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June 21, 2024
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Kumluca is a touristic district of Antalya city, located in the western part of the Mediterranean Region of our country. There are many natural beauty areas and historical buildings that you can see in this district, which is one of the important holiday routes of Antalya. Apart from these, it is also home to wonderful bays. Visitors who plan to come to the district for a holiday can purchase a bus ticket or plane ticket. Located approximately 96 kilometers away from Antalya city center, Kumluca is one of the tourism spots preferred by many local and foreign tourists for holidays every year. It is possible to have a wonderful holiday in this district, which contains untouched natural beauties. Kumluca offers you many different options in terms of places to visit.

You can wander around its bays, swim on its beaches, spend time in touch with nature in its lush greenery, and visit cultural venues that shed light on the history of the region. There are multiple transportation options for visitors coming to Kumluca for the first time. You can easily come here with your private vehicle from many cities including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Those who want to come by intercity buses can directly reach Kumluca Bus Terminal. You can buy a bus ticket according to your location and start your journey. There are bus services to this district from almost every point of our country. Another transportation option you can choose to come to Kumluca is by air. However, since there is no airport in the region, your destination must be Antalya Airport.

The distance between the airport and the district is approximately 110 kilometers on average. From your location, you can look at the airline companies that organize flights to this airport and choose the one that best suits your budget and buy a flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can take the transfer cars to Antalya Bus Terminal and then to the district by minibuses. When you come to this district, which is quite crowded in spring and summer, the must-see spots include Adrasan Bay, Olympos Beach, Olympos Ancient City, Historical Gelidonya Lighthouse, Kargılı Creek Picnic Area, Kumluca Karaöz Beach Picnic Area, Sarnıç Hill Zoo and Suluada. You can add these tourist attractions to your travel list and explore the popular spots of the region while enjoying your holiday.

Adrasan Bay

The first route on our list of places to visit in Kumluca is Adrasan Bay, which is located in the Adrasan Village of the district and has the same name as the village.

This bay is home to magnificent natural beauties, lush green areas and a wonderful beach. This bay, which is the first point visited by tourists, stands out with its sandy beach with an average length of two kilometers. You can swim in the sea from here, go for a nature walk in the lush green areas, or have a picnic or camping activity with your family. This region also has a special importance as it is located on the Lycian Walking Path, which is popular throughout the world.

Olympos Beach

One of the main touristic spots where you can swim by purchasing a Kumluca bus ticket is Olympos Beach, located in Yazır Village Olympos area of ​​the district.

This beach is protected because it is a breeding point for Caretta Caretta sea turtles. The sandy part of the beach attracts attention with its golden sand. The sea is both clean and very clear. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun at this beach, which is one of the beaches frequently visited by tourists. Since the area around the beach is covered with pine trees, you can spend time in touch with nature and enjoy swimming in the sea.

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Olympos Ancient City

Olympos Ancient City, which was used as a port city in ancient times, is one of the cultural values ​​of the district worth seeing.

If you like visiting historical places, we definitely recommend you to see this place. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about when the ancient city was built. You can closely see and examine historical ruins from the Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine times in this ancient city, which offers important information about the history of the district. We would like to remind you that if you do not have a card, you must pay a certain fee to enter this area where the museum card is valid.

Historical Gelidonya Lighthouse

The next destination on our list of places to visit in Kumluca is the Historical Gelidonya Lighthouse, which attracts attention with its magnificent view.

This lighthouse, located on Mavikent Taşlık Cape within the district borders, is of great importance in terms of cultural tourism. The height of this historical lighthouse, which was built approximately three kilometers inland from the sea, is approximately two hundred and thirty-seven meters. Due to its height, it has the distinction of being the highest lighthouse on the Turkish coast.

Kargılı Creek Picnic Area

You can easily reach Kumluca with a flight ticket or bus ticket. Another touristic spot is Kargılı Dere Picnic Area.

Since Kumluca is one of the districts that attracts attention with its lush green nature, we think that you should not return without visiting the picnic areas while you are here. You can have a picnic with your family and loved ones accompanied by a barbecue in this picnic area operated by Kumluca Municipality, located on the coast of the district, and if you wish, you can stay by setting up a tent in the seaside camping areas.

Kumluca Karaöz Beach Picnic Area

Another spot where you can have a picnic when you come to Kumluca is the Kumluca Karaöz Beach Picnic Area, located in the Karaöz District of the district.

This recreation area is operated by Kumluca Municipality, like the picnic area, which was our previous tour point. Here you can sit at picnic tables, have a picnic by lighting a barbecue, and spend peaceful hours accompanied by a wonderful sea view.

Sarnıç Hill Zoo

The next touristic point on our list of places to visit in Kumluca is Sarnıç Hill Zoo, located in the town center.

This zoo, which has been accepting visitors since 2006, offers its guests an environment where they can be alone with nature. It is possible to see more than six hundred animal species here. You can have a pleasant time in this zoo, which is frequently visited by families with children, and take a walk in the green areas around it.

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Another point you can see closely by purchasing a Kumluca flight ticket is Suluada, which you can only reach by boat.

Two different beaches are waiting for you on this island, which stands out with its natural beauties and unique views that are reminiscent of the Maldives. If you spend your holiday in the summer, you can swim in the turquoise sea of ​​these beaches, lie down on the white sands, sunbathe and have a wonderful time. We would like to remind you that there are accommodation facilities in Kumluca district, where green and blue coexist, that will not shake your budget.

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