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June 25, 2024
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Susanoğlu is one of the favorite holiday resorts of Mersin province, which is located in the Mediterranean part of our country and is known as a touristic region. Many local and foreign tourists flock to this town, also known as Atakent, every year, especially during the summer season. Susanoğlu is among the points you can reach by purchasing a bus ticket or flight ticket. You can enjoy the sea, sunbathe and feel refreshed all summer long in this charming holiday resort, which has a very important place in terms of both sea tourism and cultural tourism. Located approximately 90 kilometers from Mersin city center, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about places to visit in Susanoğlu is undoubtedly its wonderful beaches and dazzling beaches.

Before touching on the prominent touristic spots of Susanoğlu holiday resort, we would like to give road information for those who will come to this region for the first time. There are many different alternatives for transportation to the town of Susanoğlu, also known as Atakent. Depending on your location, you can arrive by purchasing a bus ticket or by purchasing a flight ticket. Visitors who plan to come by intercity bus should come to Mersin city first. After arriving at the bus station serving the Mersin region, they can go to their desired destination by public buses. Those who will travel by plane should come to Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, which is closest to the region. After arriving at the airport, you can reach Susanoğlu holiday resort by other means of transportation.

Susanoğlu holiday resort offers you both cultural and nature tour opportunities at the same time. In this holiday resort, which has a special importance in terms of tourism, you can visit historical stops and learn about the history of the region while enjoying the sea, sand and sun. We should point out in advance that the town is quite crowded, especially during the summer and on weekends. If you have the opportunity, we may recommend you to choose a weekday for your holiday. Among the most famous spots you should definitely see when you come to the town are the Heaven and Hell Caves, Astim Cave, Hasanaliler Church, Rusty Castle Ruins, Yapraklı Bay and Kapızlı. You can add these tourist spots to your travel list and have a wonderful holiday away from sight.

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Heaven Hell Caves

We put Heaven and Hell Caves at the top of our list of places to visit in Susanoğlu. This place is located about two kilometers northwest of Narlıkuyu Port, which is close to Susanoğlu.

The first of these caves, which is among the points you should definitely see closely when you come to the town, is Heaven Cave. Since the descents and ascents of this cave are done by elevator, you will not have any difficulties. Hell Cave attracts attention with its glass terrace. It is possible to visit these naturally formed caves at the same time. We would like to remind you that if you do not have a card in this region where the museum card is valid, you must pay a certain fee.

Asthma Cave

Another cave located on the Narlıkuyu side is Astım Cave. When you enter the cave, you will be greeted by a staircase made of iron.

It is possible to go down the iron staircase to a depth of approximately five or six floors. The interior of this cave, which was formed completely naturally like other caves, is also quite dazzling. The reason why the cave is called asthma is because it is good for asthma. Since the humidity in the cave is high, it is said to be good for those suffering from asthma. You can also explore this place by purchasing a Susanoğlu bus ticket.

Hasanaliler Church

Hasanaliler Church, located close to the Susanoğlu Narlıkuyu region, is one of the remarkable historical buildings of the region.

As a result of some archaeological investigations on the ruins of this church, it is estimated that the building dates from the Byzantine period. Unfortunately, the northern and eastern walls of this church, also known as Çanlı Church, were severely damaged. Reflecting basilica architecture, this church has three naves in total. If you are one of those who like to visit historical buildings, we recommend that you take a closer look at this church.

Rusty Castle Ruins

Rusty Castle is one of the other important historical buildings located within the borders of Susanoğlu.

It is possible to come across various historical ruins in this region, also known as the Rusty City. Since traces of castle walls are found on the edges of the region, the region is called Rusty Castle. Susanoğlu is one of the historical places that you can have the chance to see by purchasing a flight ticket.

Leafy Dark

One of the indispensable tourist spots on our list of places to visit in Susanoğlu is Yapraklı Bay, where you can enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun to the fullest.

What distinguishes this bay from a normal sea is The distinctive feature is that it is formed by the combination of sea water and spring water. Unlike the known Mediterranean water, this water is quite cold. You can cool off and have a pleasant day in the bay water, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to escape from the scorching heat of summer. If you want to explore this bay and have a nice holiday, we recommend that you purchase your flight ticket or bus ticket in advance.

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Kapızlı is another area where you can swim when you come to Susanoğlu. We would like to point out that it is a region that stands out with having three blue flags.

You can swim in the sea, explore the surroundings and spend peaceful hours in Kapızlı, one of the regions commonly visited by summer vacationers. In addition, this place is located close to the ancient Uzuncaburç city ruins. If you wish, you can also visit this city after enjoying the sea. Before ending our article, we would like to give the following information. Since Göksu Delta Bird Sanctuary starts from the Kapızlı region, we recommend that you visit this bird sanctuary if you have the opportunity. 

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