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June 21, 2024
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Mudurnu is a district of the city of Bolu, located in the Western Black Sea Region of our country. Various vehicles are used to reach the district, which is approximately 52 kilometers away from Bolu city center. You can easily come to this district by purchasing a bus ticket or by purchasing a flight ticket. In addition to its cultural riches, the district is a region that attracts attention especially with its healing hot springs. There are many enjoyable activity options you can do in the district, which hosts many local and foreign tourists every year. A peaceful holiday awaits you in the district, which is among the frequent destinations of those who are overwhelmed by the chaos of the city and want to escape. You can have an unforgettable holiday experience and accumulate beautiful memories in Mudurnu, which stands out with the calm atmosphere of our Bolu city.

In terms of places to visit, Mudurnu offers travel routes full of both historical and natural beauties. For those who will come here for holiday, it is very important to create a travel list in advance. Before moving on to this subject, we would like to give you information about transportation. Transportation to Mudurnu district is commonly provided by private vehicle. However, holidaymakers who do not have a private vehicle or do not want to travel with a private vehicle can consider the bus option. There is currently no bus terminal in the region. Therefore, the point where you should arrive by purchasing a bus ticket is Bolu Intercity Bus Terminal. Bus travel time and ticket prices may vary depending on the starting point.

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After arriving at the terminal, you can reach Mudurnu by taking public transportation that operates between districts. For those considering alternative transportation to the district by air, the journey may be a bit difficult. Because there is no airport in the region. For this, you need to come to Ankara Esenboğa Airport, which is located closest. You can buy an affordable flight ticket to come here from the city you live in. After arriving at the airport, you can take the buses from here to Bolu Bus Terminal and then take other means of transportation to the district. This process is not preferred as it can be both long and arduous. However, we can still say that this option is suitable for holidaymakers who plan to come from remote areas.

When you reach the district, the touristic spots that should be included in your travel list include Abant Lake and Nature Park, Sarot Thermal Spring, Babas Thermal Spring, Mudurnu Clock Tower, Sülüklü Lake Nature Park, Yıldırım Bayezid Bath and Şehirman Hill. You can examine the remarkable features of these places and what awaits you, and create your list by choosing among them or including them all in your travel plan.

Abant Lake and Nature Park

The first tourist spot on your list of places to visit in Mudurnu is Abant Lake and Nature Park.

In this region, which is described as a natural wonder, you can spend peaceful times in touch with nature and do various nature activities. Located approximately 23 kilometers away from the town centre, a lake covering an average area of ​​127 hectares and a park surrounded by trees await you.

Here you can take photos of the magnificent lake view, paraglide, have a picnic if you come with your family or friends, set up a tent or go for a nature walk. You can easily come to this region, which allows you to spend your day to the fullest, by purchasing a Mudurnu bus ticket.

Sarot Thermal Spring

We mentioned at the beginning of our article that Mudurnu district attracts attention with its hot springs. When you come here, the first hot spring route where you can benefit from its healing waters is Sarot Thermal Spring.

It is said that the water of this hot spring, located approximately 35 kilometers from the town center, is good for various diseases, especially liver diseases. The duration of benefiting from this healing water is maximum three weeks. In addition, it is not recommended to stay in water for more than ten minutes as it may cause side effects. If you want to benefit from these healing waters, you can visit this spa.

Babas Thermal Spring

Another hot spring spot where you can have the chance to benefit from its healing waters by purchasing a flight ticket to Mudurnu is Babas Thermal Spring.

Located at a point that you can easily reach via Ankara Street, the temperature of this hot spring water is around 40 degrees on average. It is stated that the water of this thermal spring has therapeutic properties for many health problems, from various respiratory disorders to muscle diseases, from circulatory problems to skeletal disorders. While you benefit from the healing waters of this hot spring, you can also stay one night in the accommodation facilities in this region, if you wish.

Mudurnu Clock Tower

Located in the town center, Mudurnu Clock Tower is a must-see when you come to the region. It is one of the historical buildings you should visit.

This clock tower, which is the only wooden tower in the district, is located at a very high place. When you climb the tower, a magnificent view of the town will accompany you. At the top of this clock tower, which has an average height of 12 meters, there is a bell that rings every hour. This historical tower, consisting of two floors, was built between 1890 and 1891.

Sülüklü Lake Nature Park

Another natural wonder on our list of places to visit in Mudurnu is Sülüklü Göl Nature Park, also known as Sarı Gölcük and located approximately 50 kilometers away from the town center.

You can come to this nature park by purchasing a flight ticket to Mudurnu and spend peaceful hours in touch with nature. One of the activities you can do here is to have a picnic with your family or loved ones. In addition to having a picnic, you can camp and stay here. However, we would like to point out that you need to get permission beforehand. In addition, you can explore the surroundings and see the natural beauties up close by renting a bicycle.

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Yıldırım Bayezid Bath

Another historical spot you should visit during your holiday in the district is the Yıldırım Bayezid Bath located in the center.

This bath, which consists of two parts in total, male and female, was built in 1382. If you are interested in historical baths, we definitely recommend you to visit this place. Cut stone was used in the construction of this bath, which is one of the spots frequented by local and foreign tourists. It is one of the historical buildings still used today.

Shahriman Hill

Another touristic place that you can explore by purchasing a Mudurnu bus ticket is Şehirman Hill. It is possible to watch the view of the district from this hill, located right at the entrance of the district.

We recommend that you see this hill closely before finishing your Mudurnu holiday. On this hill, you will also be greeted by two saints' tombs. One of these tombs belongs to a saint named Filibeli Hacı Tevfik, and the other belongs to a saint named Şeyh-ül Ümran. There are also various establishments in the area where you can eat and drink something.

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