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With Amasya bus ticket opportunities, many people can reach the city of Amasya conveniently and without any problems. The fact that there are many places to visit in Amasya that welcomes the visitors in the best way makes Amasya visits even more memorable. Before mentioning the places that should be visited and explored in Amasya, it is more productive to have information about the city.

Amasya is located in the Central Black Sea region of the Black Sea region. The province, which has a surface area of 5,701 km2, is adjacent to Samsun in the north, Yozgat in the south, Tokat in the south, and Çorum in the west. The population of this city was 329,888 as per the 2019 Census. More than 40% of today's population lives in the center of the city. Agriculture and animal husbandry are considered as the main livelihoods of the city. The fact that the city is 7,500 years old increases the importance of the city in terms of tourism, which makes it a source of income. Amasya has a transitional climate between the Black Sea climate and the Central Anatolian climate. Although the Black Sea climate is dominant in the summer months, it also shows itself in the winter months. The first settlement of Amasya dates back to the Paleolithic Age, but many civilizations such as Hittite, Phrygian, Scythian, Persian and Byzantine ruled here. Amasya, which came under the rule of the Turks after the Battle of Manzikert, was taken to the Ottoman lands in 1386 thanks to Yıldırım Bayezid. Çelebi Mehmet, who reorganized the Ottoman Empire after the transitional government, was the governor of the city of Amasya and managed the construction process from this city. Amasya also has a valuable place when it comes to the history of ethnic struggle. The Amasya Circular, which included the principles of the national struggle, published here on June 22, 1919, is considered an important stage in the history of the National Struggle. Amasya is known as the first place Mustafa Kemal visited after Samsun. Agricultural activity occupies a large place in the economy of the city. Abundant streams and river basins of Amasya make the land suitable for agriculture. Agriculture is developing especially in Taşova and Suluova regions. Because the soil has a unique form, some products are equated with cities. Amasya apples are an example. The special apples grown here have a unique shape and aroma. Tobacco has a very important place among the products grown in Amasya. The fact that more than half of the provincial borders are pasture makes the city of Amasya a suitable place for animal husbandry. The fact that approximately 550,000 animals were found in the Amasya meadows in the last census is proof of this. The city of Amasya is definitely worth exploring within the scope of high productive lands, natural beauties, historical and cultural values. Amasya bus ticket deals are the most ideal way to reach this city comfortably.

What to Eat in Amasya?

Amasya is one of the cities worth exploring with its deep history, lush nature and rich culture. If you are looking for places to visit in Amasya, you should consider exploring this city with its rich culinary culture from a gastronomic point of view. Each region has its own cuisine. There are alternative versions of some Amasya dishes in different regions. Be sure to try new flavors here. In this respect, we can say that Amasya's cuisine will definitely win your heart. Amasya's cuisine is very rich to promote. Of course, it is difficult to find the opportunity to describe and taste so many dishes. This richness can be found in a wide range from natural breakfasts to meat dishes to be enjoyed in the evening. The main soups and meat dishes of Amasya are fork soup, beard pate, fillet soup, scallop soup, stuffed belly, dimak, mihlama, mumbar, beetroot, tripe and pastrami.

When to go to Amasya?

Located in the transitional part of the Black Sea and Central Anatolian continental climates, Amasya occasionally exhibits various qualities of both climates. The summers are dry like the continental climate, but the winters are not cold with the effect of the Black Sea climate. In Amasya, the average maximum temperature is 22.5°C in July and August, and the minimum temperature is 2.5°C in January. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -20.4°C. Precipitation, which is active throughout the year in the Black Sea climate, is ineffective in Amasya during the summer months. The temperatures are ideal in summer (20-25 degrees) and the best time to go to Amasya is during the summer months, between June and September. The period from September to November is the period when temperatures gradually decrease and precipitation increases.

Amasya Attractions

The places to visit in Amasya allow you to get an idea about different history and culture, while also allowing you to taste unique flavors. If you want to plan a full Amasya trip, the places to visit in this city can definitely meet your expectations.

Amasya Castle

Amasya Castle, one of the symbols of Amasya and one of the most beautiful castles to visit in Anatolia, is a magnificent historical structure that immediately draws your attention when you visit the city. It is also known as Harşena Castle. This gigantic castle was built at a sufficient height as it is located at the foot of the Harşena Mountain that surrounds the city. It was actively used in the Persian, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman periods. Amasya Castle, which has been abandoned since the 18th century, is now structured in accordance with its original form. Massive walls, mosques and cisterns covering the interior of the city, which are examples of Ottoman architecture, make this place one of the first places to visit in Amasya. You can visit Amasya Castle between 09:00 and 16:45 every day. Here you can take wonderful photos of the Yeşilırmak River, which is believed to have been built on top of the old Bronze Age structures and decorated with walls.

Amasya Yaliboyu Houses

Amasya Yalıboyu houses are among the places to visit in Amasya. Historical Yalıboyu houses, where seasonal photo safaris are organized in Amasya, offer a fascinating view of Harşena Hill and rock tombs. These houses, located on the banks of the Yeşilırmak River and just behind it, are the first stop for tourists coming to the city. Yalıboyu houses, which draw attention with their design similar to the historical houses of Safranbolu, have become one of the most popular touristic structures of Amasya. Architectural masterpieces designed in wood and stone architecture unique to the region were built on two or three floors. Yalıboyu houses, one of the most beautiful examples of 19th century Ottoman civil architecture, are also worth seeing with the impressive view of Yeşilırmak, which can be enjoyed from their rooms and balconies decorated with valuable and period furniture. Yalıboyu houses are just one of the important values that should definitely be seen in our country.

Terzikoy Spas

Amasya is a tourism center with its valuable historical heritage and natural beauties as well as its healing baths. Terziköy thermal springs are located approximately 37 kilometers from the city. With its thermal hotels, bungalow houses, indoor and outdoor pools with hot springs, Amasya is one of the most popular places to go to relax and heal your ailments after travel. Terziköy's thermal springs are surrounded by well-kept hiking trails and parks, where you can take a relaxing walk in the fresh air surrounded by pine forests. Terziköy Thermal Springs, one of Amasya's most popular tourist destinations, can be reached in 30-40 minutes by minibuses departing every hour. This spa has healing water that can be used comfortably and drinking water suitable for many ailments. It is known that these waters are healing for many problems, from digestive problems to skin disorders. You can easily reach here by minibuses via Amasya Bus Terminal.

Girls Palace

Located in the Hatuniye district, just a few minutes' walk from the city center, the Girls' Palace offers an endless journey through Byzantine history with its impressive stone buildings from the Hellenistic period to the Roman Pontus period. You can also organize a trip to this unique palace via Amasya Bus Terminal.

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