea or coffee and watch the magnificent view. 

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