Where to Eat Ayvalık Toast in Ayvalık?

Dec. 7, 2023
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Ayvalık is a small district of Balıkesir province located in the Marmara Department of Turkey. Since it is located on the seashore, it has great importance in terms of sea tourism. Especially in the summer season, there is an increase in the population with local and foreign tourists coming from abroad. Ayvalık, which is among the holiday routes of many people, is an important district that has hosted many civilizations in the past. When you come here, you can have the opportunity to see historical Greek houses. In addition, it is possible to have a wonderful and peaceful holiday in the district, which stands out with its crystal clear sea and unique beaches. The district, which draws attention with its lush nature, fascinates its visitors with its culinary culture. When Ayvalık is mentioned, the first flavor that comes to mind is undoubtedly the famous Ayvalık toast. In addition, it also attracts attention with its fresh fish, curd cheese, stuffed gum and appetizers.

Those who came or will come to Ayvalık may wonder where they can especially eat Ayvalık toast. Before moving on to this subject, we would like to give information about how to reach the district. Among the transportation options to the district, the first option is by road, the second option is by air and the third option is by sea. Visitors who plan to come with their private vehicles can easily come to the district by using the navigation service. Those who want to come by intercity buses should first research the bus companies operating to this region. Unfortunately, there is a bus terminal in the town centre. It is possible to reach the district directly without transfer. To do this, you can buy a bus ticket from your departure point, then get on your bus and sit in your comfortable seat to go on a pleasant journey. Another transportation option is by sea. This transportation is very convenient for those coming from Istanbul.

You can take the sea buses that go to Bandırma from Kadıköy or Yenikapı piers. After arriving, you can reach the district by taking public transportation towards Balıkesir. Guests who prefer to come by air can consider Balıkesir Central Airport or Koca Seyit Airport. You can arrive at one of these airports by purchasing a flight ticket from your current location. Then, you can take the transfer vehicles and use public transportation to go to the center and then to the district. If you want direct transportation, you can rent a private car or take a taxi. Ayvalık is a popular district that attracts attention with both its natural beauties and cultural structure. We recommend you to taste local delicacies when you come here. Visitors who wonder where they can especially eat quince toast can find the answer to this question in the rest of our article.

History of Ayvalık Toast

One of the most famous flavors of Ayvalık district is Ayvalık toast, which has the same name as the district. Many different ingredients are used in this very delicious toast. These ingredients include sausage, kashar, butcher's sausage, salami, pickle, tulum cheese, tomato, ketchup and mayonnaise. So don't be fooled by the fact that it's called toast. Because it has plenty of ingredients and a satisfying feature. Another prominent flavor of the district is simit bread prepared using chickpea yeast. In the past, a Black Sea chef working in a bakery used this bagel bread and added molasses from the Kozak region. The result is a delicious toast bread whose taste will linger on your palate. Another master who used this bread created this toast by adding the ingredients we just listed. Thus, this toast first started to become famous in this district and then spread throughout our country.

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What is the Specialty of Ayvalık Toast?

What makes quince toast so delicious and special is the bread used. This bread made with chickpea yeast adds a different flavor to this toast. In addition, the large number of ingredients in the toast makes this toast even more special. However, this bread, which is specially prepared for toast, can spoil in a very short time. Therefore, it should be consumed as soon as it is made. Nowadays, many local and foreign tourists come to the district just because they are curious about the original taste of this toast. This toast also had the right to be registered through the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office on January 27, 2023.

Where to Eat the Best Ayvalık Toast in Ayvalık?

There are many important points you can visit when you come to Ayvalık. You can have a very enjoyable time during your trip or holiday in this dazzling district with its natural beauties and wonderful beaches. While preparing your travel list, we recommend that you add some taste stops as well as places to your list. For many guests coming to the district, the issue of where to eat Ayvalık toast in Ayvalık is of particular importance. has. There is only one place where you can eat this toast in Ayvalık district. It is Ayvalık Tostçular Bazaar, located right in the center. The name of the bazaar says it all. There are many different dining venues here that offer both a casual and decent environment. You can choose one of these places and get carried away by the taste of the famous Ayvalık toast.

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