Places to Visit in Tekirdağ Şarköy

June 14, 2024
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Şarköy is a touristic district located in the southwestern part of Tekirdağ city. Located on the coast of the Marmara Sea, this district offers its guests an unforgettable holiday with both its historical beauties and nature. You can come here by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket, or you can also reach here by sea from some points. This district, which stands out with its vineyards, wine and olives, also offers a historical atmosphere to its visitors with its historical villages. When it comes to places to visit in Tekirdağ Şarköy, blue flag beaches come first. You can have a wonderful holiday in the district, which is one of the famous holiday spots of Tekirdağ. However, before moving on to detailed information about this holiday route, we would like to talk about how you will get there.

It is possible to reach Tekirdağ Şarköy district by air, sea or road. These transportation options may vary depending on your location. Since the region is located especially close to Istanbul, it hosts many visitors from this city. If your choice of transportation is to come by bus, you can research the companies that organize bus services to Şarköy Bus Terminal and buy a bus ticket that suits your budget. If you prefer to travel by plane, your destination should be Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport. To come to the airport, which is located at an average distance of 140 kilometers from the district, you need to buy a flight ticket from your current location. After arriving at the airport, you can reach Şarköy directly by taking VIP transfer vehicles.

Visitors planning to come from regions such as Bandırma and Avşa Island can consider the sea route option. The destination for transportation by sea is Tekirdağ Barbaros Pier. After arriving at the pier, you can take the buses from here to go to Şarköy. If you have no idea about places to visit in Tekirdağ Şarköy, you can review this article. Among the places you should not leave without seeing when you come to the region are Uçmakdere, Eriklice Village, Kartaltepe Nature Park, Hoşköy, Gaziköy, Chateau Kalpak Vineyards and Şarköy Bazaar. You can take advantage of these places and create your list while creating your travel route. So, without further ado, let's start explaining what awaits you at the tourist spots of Şarköy district.


At the top of our list of places to visit in Tekirdağ Şarköy is Uçmakdere, which is referred to as the pearl of the region.

Located approximately 30 kilometers away from the town center, this region is especially famous for paragliding sports. If you are interested in air sports, we recommend that you try paragliding in this region. There are historical points you can visit in this region, which welcomes its visitors with its peaceful atmosphere.

You can visit the Greek houses that reflect the historical traces of the region, see the historical trees closely and stroll through the stone streets. You also have the chance to watch a wonderful sunset view here. You can get away from the crowds of the city and have peaceful times accompanied by clean air.

Eriklice Village

Eriklice Village, which is a village in the district, is among the destinations you should visit when you come to the region.

In this village, which is among the places you can visit by purchasing a Tekirdağ Şarköy bus ticket, you can spend time in touch with nature, wander among the vineyards and have a picnic with your family against a wonderful sea view. You can also swim in the sea from here, lie on the warm sands and sunbathe, and have an unforgettable holiday experience away from sight.

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Kartaltepe Nature Park

If you want to leave yourself in the middle of a lush green nature when you come to Tekirdağ Şarköy, you can choose Kartaltepe Nature Park.

Located on the Uçmakdere side, this nature park covers an average area of ​​250 hectares. This place is also known as a point where blue and green meet. Because both a sea view and a lush green forest await you. If you wish, you can have a picnic with a barbecue in this park area, which is also very suitable for families with children. We recommend that you choose gazebos with barbecues for picnics.


The next route on our list of places to visit in Tekirdağ Şarköy is Hoşköy, located approximately 20 kilometers away from the town center.

You can have the opportunity to see both historical and natural beauties closely in Hoşköy, which is one of the villages of Şarköy. There are walking paths on the coastal side of the village where colorful flowers will accompany you. You can walk on these roads and taste fresh fish at fish restaurants. You can also see the historical Hora Lighthouse in Hoşköy and learn about the history of the region by purchasing a Tekirdağ Şarköy flight ticket.


Gaziköy, just like Hoşköy, has a historical atmosphere and atmosphere. It is one of the regions that host natural beauties.

This village, also known as Ganos Castle, has many historical ruins from the Byzantine period. You can examine these historical ruins closely. It is also one of the most popular places to swim in the sea. You can swim in the sea from the beaches located on the coast and swim all day long.

Chateau Kalpak Vineyards

Another touristic spot that you can see closely by purchasing a Tekirdağ Şarköy bus ticket is Chateau Kalpak Bağları.

This region, located approximately 10 kilometers from the town center, is located on the Sofuköy side. This place offers you both sea and mountain views. There is also a cellar in this area, known as the vineyard. It is possible to visit this cellar with tour guides. Additionally, a wine tasting event is also held after the cellar visit.

Şarköy Bazaar

The last place on our list of places to visit in Tekirdağ Şarköy is Şarköy Bazaar located in the district center.

In this bazaar, which is home to lush green trees, there are many places to visit, from restaurants to bars, from markets to boutiques, from ice cream shops to points selling various goods. You can wander around the bazaar, buy ice cream from ice cream shops, visit souvenir shops and buy gifts for your loved ones, and visit food and beverage venues and taste various dishes.

As we end our article here, we recommend that you make your flight ticket transactions in advance. Because various discounts are applied on tickets from time to time, you can benefit from these discounts.

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