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Nov. 12, 2023
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Ayaş is a district of the city of Ankara, located in the central part of the Central Anatolia Region of our country. Ayaş, one of the popular districts of Ankara, stands out especially with its historical mosques and healing thermal spring waters. It is possible to come across traces of many different civilizations, from the Hittites to the Romans, from the Seljuks to the Byzantines, in the district, which has a deep-rooted historical past. Located approximately 60 kilometers away from Ankara city center, the district has historical buildings as well as places where you can spend time in touch with nature. The district is mostly preferred for weekend holidays and day trips.

To Ayaş district; It is possible to easily come with your private car from every point of our country, especially big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. You can also benefit from navigation services for road information and easier transportation. Another option for transportation to the district is intercity buses. However, since there is no terminal in the district center, you must first come to Ankara. After arriving in the city, you can take the connecting buses to the district or choose shuttle services. For those who want to come to the district from more distant locations, the most convenient transportation alternative is air.

For this, you must first arrive at the airport in Ankara. After arriving at the airport, you can take the buses to the bus terminal and then use public transportation to reach the district. You can also travel by train from many points of our country with the Izmir Blue Train Line or Ankara Express. Asartepe Dam is at the top of our list of places to visit in Ayaş. Then, Karakaya Thermal Springs, Yeşil Karadere Vineyards, Ulu Mosque, Historical Pasha Bath, Killik Mosque, Yağmur Dede Tomb and Bünyamin Ayaşi Mosque are among the popular places of the district. You can add these places when creating your travel route and have a wonderful trip.

Asartepe Dam

Located in the Çanıllı district of the district, Asartepe Dam offers pleasant moments to its visitors with its magnificent natural beauties.

The area around the dam is completely covered with lush green areas. The view of the dam is quite magnificent. If you want to escape from the city noise and have a quiet day, you can come here. You can have a picnic with your family or friends and go for a nature walk in the green areas around the dam. If you want to stay here, you can also set up a tent and camp.

Karakaya Thermal Springs

The second stop on our list of places to visit in Ayaş is Karakaya Thermal Springs, which stands out with its healing water. The fastest way to reach the hot springs located in İçmeler District of the district is to go by private car. However, if you do not have a private car, you can also reach there by bus, which operates from time to time.

It has been proven and registered that thermal spring waters are good for many ailments. Many local and foreign tourists from outside the city often come to the region to benefit from the healing benefits of these hot springs. It is stated that it is effective in curing many different diseases, from rheumatism to neurological disorders, from respiratory problems to kidney problems. You can also find healing by visiting these hot springs and bathe in the hot spring water if you wish.

Yesil Karadere Vineyards

If you want to spend peaceful times surrounded by nature when you come to the district, you can visit Yeşil Karadere Vineyards located in the district center.

Located by a small stream, these vineyards also host a magnificent garden. There are also many mulberry trees in this region, which is flooded with visitors especially in the spring and summer. If you like mulberry food, you should definitely stop by here. You can eat mulberries from their branches and have a picnic among the greenery by the stream.

Grand Mosque

Another place you should visit in Ayaş district, which stands out with its historical mosques, is the Ulu Mosque. Located in the Camiatik District of the district, this mosque is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism.

Crushed stone was used in the roof section of the mosque, where rubble stones were used during the construction phase. No source can be cited as to when and by whom this historical building was built. The most eye-catching part of the mosque is the pulpit made using the kundekari technique.

Historical Pasha Bath

After you finish your visit to the Ulu Mosque, we recommend you to visit the Historical Pasha Bath, located right next to it.

This historical building, dating from the Seljuk period, has a rectangular appearance. There are heating, warming and changing room sections within the building. Since there is no inscription, there is no clear information about who made it.

As a result of the renovation works carried out by the municipality, it currently serves as a museum. Even though it is a museum, it has not lost any of its historical texture. When you come here, you can visit the museum and examine the bath sections.


Killik Mosque

Another important stop on our list of places to visit in Ayaş is Killik Mosque located in the town center. It is one of the important historical buildings that you should definitely see closely when you come to the district.

The minaret of this historical building, which was built by Veli Bin Hızır in 1560, is especially worth seeing. The minaret is quite remarkable because it was made using wooden materials.

Tomb of Yağmur Dede

We think it is impossible to come to Ayaş and not make a wish. This tomb, located in Yağmurdede Village, which has the same name as the tomb of the district, is very important in terms of religious tourism.

This tomb belongs to an important person named Yağmur Dede, who once lived in the region and later passed away. When people living in the region came here and prayed for rain, it was raining. During your visit to the tomb, you can pray a lot and make wishes.

Bünyamin Ayaşi Mosque

Bünyamin Ayaşi Mosque, located in the Devrişimam District of the district, was awarded the title of first degree monument in 1981.

This building, one of the historical mosques from the Seljuk period, was built in rectangular form and using masonry stone. During your visit to the mosque, you may be amazed when you see the decorations on the poles made of wooden material in the interior.

Additionally, in the garden part of the building, there is the tomb of Bünyamin Ayaşi, who gave the mosque its name. You can also visit this tomb after visiting the inside of the mosque. We recommend that you add this mosque, one of the important historical stops of the district, to your list of places to visit in Ayaş.

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