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Sept. 29, 2023
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Karaisalı is a district of Adana, located in the Mediterranean Region of our country, that stands out with its natural beauties and historical places. Karaisalı is also known as the central district of Adana city. It is possible to come across historical ruins from Roman times in many parts of the district. The district is located at the point where the Taurus Mountains, which are located parallel to the Mediterranean coast and stand out with their magnificent appearance, begin. During certain periods of the year, many local and foreign tourists visit the district for both day trips and long holidays.

Karaisalı district, which stands out among the districts of Adana province, has many cultural heritage and natural beauty areas worth seeing. In the rest of this article, you can examine the most notable places to visit in the district and plan your holiday more easily. Places to visit in Karaisalı include Varda German Bridge, Kapıkaya Canyon, Yerköprü Recreation Area, Dokuzoluk Canyon, Karapınar Park, Milvan Castle, Keçi Castle and Kızıldağ Plateau. When you come to the district, you can visit all these places and have a wonderful holiday.

Varda German Bridge

When you come to Karaisalı district, one of the first places you should visit is the Varda German Bridge. This bridge, which ranks first among the historical structures of the district, is also called the Big Bridge or Varda Bridge. Since it is located close to the Hacıkırı Village of the district, transportation is extremely easy. This bridge, which was built between 1907 and 1912, stands out with its architectural structure made of stone.

The height of the bridge is approximately 100 m and its length is 210 m. It is surrounded by lush green trees and has a magnificent view. When you visit this bridge, which is one of the must-visit places for history lovers, you can take lots of photos and go on a pleasant journey into the history of the district.

Kapikaya Canyon

The second place among the places to visit in Karaisalı is Kapıkaya Canyon, which stands out with its natural beauties. This canyon, which has an average height of 200 meters, is located in Kapıkaya Village of the district, which has the same name as the canyon. In addition, the stream known as Çakıt Stream, located between Niğde and Ulukışla, flows right through the middle of the canyon.

Canyon; It is home to many trees of various types such as plane trees, olives and oleanders. In this region, which is among the natural beauties of the district, you can walk with fresh air and take nature photographs. For those who are interested in nature sports, there is also the opportunity to do hill climbing. There are also areas where you can camp in the canyon. You should definitely add this place, which is a frequent destination for those who love camping, to your travel list.

Yerköprü Recreation Area

If you want to be in touch with nature and have a picnic, Yerköprü Recreation Area is just for you. Located in Gülüşlü Village of Karaisalı district, this recreation area is among the most frequently preferred spots, especially by those who go on family vacations. This area, approximately 13 km away from the district, is very suitable for those who want to escape from the noise of the city.

You can have a picnic against the magnificent nature view at many points of the recreation area, spend quiet and peaceful hours and breathe in the fresh air. It is recommended to visit this place especially in the spring. When the hot weather has not yet shown its face, you can have a pleasant time accompanied by a slight coolness.

Dokuzoluk Canyon

This canyon, located in Boztahta Village of the district, is one of the places that picnic lovers should definitely visit. The canyon, which hosts a wonderful river view, hosts many visitors, especially in the summer.

There are nine separate grooves in the area where the canyon is located. Due to the number of these grooves, the region is called Dokuzoluk. It is an ideal place for those who want to get away from city life and relax. On the one hand, you can cool off by wearing it in the water flowing through the gutters, and on the other hand, you can have a picnic against the wonderful nature view. There are also areas in the area where you can barbecue.

Karapınar Park

One of the places you should definitely add to your list of places to visit in Karaisalı is Karapınar Park. This park, located within the district, is perfect for those who want to relieve tiredness and spend peaceful hours.

There are many areas within the park, from playgrounds that allow children to have fun, to picnic areas, from waterfalls that offer a visual feast to camping areas. You can regain the energy you lost and feel revitalized in this park, which has become a favorite especially for families with children.

Milvan Castle

In addition to its natural beauties, the district also stands out with its important historical sites. That's why you should definitely find Milvan Castle among the places to visit in Karaisalı. should be avoided. This castle, located in the Karakılıç Village of the district, sheds light on the history of the Roman period.

This castle, built in Roman times, is one of the most frequently visited areas by history lovers. There is no need to pay any fee to enter the area. It is one of the places that can be visited every day of the week and at any time of the day. You can see this castle closely, which reflects the historical traces of the Roman period, take lots of photos and have pleasant hours with its wonderful view.

Goat Castle

One of the must-see tourist places to visit in Karaisalı is Goat Castle. This castle is one of the important historical buildings that reflect the traces of the Roman period. This castle, located in the Etekli Village of the district, is visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year.

The castle, which is among the historical riches of the district, is in an ideal location, especially for those who are interested in mountaineering. Because in order to reach the castle, it is necessary to climb approximately seven kilometers. It is among the must-visit spots for those who are interested in adrenaline sports.

Kızıldağ Plateau

Before ending your trip to the district, we recommend you to visit Kızıldağ Plateau, which fascinates its guests with its natural beauty. Located in the Çevlik Village of the district, this plateau is among the popular spots for tourists.

There are areas where you can camp in the plateau region, which has plenty of oxygen. It is also an ideal place for those who want to relax. You can have a wonderful camping experience in nature with your loved ones and spend pleasant hours. 

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