Where is Hell Creek?

April 22, 2024
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Hell Creek appears as one of the natural beauties of Turkey. We recommend that you do not be fooled by the name of this stream, located in the Southeastern Anatolia Part of our country, as hell. Because this place is like a hidden paradise and contains many natural beauties. Unfortunately, it is not easy to reach this stream, which is one of the hidden natural wonders of our Şırnak city. To get here, you have to reach a certain point and then walk. The same situation applies to visitors who plan to come from various districts of Şırnak. Those coming from outside the city must first purchase a flight ticket or bus ticket and travel by road or air. Of course, if you have a private vehicle, you can also come here by using the navigation system.

The main reason why Hell Creek is called hell is because transportation is difficult. There are many important natural beauties you can see in this region. However, we would like to point out that a difficult journey awaits you to see them closely. Hell Creek is a place distinguished by its lush green vegetation. When you come here, you can watch the flow of the stream, take a walk and have a very nice time. If you visit this place, especially when the fig fruit is in bloom, we recommend you to taste the black figs. In this region, which is a natural wonder, you can spend a quiet day away from the city noise and take plenty of photos with nature views. Yes, if you wish, let's talk about how you can get here in the rest of our article.

Where is Hell Creek?

Hell Creek is located between Güçlükonak district and İdil district of Şırnak province, located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Although it is a bit difficult to get here, we think that you will not have much trouble with these difficulties as it is one of the regions worth seeing. The stream, which draws attention with its rich vegetation, is also home to various caves and many natural formations. Also, when you come here, you can kill two birds with one stone. Because this is an area of great natural beauty. After seeing this natural beauty closely, you have the chance to see the Finik Ruins and castle located right behind it. So, when you come here, you can have both a nature tour and a cultural tour. You can come to this place, which is among the natural beauties of Şırnak, by purchasing a bus ticket, or you can also buy a flight ticket if you wish. We also recommend that you book your tickets in advance to avoid any last minute problems.

How to Get to Hell Creek?

We mentioned in our article that reaching Hell Creek is a bit difficult. You can come with vehicles up to a certain point. But then you have to walk. First of all, we said that this stream is located between İdil district and Güçlükonak districts of Şırnak city. Visitors who want to come from İdil district can reach Yarbaşı Village of this district and walk towards the area where the stream is located. You may prefer to reach the region by exploring the surrounding area, especially during the spring season. Although the walking time may vary depending on your speed, it can take an average of 40 - 45 minutes. Those who plan to come from other districts can first go to İdil district and then reach the region by walking through the village. We would also like to point out that you have the opportunity to travel faster by renting a tractor from within the village.

Those who will come from outside the city of Şırnak should first arrive in this city. The first option for this is undoubtedly to come with your personal car and get directions via navigation. However, if you do not have a personal vehicle or do not prefer this means of transportation, you can also consider the intercity bus option. For this, you can take a look at the companies that provide bus services to the bus terminal located in Şırnak Center from your region. You can complete your bus ticket transactions by choosing the one that best suits your budget. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take the city buses from here to go to İdil district and then to Yarbaşı Village. If you want, you can walk to Hell Creek from the village or rent a tractor.

Another option for transportation to Şırnak is by air. To do this, you must first arrive at Şırnak Şerafettin Elçi Airport from your current location. This airport is located approximately 60 kilometers away from the city center. It is located approximately 10 kilometers from the Cizre district of Şırnak. By researching the companies that fly to this airport, you can choose the one that suits you best and buy a cheap flight ticket. After landing at the airport, you can take other means of transportation to İdil district from here. Just like transportation by bus, İdil After reaching the Yarbaşı Village of the district, you can walk from here or get there faster by tractor. You can also go to İdil district by taking a taxi from the airport or bus station, depending on the means of transportation you choose.

Hell Creek Picnic Areas

Hell Creek is one of the important points that hosts many natural beauties. Although it is a bit difficult to reach, it is among the must-see places. When you come here, you will encounter various natural beauties that will make you forget your road tiredness. If you come here in the summer, you can jump into the ice-cold water of the stream to cool yourself down and have a pleasant swimming experience. You can have a picnic in the recreation areas overlooking the wonderful stream view and spend peaceful times alone with nature. In this region, which is widely preferred by local people for picnics, you can listen to the sound of nature and rest your mind in a calm atmosphere. In addition, we have specified the transportation route via İdil district, but if you wish, you can also reach the Yağmurlukuyu Village of Güçlükonak district. As we end our article here, we recommend that you make your flight ticket or bus ticket transactions before your trip date. We think that it is beneficial to reserve tickets in advance in order to avoid any problems in your travel plan.

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