Adilcevaz Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Adilcevaz Bus Terminal

By purchasing Adilcevaz Bus Terminal bus tickets, you can reach the bus terminal located around the Bitlis province in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Located on the northeastern shore of Lake Van, the district has hosted many civilizations from the Urartians to the Ottomans. The most important transit point of the province, which fascinates visitors with its rich history, is known as Adilcevaz Bus Terminal. Those providing transportation to the bus terminal; You can visit the beautiful works left to humanity by history, such as the Old Adilcevaz Houses, Adilcevaz Castle and Adilcevaz Grand Mosque. Located close to the shores of Lake Van, you can access the beauties of the district by purchasing a bus ticket to Adilcevaz Bus Terminal.

About Adilcevaz Bus Terminal

By purchasing a bus ticket from Adilcevaz Bus Terminal, you can reach the district, which means Valley of the Walnuts, which has a very old history. Due to its location, the bus station hosts thousands of people throughout the year. The district, whose southern facade overlooks Lake Van, hosts people from various parts of Turkey, especially with the Walnut Festival held in October. It can be said that the most frequently visited point of the district due to tourism and similar activities is Adilcevaz Bus Terminal.

You can reach the distinguished district, which is surrounded by mountain ranges, by following the Adilcevaz Bus Terminal buy bus ticket steps. The exterior of the bus station is decorated with the harmony of red and beige tones, and its walls are surrounded by glass to allow in plenty of light. The interior of the bus station is generally designed using wood color. There are places to eat inside the bus station, as well as souvenir shops. The Bus Terminal, which generally provides local services, also hosts national companies.

Adilcevaz Bus Terminal Transportation

People who buy Adilcevaz Bus Terminal bus tickets wonder how to get to the bus station. There are minibus or bus services that can be used to reach the bus terminal. These buses depart from the bus station at regular intervals. The bus station, located in Çayır District, is approximately 750 meters from the district center. For those who want to travel via Bitlis, the distance is approximately 42 km.

People who want to reach the bus station by purchasing a bus ticket for Adilcevaz Bus Terminal should first plan by calculating where they will come from and how much time they will have to reach them. The bus station takes about 3 to 4 minutes by car from the center of Adilcevaz district, and those who want to come from the center of Bitlis can reach the bus station by car in about 35 minutes. It is possible to reach the bus station by private vehicle by following the D280 highway. There are regular public buses to the bus terminal. Apart from this, people who wish can have a comfortable journey by taking advantage of the taxi service.

What services are available at Adilcevaz Bus Terminal?

Passenger waiting rooms and bus waiting platforms at Adilcevaz Bus Terminal are meticulously decorated for the comfort of the guests. The market located inside the bus terminal sells the products you need before your journey, saving you the trouble of searching for a nearby market. Apart from this, there are areas for toilets and similar needs.

To which cities are flights organized most frequently from Adilcevaz Bus Terminal?

There are regular trips from Adilcevaz bus terminal to surrounding provinces and districts. These flights include cities such as Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Adana, Osmaniye and Batman.

What are the working hours of buses and minibuses going to Adilcevaz Bus Terminal?

Buses and minibuses providing transportation to Adilcevaz bus terminal operate for 15 hours from 07.00 to 22.00.

What Hours is Adilcevaz Bus Terminal Open?

Adilcevaz bus terminal is actively open at all hours of the day to serve its guests, and the working hours of the shops inside may vary.

What to Find Near Adilcevaz Bus Terminal?

It is recommended that you come across and visit the Urartian Grave Ruins, one of the historical monuments around the Adilcevaz bus terminal. There are also hotels around the bus terminal where you can stay.

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