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June 26, 2024
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Ödemiş is one of the districts of İzmir province, which has great importance in terms of tourism. Many local and foreign tourists come to Ödemiş district throughout the year for both sightseeing and holiday purposes. While this place is lively in spring and summer, it is also very lively in winter due to the ski resort it hosts. It is possible to come to the district, which is located approximately 110 kilometers from Izmir city center, by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket. Known as one of the most populous districts of Izmir in terms of population, Ödemiş attracts attention with its calm and peaceful atmosphere. There are many places worth seeing in the district, which offers a pleasant holiday period to its visitors with its natural beauties as well as its cultural riches. Ödemiş is a district rich in places to visit.

Preparing your travel list before coming here can save you from wondering where to visit next. In this article, we will talk about the prominent points of the district. However, first, we would like to talk about which transportation options are the most frequently preferred to reach the region. It is possible to reach the district directly or indirectly, depending on the chosen means of transportation. If you have a private vehicle, you can easily arrive using road map applications. You can reach us directly by bus from cities such as Istanbul, Manisa or Ankara. You can search for companies that organize bus services from your area to Ödemiş City Station and buy a bus ticket. After arriving at the station, you can go to the district by public transportation. Those who plan to travel by train can use the Izmir Blue Train.

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However, for this, you must first reach Izmir and then go to the district by transferring. The last transportation option is by air. To do this, you can research the airline companies that fly to Adnan Menderes Airport, which serves in the Gaziemir district of Izmir, and choose among them to buy a flight ticket. After the airport, you can take a taxi for direct transportation. If you do not want to take a taxi, you can consider the train option that runs between Basmane and Ödemiş district. Among the most popular spots you should definitely see when you come to the district are Bedia Akartürk Museum, Birgi Village, Ödemiş Yıldız City Museum and Archive, Women's Handicrafts Market, Bozdağ Ski Center, Historical Arasta Bazaar, Ödemiş Ulu Mosque and Gölcük Lake and Plateau. You can add these places to your travel plan and have a wonderful holiday in this district, which fascinates its guests with both its nature and history.

Bedia Akartürk Museum

We recommend that the first stop on your list of places to visit in Ödemiş is Bedia Akartürk Museum. Because this museum is an important museum where various works and belongings of Bedia Akartürk, one of the unique interpreters of Turkish Folk Music, are exhibited.

You can see many important works of Bedia Akartürk, who died in Ödemiş, from her cassettes to her records, from her stage clothes to the awards she received, from her family photographs to the news about her in the newspapers, in this museum.

Birgi Village

Another touristic place you can see by purchasing a flight ticket to Ödemiş is Birgi Village, which attracts attention with its historical atmosphere.

This village, located approximately 7 kilometers away from the district center, had the title of capital during the time of the Anatolian Principalities. Due to this title, it contains various historical buildings and cultural riches. It is possible to come across many historical buildings bearing the traces of Ottoman architecture here.

During your village tour, you can visit historical spots such as Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque, Aydınoğlu Bath, Sandıkoğlu Mansion, Birgi Houses, and have a pleasant time in the untouched nature.

Ödemiş Yıldız City Museum and Archive

Ödemiş Yıldız City Museum and Archive, located in the district center, is one of the important cultural attractions that you should definitely visit while visiting the district.

There are various objects in the museum that tell the history of the district and the culture of the Aegean Region. In addition to the objects, there are also many important historical documents and various exhibition rooms reflecting the social life of the district. You can also have the opportunity to breathe this historical atmosphere by purchasing an Ödemiş bus ticket.

Women's Craft Market

One of the must-see tourist spots on your list of places to visit in Ödemiş is the Women's Handicrafts Market. We definitely recommend you to visit this market, which is located in the town center.

In this market, which is held every Saturday of the week, various products such as needle lace, textiles, clothes and lace, which are hand-made and embroidered by women living in the region, are sold. You can examine these handmade products and buy them as gifts for your loved ones.

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Bozdağ Ski Resort

It is stated in our article that Ödemiş district is a popular spot on cold winter days as well as in hot weather. We had done it. If you plan your holiday during the winter season, one of the places you should definitely visit is Bozdağ Ski Center.

This ski resort is actually open in all seasons, not just in winter. You can reach this center, which is located approximately 15 kilometers from the town center, by purchasing an Ödemiş bus ticket. Between December and March, many local and foreign tourists come here to do skiing. There are a total of three ski slopes here. If you are interested in skiing, we recommend that you add this center to your travel list.

Historical Arasta Bazaar

We think that it is not possible to come to Ödemiş district and return without visiting the Historical Arasta Bazaar. Because this bazaar is an important historical point from the Ottoman period.

In this bazaar, it is possible to come across various handicrafts such as basket makers, belt makers, tinsmiths and tinsmiths unique to the Aegean Region. In addition to these handicrafts, you may also come across artisans. While visiting the bazaar, you may feel like you are in the Ottoman period, even for a moment.

Ödemiş Grand Mosque

The next tour route on our list of places to visit in Ödemiş is Ödemiş Ulu Mosque, located in the district center.

The most striking part of this historical building, built by Bıçakçızade Mustafa Bey, is that the columns and the ceiling are made entirely of wood. In the upper left part of this historical building, which was built in 1702, there is a bird palace that will make you smile when you see it. We recommend you to closely explore this mosque, which still serves as a place of worship today.

Gölcük Lake and Plateau

Our last trip route, where you can leave yourself in the arms of nature by purchasing a flight ticket to Ödemiş, is Gölcük Lake and Plateau.

Located approximately twenty kilometers away from the town centre, Gölcük Lake and Plateau is the most popular spot where local people escape from the heat, especially during the summer. In this region, where you can feel the plateau air in your bones, you can have a picnic, go for a nature walk and spend peaceful times in touch with nature.

There are various places where you can eat and drink something right on the shore of the lake. You can also fish from the shore of the lake and cook your own fish.

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