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Nov. 12, 2023
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Andırın is a district of the city of Kahramanmaraş, located in the Mediterranean Region of our country. Located approximately 70 kilometers away from the center of Kahramanmaraş, the district stands out with its lush nature. Many local and foreign tourists come to the district for holiday purposes, especially in the spring and summer months, and spend peaceful days. Andırın district is truly one of the spots preferred by those who want to be out of sight and get away from the city crowds. There are many options for transportation to the district, which has an average population of thirty-five thousand.

Those who want to come to the district from Kahramanmaraş can choose their private vehicles or benefit from public transportation such as buses and minibuses. Visitors coming from outside the city, especially by road; You can choose air or rail. It is possible to easily reach every point of our country with your private vehicle. Likewise, you can come to the city by intercity buses, and after arriving, you can go to the district by using public transportation or taxi services.

When traveling by air, your destination must be the airport known as Kahramanmaraş International Airport, which is located only 5 kilometers away from the center of Kahramanmaraş. After landing here, you can easily reach the district by public transportation or by taking a taxi. As for the rail transportation option, train services are organized to the region from major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. It is an ideal transportation alternative for those who want to travel by train. After arriving in the city, you can reach the district by public transportation or use taxi services.

Since Andırın district is a touristic region that stands out with its lush green nature, it is home to many natural beauty areas. However, although this district attracts attention with its natural beauties, it is actually a region that stands out with its historical structures. That's why we mainly include historical buildings in our list of places to visit in Andir. Among the most popular places to see in the district are Meryemçil Castle, Andırın Springs, Yeniköy Castle and Hastırın Castle. If you are confused about where to visit when you come to the district, you can benefit from this article.

Meryemçil Castle

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The first stop on our list of places to visit in Andır is Meryemçil Castle, located on the Geben and Göksun road. This historical castle, located approximately 3 kilometers from the Geben District of the district, has an important value in terms of cultural tourism.

There is no clear information about when and by whom the castle, located on a high hill, was built. It is estimated that the castle, which consists of two parts: inner and outer, was used in both Byzantine and Roman times. The most striking part of the castle, where lime, rubble and cut stone were used in its construction, are the water cisterns located inside. It is a must-see building for those interested in history. This castle, also known as Geben Castle, also has a legendary theme. When you visit the region, you can listen to the legend from the people living there and go on a pleasant historical journey by visualizing the legend in your mind.

Andırın Plateaus

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Andırın district has many plateaus that attract attention with their lush green nature and provide plenty of oxygen to those who come with their clean air. Therefore, it has great importance in terms of plateau tourism.

Since there are so many plateaus in the district, unfortunately it is not possible to describe them all one by one. However, if we were to mention the names of the plateaus that you should definitely see when you come to the district, these are; Çokak, Meryemçil, Orhaniye, Kurucaova, Akifiye, Halbur, Yeşiltepe, Kümbetir and Kırksu plateaus. When you visit these springs, you can take photos of nature views, sit in the shade of the surrounding trees and breathe in plenty of fresh air. We recommend that those who want to spend quiet and peaceful hours visit these springs.

Yeniköy Castle

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Yeniköy Castle is next on our list of places to visit in Andırın. This important historical structure, also known as Azgıt Castle, is located in the Alameşe District of the district.

There is no information about when and by whom the castle was built. However, it is thought that this castle was used during Byzantine and Roman times. Only the wall sections of the castle, which is located on a steep rock, have survived to the present day intact.

Hastırın Castle

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Another important historical building you should visit in the district is Hastırın Castle. This castle, located in the Torun District of the district, has not managed to survive to the present day in all its parts, just like other castles.

When you visit the castle, you can see the two gates and two bastions of the building. There is no clear information about when and by whom this castle was built. When the architecture and ruins of the castle are examined, it is estimated that this historical structure is a Hittite castle. It is also thought to be a castle from Byzantine times.

After completing your list of places to visit in Andırın, you can also visit Sarımsak Mountain and explore the different types of trees in the region. There are also many different activities you can do in the district. Since the district has a land structure, it is very suitable for various nature sports. You can go trekking in the region, tour with a mountain bike, do archery, and have a pleasant camping experience by pitching a tent with your loved ones.

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