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Feb. 15, 2024
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Many regions of our country attract attention with their natural beauty areas and cultural riches. Van is one of our favorite regions in our city, standing out with its historical structures and lush nature. Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of our country, our city of Van is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. There are many different areas in this region where you can spend time in nature and have a picnic or camping with your family or friends. We wrote this article about Van Camping Areas. Many visitors who enjoy camping may not know where to camp when they come to Van. This city, which has hosted many civilizations in its past, also has many destinations worth seeing. The number of people who come to Van for both sightseeing and holiday purposes is very high. Before listing the places where you can go camping and leave yourself in the heart of nature, let us tell you how to reach the city.

There are many different transportation alternatives in our city of Van. If you are coming with your own vehicle, you can easily reach there using the navigation service. Visitors who prefer the intercity bus line can choose among the bus companies that organize services to Van Bus Terminal. Since the terminal is located close to the city center, you can then use public transportation. Those who plan to come from Ankara can use the Van Lake Express train line if they wish. Those coming from further regions may consider the option of transportation by air. You can choose one of the companies that offer flights to Van Ferit Melen Airport, located close to the city center. After arriving at the airport, you can get to the center by taking shuttle buses or public transportation.

One of the most enjoyable activities you can do in Van, which is one of the spots frequently visited by many tourists regardless of summer or winter, is undoubtedly to set up a tent and stay. When you come here, there are both paid and free areas for camping. In this article, we have mostly included areas where you can camp for free. The prominent camping areas of the region include Van Lake Camping Area, Edremit Beach Camping Area, Çarpanak Island Camping Area, İnköy Camping Area, Dilkaya Public Beach Camping Area, Akgöl Camping Area, Norduz Plateau Camping Area and Erçek Lake Camping Area. You can read the features of these popular camping areas, what you can benefit from in these areas and what will await you in the rest of our article.

Van Lake Camping Area

Van Lake Camping Area is one of the camping areas that you can easily reach by public transportation when you come to the city center.

There are many various activities you can do in this camping area located on the shore of Lake Van. In addition to camping, you can rent a bicycle and explore the surroundings, go hiking, or have a picnic accompanied by a beautiful view. You do not need to pay any fees while camping here.

Edremit Beach Camping Area

You can both set up a tent and swim in the sea in this camping area, located on the Bitlis-Van Road. You can easily come here by means of transportation such as buses and minibuses.

If you plan your camping activity during the summer period, you can enjoy the sea while staying in your tent. A nice holiday awaits you at Edremit Beach Camping Area, which is among the places where you can also participate in boat or canoe tours.

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Çarpanak Island Camping Area

When Van Camping Areas are mentioned, one of the areas that comes to mind is Çarpanak Island Camping Area, which attracts attention with its unique view.

You can reach this region by taking boats from the shores of Lake Van. Although this is a private property, you do not need to pay any entrance fee. We also recommend that you obtain the materials and basic needs for camping before coming here. You can take photos of the natural beauties you encounter here and have a great time.

İnköy Camping Area

İnköy Camping Area is located at a point that you can only reach by your own vehicle or taxi. Located in the Gevaş district of the city, this camping area stands out with its natural beauty.

You can stay in your tent or caravan in this camping area, which has become a favorite of both local and foreign tourists. We would also like to point out that this place is free. You can camp with a magnificent view of Lake Van, and if you wish, you can cool off by immersing yourself in the cool waters of the lake and take wonderful landscape photos.

Dilkaya Public Beach Camping Area

If you choose to camp in the summer season in Van, you can also consider the Dilkaya Public Beach Camping Area option.

Edremit district of Van There is a regular shuttle service from the town center to this camping area, located in the Dilkaya region. As its name suggests, there is no fee as it is a public place. Here you can pitch your tent against the lake view and swim for hours in the sea.

Akgöl Camping Area

You can only reach this camping area, located in the Gürpınar district of the city, with your private vehicle or taxi.

Akgöl Camping Area is one of the popular spots for those who love camping. This place gets quite crowded, especially in the spring and on weekends. Not only campers but also those who love picnics come to the region. Since there are no facilities here, we recommend that you provide all your needs before arriving. It is also possible to encounter many bird species in the region. Here you can do bird watching and take lots of photos.

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Norduz Plateau Camping Area

Located within the borders of Gürpınar district, this plateau attracts attention with its clean air and magnificent atmosphere.

You need a private vehicle to reach this camping area, which is approximately 30 kilometers away from the city center. It is possible to set up a tent and stay here for free. Since there are no facilities, it is best to get your food and drink needs before coming here. We would also like to say that there are no facilities such as toilet, shower or electricity.

Erçek Lake Camping Area

When Van Camping Areas are mentioned, Erçek Lake Camping Area, which fascinates its visitors with its unique lake view, comes to mind.

This is the largest lake after Lake Van. Many different bird species survive here. You can pitch a tent and camp against a wonderful lake view in this camping area, which can only be reached by your personal car or taxi. It is important to provide your general needs in advance, as no facilities provide service in this region, which also has suitable areas for accommodation with a caravan. A pleasant stay awaits you in this camping area, which is also known as a bird paradise. 

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