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June 24, 2024
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Küçükköy is a cute village in the Ayvalık district of Balıkesir province, located in the northwestern part of Anatolia. This village, which is frequently visited during Ayvalık trips, stands out with its various art centers and galleries. This village, known as the Janissary village during the Ottoman period, is now known as an important settlement. There are many transportation options for visitors who plan to come to this charming village for holiday purposes. You can easily reach here by purchasing a Küçükköy flight ticket or bus ticket. Since it was known as a Janissary village during the Ottoman period, its old name was Yeniçarohori. This place also attracts attention as an art village. Küçükköy offers a rich travel route to its guests in terms of places to visit.

For those who will come to Küçükköy, one of the favorite tourist spots of Ayvalık district, the issue of places to visit is of particular importance. Before moving on to this important topic, we would like to give brief information about how you can get there. You can reach Küçükköy, which is located approximately 7 kilometers away from Ayvalık district, by road and air transportation alternatives, as well as by rail from some points. If you have a private vehicle, you can travel quickly by using various applications that provide road information. Another transportation option is buses. You can go to Ayvalık Bus Terminal by purchasing a bus ticket from your location, and then go to the village by taking other means of transportation.

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Visitors planning to come from Balıkesir can use the Izmir Blue Train to reach Ayvalık district and then the village after a pleasant train journey. For transportation by air, your destination should be Balıkesir Kocaseyit Airport. To do this, it is enough to buy a flight ticket from your location. After arriving at the airport, you can first go to Ayvalık district and then to Küçükköy. For direct transportation, you can use taxi services or rent a private car. Although Küçükköy is a small place, it has many touristic spots in terms of places to visit. This area is also known as smart village. Among the spots you should definitely visit when you come to the village are Kıraarthane, Küçükköy City Museum, Artura Gallery, Sabancı University Creative Technologies Workshop, Neferi Tin Soldier Workshop, Kabbak House and Atelier Art Center. You can add these tourist spots to your travel list and have a very enjoyable time in this wonderful art-filled village.


One of the first places you can visit by purchasing a Küçükköy bus ticket is Kıraarthane. When you first hear the name of the place, it may seem interesting to you. Because this is truly one of the most interesting places in the village.

Founded by Eray Bey and Simay Hanım, this place appears as an art center. Built to keep up with the digital world, the place also stands out as a social living space. Various digital works are carried out here. Important training is provided on these studies. If you are interested in art, we definitely recommend you to visit this place.

Küçükköy City Museum

The second stop of our Küçükköy trip is the Küçükköy City Museum, located right in the village square and providing important information about the history of the region.

When you visit this city museum, you can learn about both Balkan and Greek migrations and have the opportunity to see artistic works up close. You can take a pleasant journey into the history of the village in this museum, which also attracts attention with its ethnographic atmosphere. You can come here and create unforgettable memories by purchasing a Küçükköy flight ticket.

Artura Gallery

The first Artura Gallery was founded in Ankara by Uğur Çalışkan, who stands out as a sculptor, and Rabia Çalışkan, who stands out as a painter. With the significant change in Küçükköy, this gallery started to serve in this region as well.

This gallery, which is one of the spots frequently visited by those who are interested in art, is located in a Greek house that stands out with its historical features. While visiting here, you will come across important works of very popular painters and sculptors. If you want to spend hours full of art, you can also visit here. Afterwards, if you wish, you can also visit the Artura Art Craft art gallery, whose founders are Uğur Bey and Rabia Hanım, and which reflects important traces from periods such as Bosnian, Ottoman and Lycian.

Sabancı University Creative Technologies Workshop

The next route on our list of places to visit in Küçükköy is Sabancı University Creative Technologies Workshop, which was built in 2019.

We definitely recommend you to visit this workshop, which was established to benefit from technological blessings and aims to provide training for both children between the ages of eight and fifteen and women. Here, besides technology, knowledge It is aimed to provide training on the subject.

Neferi Tin Soldier Workshop

Neferi Tin Soldier Workshop, which attracts attention with both its exterior appearance and interior design, is among the spots you should not leave without seeing when you come to the village.

It is possible to come across handmade tin soldiers in this workshop opened by Cem Kavran. In addition to the tin soldiers, you can also see the janissary soldier collections closely. This very interesting workshop is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. You can breathe in this artistic atmosphere and have a pleasant time with your Küçükköy flight ticket.

Kabbak House

Another touristic spot that you can have the opportunity to see by purchasing a Küçükköy bus ticket is Kabbak House.

The name of this place, Kabbak, originates from the gourds. Because as soon as you enter here, you will encounter beautiful lighting decorations made using gourds. We think that it will definitely attract your attention as its appearance gives a very authentic atmosphere. We recommend that you add this place, visited by many tourists throughout the year, to your travel list.

Atelier Art Center

Last on our list of places to visit in Küçükköy is the Atelier Art Center, opened in this region by the painter Suna Tüfekçibaşı.

If you are interested in modern art, we recommend that you end your trip without visiting this center. In this art center, you can have the opportunity to closely examine many important artistic works, especially the Istanbul collection. Before ending our article here, we would like to point out that Traditional Teferiç Festivals are held regularly in this village every year. Various tour organizations are also organized during these festive periods. You can research these tours and participate if you wish. 

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