Places to Visit in Canova

July 8, 2024
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Canova is a village that stands out with its natural beauties in the Zara district of our Sivas province, located in the eastern part of Central Anatolia of our country. When you come to Canova, you have the chance to see many lakes that stand out with their untouched nature. In this village, which is one of the spots frequently visited by nature lovers, you can have a wonderful holiday away from sight and rest your mind. When it comes to places to visit in Canova, the first places that come to mind are the lakes that fascinate visitors with their magnificent views. You can reach Canova by road by purchasing a bus ticket, or you can also travel by plane by purchasing a flight ticket. You can also come here by train from cities such as Istanbul, Kayseri and Ankara.

If you are undecided about places to visit in Canova, you can benefit from this article and create your travel list. However, before touching on this issue, we would like to give information about how you can come to the region. Since Canova is a village in the Zara district of Sivas, the first point you need to reach is the city of Sivas. Apart from private vehicles and buses, there are also options such as planes and trains for transportation to Sivas. You can reach every point in Turkey with your private vehicle by getting help from navigation. Visitors who plan to come by intercity bus can look at the companies that organize bus services to Sivas Bus Terminal in the Yenişehir district of Sivas and buy an affordable bus ticket.

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After arriving at the bus terminal, you can go to Zara district and then to Canova by other means of transportation. Visitors who prefer to travel by plane can look at the airline companies operating flights to Sivas Nuri Demirbağ Airport and choose among them to buy an affordable flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can take the buses to the city center, then go to Zara district and from there to Canova. Natural beauties that you should not leave without seeing when you come to Canova include Kızılçan Lake, Karagöl, Ağgöl, Sülük Lake, Tödürge Lake and Dipsiz Lake and Waterfall. You can add these highlights to your travel list to have a pleasant holiday in touch with nature, accompanied by wonderful lake views. If you wish, let's start explaining the features of these places full of natural beauty without beating around the bush!

Kizilcan Lake

The first route on our list of places to visit in Canova is Kızılçan Lake, which allows you to spend peaceful hours accompanied by a wonderful lake view.

The bird's eye view of this lake attracts attention. Because when viewed from above, it resembles an evil eye bead. Because of its resemblance to the evil eye bead, it is called the evil eye bead of the region. Located just two kilometers away from Canova village centre, this lake also appears as a volcanic lake.

The depth of the lake is thought to be approximately 50 meters on average. The color of the lake changes to different colors in the sun. In addition, local people who are overwhelmed by the heat in the summer can cool off by swimming in the water of this lake. When you visit the area where this lake is located, you can take lots of photos with lake views and even take photos by positioning yourself against the lake.

Black Lake

Another lake you can explore by purchasing a Canova flight ticket is Karagöl. This place is located at an average distance of 1.5 kilometers from Canova center.

This lake, like the lake we described before, has a different and interesting appearance. The lake resembles an eye from a distance. The surroundings of the lake are completely covered with trees. Here you can enjoy nature to the fullest, take a breath under the shade of the trees overlooking the lake view, and spend peaceful hours alone with nature. You can also take a walk to explore the natural beauties of the surrounding area and take plenty of photos with nature views.


The next route on our list of places to visit in Canova is Ağgöl, which you can see closely by purchasing a bus ticket.

Located approximately 50 kilometers from the location of Karagöl, this lake has a different atmosphere like other lakes. When viewed from above, this lake resembles an eye, but since Karagöl is nearby, it appears as if it were two eyes. We recommend that you add this lake, which is among the karst doline type lakes, to your travel list.

Leech Lake

While we are in Canova, we think it is impossible not to explore the other natural beauties in Zara district.

Sülüklü Lake, which has a magnificent natural beauty, is also home to Scots pine forests. In this region, which is a complete oxygen tank, you can breathe in plenty of fresh air, breathe forest air, and feel renewed. The name of this lake is leeches because of the leeches found in the lake. These leeches are also known to be healing.

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Tödürge Lake

Things to do in Canova The next stop on our list of places to visit is Lake Tödürge, which you can visit by purchasing a bus ticket.

This is also the largest lake in our city of Sivas. This lake, which contains two islands, is located in the Kızılırmak Basin. Here you can take photos of the wonderful lake view, explore the natural beauties closely and have a picnic with your family. Since there are no facilities, do not forget to bring the necessary materials for the picnic with you.

Dipsiz Lake and Waterfall

Another area where you can have a peaceful picnic with your loved ones with your Canova flight ticket is Dipsiz Lake and Waterfall.

The reason why this lake is called bottomless is because the depth of the lake is not known exactly. In this region, which is home to lush nature, you can have a picnic under the trees and spend a quiet day. Since there is no business where you can meet your eating and drinking needs, we recommend that you bring such supplies with you.

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