Where to Eat Yağlama in Kayseri?

Dec. 27, 2023
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Kayseri; It is a touristic province located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey, surrounded by Yozgat in the north, Sivas in the right and northeast, Niğde in the southwest, Adana and Kahramanmaraş in the south, and Nevşehir in the west. The city, which has a deep-rooted historical past, has hosted many important civilizations. Kayseri, one of the oldest residential areas, has many historical sites and natural beauty areas worth seeing. In addition, it is a city that stands out with its local flavors and rich cuisine. Although the first thing that comes to mind when Kayseri is mentioned is manti, there are other flavors such as sucuk, pastrami, pöç, and stuffed meatballs. Especially its lubrication is very popular. Therefore, the answer to the question of where to eat lubrication in Kayseri is important for those who will come to this city. We will cover this issue in detail later in our article.

Before moving on to where to eat Kayseri lubricants, we would like to talk about how to get to the city. Transportation information is very important for travelers planning to come to Kayseri for sightseeing or holiday purposes. There are three different transportation alternatives you can choose to come to this touristic city located on the foothills of Erciyes. These are transportation by road, transportation by air and transportation by rail from some regions. Among the road options, there are private vehicles and intercity bus options. Those who plan to come to the city with their personal vehicle can easily reach the city by getting directions from the navigation application. It is possible to reach the city from every point of our country with your personal car. Guests who do not want to come with a private vehicle or do not have a personal car can use intercity buses.

Those who will come to Kayseri by bus can choose among the bus companies that organize trips from their region to Kayseri City Terminal and go on a pleasant journey by purchasing a bus ticket. The terminal serves in the Kocasinan district of the city. After arriving at the terminal, you can reach the city center by taking shuttle cars, using public transportation or taking advantage of taxi facilities. Ticket prices and travel time vary depending on your boarding point. Another option is transportation by rail. There are train services to the city from the provinces surrounding Kayseri such as Niğde, Nevşehir and Adana. If you are planning to come from one of these provinces, you can also choose train travel. The last transportation option is air transportation, which offers a comfortable journey.

Guests who want to travel by plane can choose one of the airline companies that organize flights to Kayseri Airport from their location and travel comfortably by purchasing a flight ticket. Kayseri is one of our important cities that attracts attention with both its cultural riches and natural beauties. Many local and foreign tourists come to this city. If you are planning to come to this city, we recommend you to taste its famous and prominent flavors as well as its places to visit. One of these delicacies is the famous Kayseri oil. Before moving on to the places where you can taste this delicious taste, we would like to talk about the history and features of oil.

History of Kayseri Lubrication

Kayseri lubrication, as its name suggests, is a local flavor of this city. This local delicacy, also called shebit oiling, started to be made on hair in houses called vineyard houses in the past. Over time, more people started making this dish and this taste spread to all homes. The preparation of the dish is laborious and takes some time. Today, every woman living in Kayseri knows the recipe for this dish very well. That's why Kayseri oiling has become a tradition in this city. As the name suggests, this dish is a type of fatty meal. The main ingredient of lubrication, which is a handmade dish, is minced meat. We recommend that you do not end your trip without trying this delicacy, which is served hot with plenty of sauce.

What is the feature of Kayseri Lubrication?

Kayseri Yağlama is known as one of the local flavors specific to the city of Kayseri. This flavor, which stands out with its rich ingredients, actually falls into the pastry category. In this local dish, which is created by combining dough and minced meat, the prepared minced meat mixture is spread between the dough. The dough is stacked on top of each other and a cake-like dish emerges. This delicacy is served with yoghurt, and can also be eaten with garlic yoghurt if desired. Lubrication consists of eleven doughs in total. It is quite difficult to make as the dough is made separately.

Where to Eat the Best Kayseri Lubrication in Kayseri?

Kayseri appears as one of the touristic cities of our country that should be visited and seen. When you come to this city, you While having a relaxing and enjoyable time, you can also taste local delicacies. One of the local delicacies that you should definitely try when you come to Kayseri is the famous oil. We can hear you asking where to eat the best Kayseri lubrication in the city. One of the food stops where you can eat Kayseri oil is Fi Cafe, located in the Erenköy District of the Melikgazi district of the city. Here, in addition to oil, you can also try flavors such as manti, oil manti, katmer, and stuffed meatballs. Another delicious stop where you can eat oil is Elmacıoğlu İskender, serving in Kocasinan district. We recommend that you do not forget to order kunefe or bread kadayifi dessert after eating yaylag here.

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