Ardahan Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Ardahan Bus Terminal

People who purchase Ardahan Bus Terminal bus tickets may want to have information about the bus station in advance. Ardahan Bus Terminal provides its passengers with a pleasant and effortless travel experience with the services it offers. There are all kinds of services that passengers may need in the bus terminal. People who reach Ardahan Bus Terminal can visit many places such as Çıldır Lake, Yalnızçam Mountains, Ardahan Castle and Satan Castle, which are among the historical and natural beauties of Ardahan. You can buy an Ardahan Bus Terminal bus ticket to make your trip more planned and comfortable. In this way, passengers can easily make their purchases without thinking.

About Ardahan Bus Terminal

With the purchase of Ardahan Bus Terminal bus ticket, they can reach the bus terminal, which is located in the center of Ardahan province and started to serve in 2022. The building, built on a large area of ​​6 thousand 300 square meters, has the capacity to serve 2500 people. In addition to being new, the bus terminal has been supported by technologies and a useful and comfortable area has been created. Inside the bus terminal, there are two parking areas for the disabled and 2 disabled toilets, 1 for men and 1 for women. The bus station's toll gate, located outside the main building, was established on an area of ​​40 square meters. The average daily passenger number of the bus terminal may vary depending on the season and tourism intensity.

Buy Ardahan Bus Terminal bus ticket Since Ardahan Bus Terminal is a newly established building, it has been thoughtfully designed to have a modern and useful architecture. For the comfort of passengers, waiting rooms of 220 square meters, buffets on an area of ​​65 square meters and comfortable and secure baby breastfeeding areas are available. There are also ticket sales points and security offices of bus companies at the bus station. The insufficient capacity of the bus terminal, whose use for transportation has increased over time, has been increased 10 times, ensuring the comfort of the guests.

Ardahan Bus Terminal Transportation

People who buy Ardahan Bus Terminal bus tickets should know in advance how to get to the bus station. The bus station is located close to the city center, and transportation to the bus station can be provided by the buses organized by the municipality at regular intervals. For those who do not want to use public transportation, taxis can be easily accessed. For those who want to travel to the bus terminal with their own vehicle, there are car parks inside the bus terminal. Bus companies providing city services are also located within the bus terminal.

People who purchase Ardahan Bus Terminal bus tickets can benefit from the city bus lines and minibuses located in an area of ​​15 square meters. It is possible to travel to villages and districts from Ardahan Bus Terminal. These lines make regular trips from different parts of the city without transferring to the bus terminal. In this way, guests have easy access.

Does Ardahan Bus Terminal provide 24-hour service?

Yes, the bus station is open to welcome its guests 24 hours a day.

Which bus companies provide service at Ardahan Bus Terminal?

Ardahan Bus Terminal, with its wide area, includes many large bus companies. The bus station hosts not only large companies but also local bus companies. Flight times and days may vary from company to company.

What are the closest accommodation facilities to Ardahan Bus Terminal?

There are many hotels and hostels close to Ardahan Bus Terminal. The room types of these accommodation facilities vary according to those who want to stay as a family or an individual.

Are there places to eat at Ardahan Bus Terminal?

There are places where passengers can eat at Ardahan Bus Terminal. These places offer different flavors that may suit your palate. There is a wide range from quick snacks to traditional Turkish cuisine. Before or after the trip, guests can relax in these places and experience different tastes.

Are there waiting rooms at Ardahan Bus Terminal?

Yes, Ardahan Bus Terminal has large waiting rooms thanks to its newly established structure.

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