Places to Visit in Gulsehir

April 24, 2024
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Gülşehir is one of the touristic districts of Nevşehir province, located in the Central Anatolia Region of our country. This district, which was named Zoropassos in the past, later took the name Gülşehir. There are important historical and cultural buildings in the district, which draws attention with its thousands of years of history. You can buy a flight ticket or a bus ticket to reach the district, which is approximately 19 kilometers away from the city center. Since a part of Cappadocia is located within the district borders, Gülşehir is also seen as an important tourism point. Gülşehir is known as a district rich in places to visit. You have the chance to see especially important historical buildings closely in the district. However, before mentioning these tourist spots, we would like to give information about transportation and transportation options.

To reach Gülşehir district, one of the important points of Nevşehir, you must first come to Nevşehir province. For this, you have options such as road, air and railway. If you want to travel by train, your destination may be Ankara, depending on your location. After arriving in this city by train, you can buy a bus ticket from here and go to Nevşehir and then to Gülşehir district by using other means of transportation. Those who have a private vehicle can easily come from any point of our country. Another transportation alternative is transportation by air. Your landing point should be Cappadocia Airport, located approximately 10 kilometers away from Nevşehir. You can search for companies that fly to this airport from your location and buy a flight ticket by choosing the one that best suits your budget.

After arriving at the airport, you can take the buses heading to the city center from here. After arriving at the center, you can transfer to the district by taking public buses. You can also take a taxi or benefit from private car rental service for direct transportation from the airport. Apart from this, visitors who want to travel by intercity bus can reach the bus terminal in Nevşehir and then pass to the district by other means of transportation. We would like to remind you that a wonderful historical tour awaits you after reaching Gülşehir district. The most popular places to visit in Gülşehir are Karavezir Social Complex, St. Jean Church, Açıksaray Ruins, Direkli Church and Lake Lake. While creating your travel route, you can browse our list and get information about the prominent tourist spots of the region.

Karavezir Social Complex

Karavezir Social Complex is one of the most important historical buildings you will encounter as soon as you step into the town square.

This building, which reflects the traces of the Ottoman Empire, belongs to Black Vizier Silahtar Seyit Mehmet Pasha, who was promoted to Grand Vizier by Sultan Abdülhamit in 1779. When you come to the area where the social complex is located, you can also see the madrasah, mosque and bath sections. We recommend that you add this social complex, which is one of the frequently visited spots by those who love visiting historical places, to your list of places to visit in Gülşehir.

Church of St. Jean

After the social complex, one of the important historical buildings located in the district center is the St. Jean Church. According to the inscription on the building, it is written that it was built in 1212.

The upper part of this two-storey building is used as a church. When you go up to this upper section, you can see various biblical decorations on the walls. In the lower part, there are tombs, water channels and wine cellars. This church, which underwent renovation works in 1995, is open to visitors today.

To come to Gülşehir district, one of the important touristic spots of Nevşehir, you can visit online ticket selling sites, compare flight ticket and bus ticket prices, buy the ticket that best suits your budget and reserve your place in advance.

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Açıksaray Ruins

Located approximately 3 kilometers from Gülşehir center, Açıksaray Ruins are one of the spots you should not leave without seeing when you come here.

It is possible to come across more than one historical ruins and structures in this region. Among the prominent structures of the region are churches and caves. The common feature of all these structures is that they were built by carving into tuff rocks. Along with these structures, which are thought to date from the Byzantine period, rock tombs reflecting the Roman period are among the important historical structures you can see in this region.

In addition, the most important feature that makes this place valuable in terms of tourism is the fairy chimney, which resembles a mushroom in appearance. This structure, which was formed naturally, is also known as Mushroom Rock.

Mast Church

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Gülşehir is Direkli Church. This church is located in Avanos district of Nevşehir.

Since it has a touristic value, we recommend that you see this church closely while you are here. When you enter the church, you will be greeted by beautiful columns and frescoes. To discover such important historical points, you can buy a flight ticket or bus ticket among the promotional ticket options.

lake lake

We mentioned in our article that Gülşehir hosts many historical beauties. However, in addition to its historical beauties, it also contains wonderful natural beauties waiting to be discovered. One of these natural beauties is Göl Lake.

You can take a pleasant walk in this region, which is one of the spots frequently visited by nature lovers, or explore the lake by participating in boat tours if you wish, or have a picnic with your family around the lake. You can also take lots of landscape photos in this region, which is a natural wonder. 

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