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March 19, 2024
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Domaniç is a district of the city of Kütahya, located on the Inner Western Anatolia side of the Aegean Region of our country and known as a region famous for its tiles. There are many natural beauty areas and historical buildings in this region, which attracts attention as a touristic district. In addition, the district has great importance in terms of cultural tourism as it witnessed the Ottoman period. Visitors who have a trip plan to Domaniç district can easily reach there by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. Domaniç is located approximately 85 kilometers away from Kütahya city center. Those who will come here with their personal vehicle can get there quickly by getting directions via the navigation system. When it comes to places to visit in Domaniç, there are many different regions that come to mind. We will list the most frequently visited among these regions for you. However, before moving on to our travel list, we would like to give you information about how you can reach the district.

People prefer road or air transportation to Domaniç district. If you do not have a private vehicle or do not want to travel with your private vehicle, you can choose intercity buses. For this, you need to research the bus companies that organize services to Kütahya Bus Terminal. You can buy a bus ticket by choosing among these companies and then set off for a wonderful trip. Since ticket prices will vary depending on the departure point, it is not possible for us to provide clear information on this subject. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take minibuses to the district from here and provide transportation. Another transportation alternative is by air. For this, you should choose Zafer Airport, which serves in the Altıntaş district of Kütahya. You can choose one of the companies that fly to this airport from your location and buy a flight ticket.

After landing at the airport, you can move to the district by using taxi or public transportation. Since a continental climate prevails in Domaniç district, the winter is cold and the summer is both dry and hot. If you have plans to travel to this district, we recommend that you come in the spring or summer. Yes, you can now start creating our list of places to visit in Domaniç. Among the touristic places you should definitely see closely when you come to the district are Aizanoi Ancient City, Domaniç Forests, Hayme Ana Tomb, Ilıcaksu Sarıkız Recreation Area, Mızık Pine and Üç Tepeler Area. You can learn about the prominent features of these places, what you can do in these regions and how you can spend time by reading the rest of our article.

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Aizanoi Ancient City

This ancient city is actually located quite far from the town. The reason why we put this historical building, located in the Çavdarhisar district of Kütahya, at the top of our list is that it is among the places frequented by many tourists.

If your choice of transportation to Domaniç district is by bus, you can visit this ancient city by purchasing a bus ticket and taking public transportation from here when you arrive at the bus station. Because minibuses depart from the bus terminal to this area every 30 minutes. You also have the chance to see the Temple of Zeus closely in the ancient city. Here you can embark on a pleasant journey into the deep-rooted historical past of the region.

Domaniç Forests

After the ancient city, when you move to Domaniç district, if you want to be alone with nature, you can visit Domaniç Forests.

It is possible to come across many different tree species in this region, also known as Ebe Çamlığı Urban Forest. More tourists come to this region, which is among the spots frequently visited by nature lovers, especially in the autumn season.

The main reason for this is that wonderful images emerge as the tree leaves fade in the autumn months. If you have the opportunity, we recommend you come here in the autumn. You can take lots of photos with nature views and spend peaceful hours in a magnificent atmosphere.

Hayme Mother Tomb

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Domaniç is Hayme Ana Tomb, located in Çarşamba Village of the district.

This tomb, which attracts attention in terms of religious tourism, belongs to Hayme Hatun, the wife of Süleyman Şah and also the mother of Ertuğrul Gazi. This tomb, which was built in 1886 during the reign of Abdulhamid II, is visited by many tourists every year.

In addition, commemoration ceremonies for Mother Hayme are held here every year on the first Sunday of September and various events are organized. If you plan your travel and buy your flight ticket on this date, you can also participate.

Ilıcaksu Sarıkız Recreation Area

If you want to have a picnic with your family or friends, you can add Ilıcaksu Sarıkız Recreation Area to your travel list.

This recreation area is approximately 5 kilometers away from the town center. From the town center to this area every 30 minutes public transportation vehicles are moving. This place gets quite crowded, especially on weekends. It is also possible to see a very old plane tree in the area.

You can have a wonderful picnic in this region, go for a nature walk, and relax and sip your tea in the tea gardens around it.

Mızık Pine

Mızık Pine, located within the borders of Domur Village of the district, is one of the regions that you should definitely add to your list of places to visit in Domaniç.

As it is known, the founder of the Ottoman Empire is Osman Gazi. During Osman Gazi's infancy, his cradle was built on a pine tree called Mızık Pine. This pine tree, which is approximately 11 meters tall, has the status of a monumental tree today, as it is already 740 years old. We would like to remind you again that you should not miss the discounted flight ticket opportunities in order to have a smooth trip to Domaniç.

Üç Tepeler Location

Üç Tepeler Mevkii, located within the borders of Domaniç-Bilecik and Bozöyük, respectively, attracts attention with its spring water believed to be healing.

When you come to this region, do not be surprised if you come across local people waiting in line with canisters in their hands to benefit from its healing waters. You can taste this water if you wish. Additionally, if you think of having a picnic while you are here, there are also areas suitable for this activity.

While finishing our article on places to visit in Domaniç, if you want to come to this region with less expense, you can buy a bus ticket in advance and thus benefit from discounted ticket prices. 

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