Places to Visit in Cumalıkızık

Dec. 26, 2023
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Cumalıkızık is a village in the Yıldırım district of Bursa province, located in the southern part of the Marmara Region of our country. Located on the northern foothills of Uludağ, this village attracts attention with its natural beauties and historical atmosphere. Since it is located close to Istanbul, many visitors flock to the region from this city every year. You can come to this village, which is especially preferred for weekend getaways, in all seasons. While you are greeted by a lush green nature when you come in the summer, you can encounter a magnificent view under the snow when you come in the winter. It is extremely easy to reach this village, which is approximately 11 kilometers away from Bursa city center.

The most ideal transportation alternative for those who want to reach Cumalıkızık Village comfortably and conveniently is to come with their own vehicles. For this, you can benefit from the navigation service and get detailed directions through this service and reach the destination easily. Visitors who do not want to come with their own car or do not have a vehicle can consider the intercity bus option. There are regular bus services to Bursa from every region of our country. You can reach Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal from your current location by choosing one of the companies that operate services and purchasing a bus ticket. The duration of your bus journey and ticket prices may vary depending on your distance to the region.

After arriving at the bus terminal, you can reach the village by city buses or use taxi services. The most frequently preferred transportation alternative for guests coming from Istanbul is transportation by sea. You can come to the city with the ferry services organized by BUDO or İDO, and then reach the Cumalıkızık region. The last option to reach the village is by air. For this, you can consider the companies that provide flights to Bursa Yenişehir Airport, which is located approximately 50 kilometers from Bursa city center. Air transportation options are more suitable, especially for visitors who plan to come from very distant provinces. You can have a pleasant flight by purchasing a flight ticket from your location.

After arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi directly to the village. If you do not want to choose a taxi, you can go to the city center by shuttle vehicles; From here, you can reach Cumalıkızık Village by using city transportation vehicles. The issue of places to visit in Cumalıkızık is also of great importance for visitors who plan to come to this region. When you come to this village, the first thing you should visit is Cumalıkızık Streets, which are full of history. Afterwards, you can visit Cumalıkızık Mosque and Bath, Küpeli House, Cin Range, Cumalıkızık Museum and Monumental Plane Trees. You can plan your Cumalıkızık trip according to these prominent tourist attractions and have a pleasant trip.

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Cumalıkızık Streets

When you come to Cumakızık Village, known as the popular village of Bursa Yıldırım district, we recommend that your first tour route is its famous streets. Each of these streets tells a different history.

There are cute and beautiful houses on Cumalıkızık Streets. While some of these houses are empty, people still live in some of them. Trees, rubble stones and adobe were used in the construction of these houses. The exterior appearance of these houses, which consist of two or at most three floors, is quite colorful. The streets have no sidewalks and are completely covered with stone paving. While walking around these streets, you can see the houses up close and at the same time have a pleasant historical journey.

Cumalıkızık Mosque and Bath

The second stop on our list of places to visit in Cumalıkızık is Cumalıkızık Mosque and Bath. Since this mosque and bath is located right in the village square, you can reach it on foot.

There is no clear information about when and by whom the mosque was built. However, considering its architectural features, it bears the characteristics of both Ottoman and Seljuk architecture. If you are interested in historical buildings, we definitely recommend you to visit this mosque. Right next to the mosque, you will come across a historical bath that resembles the baths of the Ottoman period.

Earring House

Küpeli House is one of the most important cultural treasures of Cumalıkızık Village. The items in this house are exhibited like a museum. This house, also known as the project implementation house under the leadership of the UNESCO Association, has a deep-rooted history.

If you are wondering what items were used by the people who lived in Cumalıkızık Village in the past years, we definitely recommend you to visit this house. There are many different items from the past period inside the house. The reason why this house has earrings is the earring flowers around it.

Gin Range

Cumalıkızık is a place that should definitely be on your list of places to visit. One of them is Cin Araragi. You may be surprised at first when you hear its name. There is an interesting story behind why his name is called Cin.

According to a rumor, during the War of Independence, soldiers fleeing to avoid being caught by the invaders entered an extremely narrow street. When the invaders came to this street, they could not see the soldiers. This situation made us think that the soldiers were kidnapped by demons. That's why this narrow street was named Cin Aralığı.

Cumalıkızık Museum

Since Cumalıkızık Village is one of the regions that smells of history, you can come across many historical places when you come here. One of these places is Cumalıkızık Museum.

When you visit this museum, which is among the frequent destinations of those who love visiting historical museums, you can closely examine the items that reflect the traces of the past lifestyles of the local people and go on a pleasant journey into the history of the village. The museum is open on all days except Mondays. You can find information about visiting hours by contacting the museum.

Monument Plane Trees

Last on our list of places to visit in Cumalıkızık are the Monumental Plane Trees that you see as soon as you enter the village.

These plane trees have a history of at least four hundred years. Although some of the branches of the trees were broken during the winter, they did not lose anything from their magnificent appearance. You can take photos of these trees and watch the surroundings by sitting in the tea garden right under the trees.

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