What to Eat in Gölyazı?

Nov. 22, 2023
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Gölyazı is a small village in the Nilüfer district, which is among the central districts of Bursa province, located in the Marmara Department of our country. Gölyazı is one of our regions worth seeing with its natural beauty areas and historical buildings. Since this village, located right on the shore of Ulubat Lake, is very small, you can visit it in a short time. In this village, which has been known as an important residential area since ancient times, you can come across many valuable historical artifacts from the Byzantine period and have a pleasant cultural tour.

Gölyazı is located approximately 40 kilometers from Bursa city center. Holidaymakers come to this region from many cities such as Istanbul and Çanakkale. In Gölyazı Village, which is among the places where you can get away from the crowds and relax, you can taste delicious food while visiting and examining the touristic buildings. Since this village is located on the lake shore, it is especially famous for its fresh fish. It would be useful to underline that you will not have any problems in transportation to the region. If you have a private car, you can easily reach many places by following the Bursa/Izmir Highway.

Visitors who do not have a private car or do not prefer to travel with a private car can easily arrive by intercity buses. What you need to do for this is to reach the bus station that serves your transportation needs in Osmangazi district, one of the central districts of Bursa. You can purchase bus tickets by contacting the bus companies that operate services to this region. After arriving at the terminal, you can easily go to the Gölyazı area by public transportation or taxi. Another transportation option is by air. In order to arrive at the airport that provides air transportation services in the Yenişehir district of Bursa, you must first purchase a flight ticket.

After landing at the airport, you can come to the center by shuttle buses and then reach the Gölyazı region. Gölyazı Village, which is one of the preferred places during many holiday periods, especially weekend holidays, has become the apple of the eye of many visitors thanks to the peace it offers, despite being a small place.

Famous Dishes of Gölyazı

Gölyazı, a charming village in Bursa's Nilüfer district, is a region that stands out with its magnificent flavors. The moment you come to the village, you can feel like you are in heaven. You can spend peaceful hours with a wonderful lake view and also take plenty of lake view photos. There may be visitors who come here and wonder what to eat in Gölyazı. In this cute and sweet village, you can taste the fresh fish from the lake, called Lake Fish. Then, we recommend you to try Pancake, Spread Breakfast, and even İskender and Tahini Pide, which are among the most popular flavors of the city.

Lake Fish

When asked what to eat in Gölyazı, the first answer that comes to mind is Lake Fish. Because this charming village is located on the edge of Ulubat Lake, fresh fish come from this lake.

It is possible to find many lake fish from pike to carp in this region. You also don't need to look for a place to eat these fish. You can taste these fish at the fish restaurants located by the lake and spend pleasant hours with your loved ones against the wonderful lake view.


When you get hungry during your trip to Gölyazı, you can taste delicious pancakes at the food and beverage venues by the lake.

Delicious pancakes, made and baked by the aunts living in the village with their own hands, are waiting for you right by the lake. You can watch the view while eating these hot pancakes.

Mixed Breakfast

If you want to start the day with a wonderful breakfast when you come to Gölyazı, you can choose places that offer mixed breakfast.

Gölyazı region is a place famous for its magnificent village breakfast. Food and beverage venues located on the lake shore also offer breakfast service. You can come to these places by the lake early in the morning and start the day with a wonderful mixed breakfast.

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Since Gölyazı is located in the Nilüfer district, known as the central district of Bursa, we think that it is not possible to return here without tasting İskender, the popular flavor of the city.

After finishing your trip to Gölyazı, you can visit the restaurants in Nilüfer district center and especially eat the famous iskender for dinner.

Tahini Pita

One of the flavors that is never missing from the breakfast tables of our city, Bursa, is Tahini Pide. You can find this pita in many bakeries in the city center.

After taking the pita out of the oven, slice it If you wish, you can go to Gölyazı Village and have breakfast with tahini pita overlooking the lake view and have a joyful time. Before ending our article, it is worth noting this. Since there are no accommodation facilities in Gölyazı, you can stay in the facilities serving in the city center. 

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