Where is Ayamama Creek?

April 19, 2024
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Many places in Turkey have many touristic spots that stand out with both their natural beauty areas and cultural values. One of these tourist spots is our city of Istanbul, located in the Marmara Region. Many different transportation networks can be used to reach Istanbul. You can travel by road by purchasing a bus ticket from your current location, or you can purchase a flight ticket from more distant provinces and fly from the sky. Because you can easily reach Istanbul from every point of our country. Additionally, if you have a private vehicle, you can use the navigation system and reach anywhere you want comfortably. There are two different sides in Istanbul. One of them is the European Side and the other is the Anatolian Side. In today's article, we will talk about Ayamama Creek located on the European side. Ayamama Stream, as its name suggests, is a stream.

There are many different opinions regarding the name of this stream. According to some views, it is estimated that the name of this stream comes from Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, known as the Prophet of Christians. The reason why it is guessed this way is that the name Ayamama means Holy Mother. That's why this name did not change during the Ottoman times and it has survived with this name until today. However, apart from this view, it is also thought that the name of this stream comes from St. Mamas, known as a Greek Orthodox saint. It is known that Ayamama Stream was formerly known as Baruthane. Ayamama Life Valley, which has the same name as the stream and stands out with its lush green park areas, is also located where the stream is located. When you come to the area where the stream is located, there are also recreation areas where you can have a picnic with your family or loved ones in a lush green area.

Where is Ayamama Creek?

Ayamama Stream is a stream located on the European side of Istanbul, which is located in the Marmara Section of our country. There are various transportation methods to get here. You can buy a flight ticket depending on your location or if you prefer road transportation. This stream, located within the borders of Ataköy, originates from a source on the right side of Başakşehir district, also on the European Side. It starts to flow from its source and passes through the districts of Bağcılar and Bahçelievler. Finally, it reaches the Bakırköy region and from there it flows into the Marmara Sea. The history of this stream dates back to ancient times. We have information that it was a river with a wide structure in ancient times. Afterwards, it decreased and a small part of this river has survived to the present day.

How to get to Ayamama Creek?

Transportation information is very important for visitors who want to come to the location of Ayamama Creek. Since this stream is located in our city of Istanbul, you should come to this city first. Before giving information about transportation to those coming from outside the city, we would like to give information about how to come from within the city. Those who want to reach this region, located within the borders of Ataköy, from the city can use many public transportation vehicles such as buses and minibuses. You can also arrive more easily if you have a personal vehicle. In addition, you can also reach the region by using the metro line. These transportation methods can be completely tailored to your departure points. You can make your decision depending on where your departure point is and which means of transportation are suitable for you. You can also benefit from taxi services for direct transportation.

Visitors coming from outside Istanbul can consider transportation network options such as buses or planes if they do not have a private vehicle or do not plan to come by private vehicle. If you are thinking of coming by bus, you can choose Esenler Bus Terminal in Bayrampaşa as the closest bus station to this region within the borders of Ataköy. To do this, you can choose one of the bus companies that operate from your location to this bus terminal and buy an affordable bus ticket. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can use other means of transportation or take a taxi to reach the region so as not to waste time. Bus ticket prices may vary depending on the departure point. Another option for transportation to the region where Ayamama Creek is located is by air. For this, you can choose Istanbul Airport in Yeşilköy, which is connected to Bakırköy, as your landing point.

There are companies that organize flights here from many points of our country. You can research these companies and choose the one that best suits your budget and buy a cheap flight ticket. Differences can also be observed in flight ticket prices every season. After landing at the airport, you can take public transportation or take a taxi and go directly to the area where the stream is located. The best time to visit the region We can easily say that it is spring and summer months. Especially in the spring, local people flock to this region and have a pleasant time in the company of lush green nature.

Ayamama Stream Picnic Areas

We mentioned in our article that it is very easy to reach Ayamama Creek, located on the European Side of Istanbul. Guests planning to come here from out of town can purchase a flight ticket or bus ticket before the visit date. Near Ayamama Creek, there is Ayamama Life Valley, also known by the same name. This place appears as an area surrounded by greenery. It is possible to have a wonderful picnic experience with your family, friends or children here. There are recreation areas suitable for picnics in the region. In this area surrounded by trees, you can breathe in the fresh air, have a pleasant picnic, sit on the benches, relax, watch the surroundings and have a great time. There is also a cafe in the area where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. 

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