When Should Bank Account Statement Be Obtained for Visa?

Feb. 12, 2024
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Travel lovers who want to go on trips abroad must first have a passport. Passport is a kind of identity document. In addition, a permit called a visa is also needed to ensure smooth entry into the country you want to visit. In order to obtain this important document, you may be asked to provide a bank account statement for the visa. Apart from bank account statements, many important documents may be requested from you. Some countries also offer visa-free entry. However, before going to countries where visa is required, it is very important to complete both passport and visa procedures.

In order for travel lovers to go to a country other than their own, they must first obtain an official permit from the consulate of the country they want to visit. This permission document is called a visa. Some extra documents are required from you when applying for a visa. One of these documents is your bank account statement, which proves your financial situation. These transcripts are of great importance for the country visited. Travel lovers can stay in the country they visit for a long or short time. He/she must have the ability to cover the expenses during this stay. For this purpose, documents showing financial situation are required for visa applications.

Bank Account Statement Sample for Visa

Obtaining a visa to go from one country to another is an important issue. People must first apply for a visa document, which is an official and important document. There are important documents that must be submitted during the application. These documents include identity document, biometric photo, travel insurance, passport document, residence document, professional status document and financial document proving the amount of income. Bank statement documents are very important for visa. One of the main reasons for requesting these financial documents is whether the travel expenses, both on entry and return, are affordable.

Especially working in an insured and regular job and receiving a regular salary is of great importance in terms of a positive visa application. There may be travel lovers who are curious about the bank account statement sample for visa. First of all, you cannot create and present this financial document yourself via computer. Because this document is not accepted by consulates. In order for this document to be valid, each page must be signed and stamped by the bank branch manager and other authorized persons. In particular, the presence of the bank's signature circular in the documents is extremely important in terms of proving originality.

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When Should Bank Account Statement Be Obtained for Visa?

It is extremely important to submit a bank account statement at the time of application for a visa. This document, which proves your financial situation during the application, gives an idea about how the expenses will be covered in the country you want to visit. The form of this financial document may vary from country to country. We would especially like to point out that the activity in this financial document, which is effective in the positive outcome of the visa application, must belong to the last three months. As is known, visa application is made at the consulate or visa application points of the country you want to visit. In this application, a bank document proving the financial situation must also be submitted. It is recommended that this document be obtained at least 15 days before applying for a visa. However, this process may vary depending on the country you want to visit. Some countries may allow a period of one month for this financial document.

How to Get a Bank Account Statement for Visa?

We stated in our article that some important documents are requested from you when applying for a visa. One of these documents is the bank account statement for visa. It is possible to obtain and issue this document online. However, since it does not have official characteristics, that is, it does not have a signature or stamp, it will not be considered valid. The steps you need to follow to obtain this account statement document, which is required during your visa application, are extremely simple. It is enough to go personally to the bank of which you are a customer. After going to the bank, you can get this important document showing your financial information by meeting with the bank branch manager and authorized persons.

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How much should the bank account statement be for a visa?

How much money should be included in the bank statement document for a visa is an extremely important issue for travel lovers. The amount of money in your bank varies depending on the country you want to go to. In other words, this amount is different for England and different for Germany or France. However, in general, based on the duration of the trip, the amounts of money that should be in the bank account are as follows:

• 7 thousand TL for seven-day trips

• Between 15 thousand TL and 20 thousand TL for trips of one month or more

• Between 10 thousand TL and 12 thousand TL for trips between ten and fifteen days

• Less than seven days For trips to Istanbul, it is generally 5 thousand TL - 6 thousand TL.

Schengen Visa Bank Account Statement

The type of visa that allows accommodation and transit to countries within the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days within six months is called a Schengen visa. It is possible to easily travel to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands with this visa. However, when applying for a visa, a bank account statement is required for the visa. It is of great importance to personally go to the bank of which you are a customer and obtain this document in order to reject the application.​  

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