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March 15, 2024
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Çameli is a district of Denizli province, located between the Mediterranean Region and the Aegean Region of our country. Çameli district, located in the southernmost part of the city, is a region famous for its Elmalı cloth, rugs and beans. Since the area around this district is completely covered with pine trees, its name is Çameli. There are many different means of transportation to the district, which is approximately 107 kilometers away from Denizli city center. Since there is already a bus terminal serving in the district, you can travel by bus by purchasing a bus ticket, while those coming from more distant regions can purchase a flight ticket, reach Denizli by air first, and then pass on to the district. The district, which borders Muğla, is located close to Fethiye and hosts many visitors from these regions. When it comes to places to visit in Çameli, many historical buildings and natural beauty areas come to mind.

We think we should give more detailed information about transportation before moving on to the places you should visit and see in the district. Those who plan to come to Çameli district from Denizli city center and surrounding provinces can use public transportation. Apart from this, it is possible to easily reach from every point of our country with your private vehicle. For those considering the bus option, the only thing they need to do is to choose one of the bus companies that operate from their location to the bus terminal in the district and buy a bus ticket. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take public transportation to the town center. Travel lovers who plan to come from more distant provinces can consider the air transportation option. From your location, you can search for companies that organize flights to the airport in Denizli and buy an affordable flight ticket.

After landing at the airport, you can go to the city center by shuttles and then to the district by public transportation. If you want to reach it faster, you can also take a taxi. Çameli appears as a district rich in terms of places to visit. The best time to visit the district is spring or late spring. Because the summer season is quite hot, you may feel overwhelmed. In addition, it is quite crowded during the summer season as many tourists flock to it. Among the spots you must see when you come to Çameli are Paşa Stream Recreation Area, Kibyra Ancient City, Emecik Canyon, Yörük Lodge, Girdev Plateau, Tlos Ancient City and Kız Tüydu. By adding these places to your list of places to visit, you can have an extremely enjoyable travel experience.

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Pasha Creek Recreation Area

As the name of the district suggests, it is a region surrounded by pine trees. Therefore, when you come here, it is possible to have a picnic accompanied by lush green nature.

When you come to Çameli, the first place you should visit is Paşa Creek Recreation Area. A wonderful stream welcomes you in this picnic area located in the town center. You can have a picnic with your family or loved ones against the current of the stream, go for a walk and take photos with nature views.

Kibyra Ancient City

The next destination on our list of places to visit in Çameli is Kibyra Ancient City. This ancient city, located at an average distance of 23 kilometers from the district, has great importance in terms of cultural tourism.

Many local and foreign tourists from outside the city come to this ancient city, also known as the Lycian Region, throughout the year. When you enter the ancient city, you can closely see many historical ruins from the Roman and Hellenistic times.

In addition, cultural tours are frequently organized here. These tours are generally organized from regions such as Muğla and Marmaris. If you want to come from these regions by bus, you can buy a bus ticket.

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Emecik Canyon

Covering an area of three kilometers between the Mediterranean and the Aegean Region, this canyon offers a visual feast to its visitors.

The view of the canyon is quite beautiful. It is possible to capture wonderful photographs here. Additionally, when you go towards the end of the canyon, you can see a waterfall that covers an area larger than the canyon and amazes those who see it with its view.

There is also Sazak Cave in this canyon, also known as Sazak Canyon. We recommend that you take a close look at the eye-catching stalagmites and stalactites inside this cave.

Nomad Seat

There are multiple areas where you can have a picnic in Çameli district. Yörük Oturağı is also among these areas.

Located only five kilometers away from the district, this region is a preferred spot especially by those who want to get away from the city chaos. In this region, which stands out with its untouched nature, you can have a picnic by lighting a barbecue, go on a nature walk, breathe in the fresh air, and spend peaceful hours.

Travelers who want to come to Çameli district from remote areas can buy a flight ticket and choose transportation by air.

Girdev Plateau

Girdev Plateau, which hosts many tourists, especially local people, with its unique nature, is located in the southern part of the district.

When you come to Girdev Plateau, it is possible to encounter many different bird species. Because there is Girdev Lake, which stands out with its wonderful view and has the same name as the plateau. Many birds come around the lake every year. That's why you also have the opportunity to do bird watching here.

Tlos Ancient City

The next destination on our list of places to visit in Çameli is the Ancient City of Tlos, which attracts attention with its historical texture.

You can see and closely examine many different historical buildings in this ancient city located in the southwestern part of the district. One of the most striking structures here are the stone buildings. These stone buildings reflect important historical traces from the time of the ancient city. If you like visiting historical buildings, we recommend that you add this place to your travel list.

We also recommend that visitors who plan to come to the district purchase bus tickets or plane tickets months in advance. Many airline and bus companies offer special discounts on tickets at certain periods. It is important to follow the ticket sites to benefit from these discounts.

The girl was a feather

This region, located between Kirazlı Plateau and Karabayır District of the district, has a very interesting story.

According to a rumor, a very beautiful young girl lived in this region. One day, this young girl was tried to be kidnapped by bandits. While running away to avoid being caught by these people, she threw herself into the stream in this area and no trace of the young girl was ever found again. That's why the name of this region was Kız Tüydu. You can also hear the details of this story from the local people when you visit here.

Photo: Çameli Municipality

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